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  1. The most exciting player to ever play the game,' the Flower' has passed away at age 70 He may not have been the best player to ever play, but there is no doubt he was the most dynamic and thrilling player to ever lace them up. No one could bring the fans to their feet like 'the Flower' could in full stride. Picking up the puck behind his own net and taking flight down the right side of the rink, Lafleur ignited the crowd, bring everyone in the arena to their feet without even realizing they were doing so. It was just the flair, and the absolutely furious nature of his game that transcended the ordinary level of entertainment, and lifted it to the heights of a spectacle. In full stride, le démon blond struck fear in the eyes of opposition players and in the hearts of their fans. Harry Sinden referred to him as the most dangerous player he ever saw play the game. Steve Shutt said that even Guy didn't know what Guy Lafleur was going to do next, so how could anyone else who ever played with or against him. There have been more complete players, better pure scorers and greater legends, but there were really none that compared to the pure level of flair and creativity that 'the Flower' was. The air was electric every time 'the Flower' had the puck on his stick. There will probably never be a player quite like you were - Rest in Peace number 10..... It's definitely been a tough week for the game with the passing of two legends, first Mike Bossy and now Guy Lafleur
  2. I rarely post anymore and was saving post number 1000 for something special like a Cup win one more time before I leave this world. I've been a lifelong fan of the Canadiens going back to the original dynasty, and my dad was alive for every single Stanley Cup victory the Habs had. But I feel it's important to thank my mother right now. She passed away in her late 90's earlier today. She was a long time Detroit Red Wings fan from the earliest days, which always made for some heated Saturday nights way back when, but I think she talked to those stubborn Forum ghosts today - she knew how much I loved my Canadiens. So I will give thanks for this as it brings a bit of joy to a rather sad day for our family. Les Canadiens Sont La
  3. Long time member who just tends to follow the forum on a regular basis without posting. But after a brief background chat with Georges Vezina's protege, I figured I'd add a comment regarding that hit on Evans. So here goes. The "Rocket Richard Zone" For any of us old enough to have watched 'the Rocket' in action it's easy to see that Scheifele had gone to that zone by the time he was lining Evan's up. He had the exact same look in his eyes after the hit that Richard got when he lost control and slipped into the abyss. The look in his eyes indicated he probably wasn't even aware of what he'd just done. If you watch the replay he doesn't even make an attempt to use his stick to prevent a goal. Given the distance between him and the net, it was really his only hope to prevent a goal as he was going to arrive too late for anything else. You can see that he never reached for the puck, and he never made any attempt to let up. I saw Richard go there too many times and it's obvious that Scheifele had gone to the same mode as he was running crazy already. It's not a hockey play in any sense of the word, no matter how much one can try to justify this. It's a serious issue that the league simply refuses to address. I love hard hitting hockey, but this isn't anywhere close to that. And the argument that if you're punishing these type of hits means you might as well take hitting right out of the game, as some idiots will argue, is ludicrous. It doesn't wash. Unfortunately the NHL has a long standing habit of not being able to get this type of situation right when it comes to discipline. They never have and it seems like they never will. And that's truly sad when it comes to the potential for seriously harming the lives of players long after their careers are done, and the cheering has faded. Scheifele isn't by reputation, a nasty player but at some point, regardlesss of past history or being a good guy, the league really needs to figure out where the line is in the sand
  4. Nobody played the game the way Harvey did. He controlled every aspect of it. If he wanted to slow the pace down, he did. If he wanted to drive the offence he did. Harvey carried the puck well before Orr did, and he was just as good at it. He quarterbacked the powerplay and killed penalties as well as anyone I've seen. And he was better in his own end than Orr was. He wasn't as flashy as Orr, but he was smarter and less prone to turnovers. He was the smartest defenceman I ever saw - he didn't waste energy to execute a play. And there was a good chance that if he took a penalty - he'd find a way to take somebody to the box with him. He was slick when it came to that. Orr may have been a better rushing defenceman and he may have been flashier than Harvey, but he wasn't the complete package. Harvey was - and that makes him the better defenceman. I'd draft him first any day of the week and I know we'd have the best defence in the league.
  5. I come from the earliest of the dynasty times so as you see my list is a bit different than most here. 1) Jean Beliveau - the classiest gentleman whoever graced any playing field. On every outdoor rink I ever skated on growing up in northern Ontario I dreamt that I was le Gros Bill 2) The Rocket - from the opposition's blueline in there has never been a force like he was. He had only one thing in his mind when he crossed that blueline - he was going to score, or die trying. The fire in his eyes said it all. He was a man possessed. 3) Doug Harvey - the best defenceman to ever play the game. He absolutely controlled the game every time he stepped on the ice. Such a sad and tragic story after he left the game. One of the game's greats should never have found himself in such a sad situation. He deserved better 4) Dickie Duff - my personal favourite hockey player. A true clutch goal scorer. He grew up not far up the road from my hometown. Named my first cat 'Duffie' after him 5) JC Tremblay - definitely deserves far more recognition than most give him. Slick player and a very smart player. His famous blooper shot was the best ((he'd flip the puck as high as he could from his own end and aim to have it drop just in front of the opposition goalie, hoping it bounced past him. He fooled a couple of goalies with that one. I can remember trying to do that myself after I first saw him do it. I'm sure his coaches may not have been as excited though) When I look at that list I suddenly realize I'm ancient apparently (hahaha)
  6. Inch for inch, pound for pound the Pocket Rocket is the toughest player I've ever seen to lace up his skates in the NHL. My hockey days go back to the big dynasty of the late 50's, so I've seen a lot of players in the NHL, and none were tougher than #16 Playing in the shadows of "the Rocket" and "Le Gros Bill" Henri , unfortunately never quite received the attention or the accolades he truly deserved. But anyone who watched him play, that understood the fine points of the game could see just how good he really was. And, just how valuable he was to the team (Toe Blake once referred to him as his MVP during their Stanley Cup years) At 5'-7" and the younger brother of "the Rocket" he was quickly challenged by the tough guys in his rookie year who thought they could intimidate him. They rather foolishly figured he'd be easy pickings given his size, but they soon found out he could hold his own and a whole lot more. He was every bit as tough, and almost as mean as his big brother was, and wouldn't need anyone to fight his battles. They quickly learned to respect him for who he was and the talent he had. He may not have possessed the sheer and overpowering dynamics of his brother, but looking back on his career I'd say he was the better of the two brothers. From the blueline in, "the Rocket" was the meanest, the nastiest and the most intense payer I've ever watched (Ovechkin comes very close to him) and Beliveau was the most graceful, elegant and classiest to ever grace the sports field anywhere, Henri Richard was the best overall player of the two. His game was more complete, and his roles more vital in the overall sense of the game. He was as good as any of the true legends and did it at both ends of the rink on a consistent basis. His legacy is one that will never be broken - that of 11 Stanley Cups in a career that spanned 20 years. The Pocket Rocket was a Stanley Cup champion in 55% of the years he played for the Canadiens. As an old and long time Habs fan, who hails from the town they played their very first game against (the Cobalt Silver Kings) I say good-bye to one of the best who ever graced the ice of the old Forum. (FYI - just a long time lurker that hasn't posted in ages)
  7. Niedermayer Contemplating Retirement Not definite but is definitely considering retiring at this time - now that one is coming from out of left field?
  8. you wish.... They will be here in droves to bash them if he walks and they will be here in like numbers to condemn them for signing him. I can hear them already! 'We lost him for nothing when we could have traded him for something...' or.... 'Oh we paid far too much for his sorry defence and that all knowing and all defining horrible plus/minus number that he puts up...' and on & on & on & on Ad nauseam, to infinity & beyond - if, if , if , iffffffffff.................................... to the point I'll wish wish my aunt did have balls?
  9. I've said it time and again that Gainey was paying the market price when he signed Markov. This deal just proves it - in fact he got a bit of a break when you look at these numbers..... they are ludicrous to say the very least!!!!!!!
  10. You can't grade him on what might happen come draft day or free agency - they haven't taken place yet. In other words it doesn't take into effect what major void he has yet to fill. Big trades won't happen prior to the draft - they tend to take place in the hours leading up to it, or on draft day itself. So it's definitely not fair to grade him on the basis that he hasn't landed a number one centre or a big defenceman at this point. You don't grade a student in December based on material he won't see until February..... Personally I'd give him a A- at this point when based on what the calender has allowed him to do so far(at worst a B+)? - he has unloaded Samsonov and the cap hit will be significantly less as a result: money saved counts big in the cap scenario - resigned Markov: yes it was a bit high but at what will most likely be market value come July 1st - resigned Higgins and Komisarek to deals at realistic prices for the market - has signed free agent Janne Lahti - has signed Valentenko to a standard entry level contract = a good move to bring depth to the defence - has acquired forward Ryan Russell from the New York Rangers for a seventh-round pick in this year's weak draft - has signed the younger Kostitsyn to a deal - has Carey Price signed to a deal There are a couple of negatives in losing Mikus, along with Perezhogin and now apparently Emelin opting to play/stay in Russia. Those are somewhat offset though by the fact the Habs still own their rights, and the fact that it sounds like both prefer to stay at home - sometimes stuff happens that are beyond your capabilities no matter what you try. If they can retain Emelin and bring him over in a couple of years that will be great, but he isn't proven just yet to be the saviour they desire - he's still just a potential prospect? Perezhogin could also come back at some point so he's not totally lost. Mikus it seems is just a victim of depth in the organization and contract limitations in the overall league picture. Better to have enough solid depth that you risk losing some talent than not having enough? However the fact is that at this point in time, there have been no real disastrous off season moves or departures that are considered to be permanent losses or setbacks? In a weak draft year I put little stock in what happens if they simply retain their current first round picks - there are no players at that point that will make a direct leap to the big club. A deal however would change that thought process.... the who, what and why would have to be evaluated. Moving up in the draft will be overly expensive for what is available, and a number one centre or defenceman won't come cheap. Most people agree that after the first 5-6 players in the draft the talent drops off the map rapidly, so teams holding the cards will ask a lot for anyone any deal involving that pick. But that's nothing new? July 1st will be important but I really expect no big splash then as I am not at all impressed by what is out there. That said they have to make some changes somehow if they expect to improve next year - the current status quo is not going to win a Cup soon.
  11. Yes 'the Enigma' - we all know how well that one worked out for the Germans in WW2!!!!!
  12. Updates as of June 13 - more FYI stuff you might already know of? Lightning re-sign Tarnasky & Wanvig Ducks have one of their best playoff performers back next season - Sign Moen & Parros Bruins sign defenceman Andrew Alberts Sabres BrainTrust are Back Devils ink Andy Greene, prospect Matthew Corrente taken 30th overall in 2006 draft and 27 yr old Euro Vet Jari Viuhkola Chelios Back for a Year in MoTown Sundin Back for a Year in LaffsNation Panthers Sign Defenceman Bryan Allen to a 5 Year $14.5 Million Extension
  13. It should be - but the reality is that the final nail in that coffin was driven when the Leafs in all their lack of wisdom signed McCabe to that insane deal last summer.....
  14. Love 'the Farce' - they are a true Canadian institution....
  15. where was it - ah yes...... YEAH RIGHT HE CHOKED..... [and my reply would have been a couple of photos that say a thousand words each!!!!! - but it won't accept the URL for the photos? ] p.s. Gainey said somewhere that they wouldn't keep him at the NHL if he isn't going to be the number 1 goalie - good! I hope they don't rush him as he probably needs some time in the AHL. Patience is a virtue.....
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