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  1. Nobody played the game the way Harvey did. He controlled every aspect of it. If he wanted to slow the pace down, he did. If he wanted to drive the offence he did. Harvey carried the puck well before Orr did, and he was just as good at it. He quarterbacked the powerplay and killed penalties as well as anyone I've seen. And he was better in his own end than Orr was. He wasn't as flashy as Orr, but he was smarter and less prone to turnovers. He was the smartest defenceman I ever saw - he didn't waste energy to execute a play. And there was a good chance that if he took a penalty - he'd find a way
  2. I come from the earliest of the dynasty times so as you see my list is a bit different than most here. 1) Jean Beliveau - the classiest gentleman whoever graced any playing field. On every outdoor rink I ever skated on growing up in northern Ontario I dreamt that I was le Gros Bill 2) The Rocket - from the opposition's blueline in there has never been a force like he was. He had only one thing in his mind when he crossed that blueline - he was going to score, or die trying. The fire in his eyes said it all. He was a man possessed. 3) Doug Harvey - the best defe
  3. Inch for inch, pound for pound the Pocket Rocket is the toughest player I've ever seen to lace up his skates in the NHL. My hockey days go back to the big dynasty of the late 50's, so I've seen a lot of players in the NHL, and none were tougher than #16 Playing in the shadows of "the Rocket" and "Le Gros Bill" Henri , unfortunately never quite received the attention or the accolades he truly deserved. But anyone who watched him play, that understood the fine points of the game could see just how good he really was. And, just how valuable he was to the team (Toe Blake once referred to
  4. Niedermayer Contemplating Retirement Not definite but is definitely considering retiring at this time - now that one is coming from out of left field?
  5. you wish.... They will be here in droves to bash them if he walks and they will be here in like numbers to condemn them for signing him. I can hear them already! 'We lost him for nothing when we could have traded him for something...' or.... 'Oh we paid far too much for his sorry defence and that all knowing and all defining horrible plus/minus number that he puts up...' and on & on & on & on Ad nauseam, to infinity & beyond - if, if , if , iffffffffff.................................... to the point I'll wish wish my aunt did have balls?
  6. I've said it time and again that Gainey was paying the market price when he signed Markov. This deal just proves it - in fact he got a bit of a break when you look at these numbers..... they are ludicrous to say the very least!!!!!!!
  7. You can't grade him on what might happen come draft day or free agency - they haven't taken place yet. In other words it doesn't take into effect what major void he has yet to fill. Big trades won't happen prior to the draft - they tend to take place in the hours leading up to it, or on draft day itself. So it's definitely not fair to grade him on the basis that he hasn't landed a number one centre or a big defenceman at this point. You don't grade a student in December based on material he won't see until February..... Personally I'd give him a A- at this point when based on what the calend
  8. Yes 'the Enigma' - we all know how well that one worked out for the Germans in WW2!!!!!
  9. Updates as of June 13 - more FYI stuff you might already know of? Lightning re-sign Tarnasky & Wanvig Ducks have one of their best playoff performers back next season - Sign Moen & Parros Bruins sign defenceman Andrew Alberts Sabres BrainTrust are Back Devils ink Andy Greene, prospect Matthew Corrente taken 30th overall in 2006 draft and 27 yr old Euro Vet Jari Viuhkola Chelios Back for a Year in MoTown Sundin Back for a Year in LaffsNation Panthers Sign Defenceman Bryan Allen to a 5 Year $14.5 Million Extension
  10. It should be - but the reality is that the final nail in that coffin was driven when the Leafs in all their lack of wisdom signed McCabe to that insane deal last summer.....
  11. Love 'the Farce' - they are a true Canadian institution....
  12. where was it - ah yes...... YEAH RIGHT HE CHOKED..... [and my reply would have been a couple of photos that say a thousand words each!!!!! - but it won't accept the URL for the photos? ] p.s. Gainey said somewhere that they wouldn't keep him at the NHL if he isn't going to be the number 1 goalie - good! I hope they don't rush him as he probably needs some time in the AHL. Patience is a virtue.....
  13. Changes Possiible For HNIC in the Fall? Question is as far as I'm concerned - will they finally dump Bob Cole! He is far past his prime.....
  14. Signings Updated as of June 7th..... sort of an everbody's FYI Stars Renew Stu Barnes For a Year @ $900,000 Leafs Stick with Nik - Antropov Signs 2 yr Deal for $4.1 million Leafs Sign Kronwall to 2 yr One Way Deal Florida signed 2005 1st round choice (#20 overall) Kendall McArdal to an entry level contract
  15. TSN - Yashin Bought Out Looks like they prefer to take a salary cap hit of $2.2 Million for the next 8 years.....
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