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  1. I’m ok with this. I said in a previous post, the Habs weakness wasn’t just that it was unproven centers but the ages of all of them. Suzuki is untouchable, Evans is affordable. Paquette is serviceable on the 4th line. The issue was KK as second line C and no one to insulate anyone else. we have a hole, but I’m not sure we didn’t have a hole even with KK - we had hope, but that’s it. If we can get a 30ish 2nd line C for 6m or less, we are actually better off for next season than with KK.
  2. No way - I don’t believe you use the picks to draft a center - trade for the 2C we need. Make it so. I’d rather lose a prospect than use the cap space poorly.
  3. My 2 cents. I love KK and I think he will be a 2C. But he isn’t now. Good for him to get paid, even if it’s overpayment - that’s not his fault or problem. but I’m a Habs fan first. i say let him go. Habs were already too inexperienced at C and to bring someone in meant someone needed to sit. Suzuki wasn’t going to move or be sat. Evans/Poehling/Paquette can handle 3rd/4th/depth C. (Admittedly hoping Evans is adequate this season as 3rd line C) the issue going into the season was 2nd line C anyways. KK was the one that needed to go. Suzuki, Evans, Poehling are all either valued (Suzuki) or affordable (Evans, Poehling). We needed a vet 2nd line player to take pressure off of Suzuki. So let KK walk and use the picks or prospects to go get a 2nd line C. The team may overlay a little in the trade, but it’s better than overpaying by 3 mil in the cap era for KK. sorry Canes - you can enjoy the consequences of the cap mess you just made for yourselves
  4. I feel there are 2 Drouins. If we get the good one, I actually could see him as our 2nd line C. When he was good for the Habs, he was skating, moving his feet, even in the defensive zone. (Bad Drouin is flat out useless, that is understood). KK can hone in his checking skills on the 3rd line with Suzuki/Drouin 1 and 2. I bet it’s an experiment we will see, especially with DD as HC - and I’m more optimistic than pessimistic in its success. (bookmark this to either praise me or shame me later!!!)
  5. Ya. Any trade for Eichel will include KK. The coach isn’t in love with Romanov so that makes sense. I’d be surprised if Drouin were in a deal and if he was, it’s for cap reasons so I’d think it would be more than just 1 1st. Maybe 2.
  6. Every pic I see lately of MB shows him as being a mess. I’ve had longer hair, so I understand either you look great or a disaster - and there is more maintenance with longer hair. but still - it really seems like his swag is gone - that maybe in some way last season and this offseason has been sucking the life out of him and that really, the playoff success was more of a last gasp of energy (ie that lucky red suit). I don’t know if it is that the media is only sharing his disheveled look or if he really never has it all together any more! I’d have thought he would look better when announcing the draft picks. regardless, to me, via the eye-test, he isn’t getting fired, but he is about to quit. And perhaps because I’m more aware given Drouin’s recent struggle, I do hope everything is ok personally for MB. has anyone else been thinking the same regarding the departure of MB’s polished, suave look that has clearly gone beyond covid hair.
  7. I know Evans is young, but I think he is going to take Danault’s spot THIS year. Danault benefited from Pleks example, Evans has had Danault’s. Evans is smart smart smart. There will be growing pains, but we’ve said goodbye to a defensive specialist, added an up and coming in Evans and used the money saved on offense in the form of Hoffman. Losing some of an area of strength (forward defensive responsibility) in order to strengthen an area of weakness (forward scoring).
  8. Good for him. And good for the Habs we aren’t paying him that coin. he is excellent at what he does, but he needs more offense to be worthy of that contract. im also glad he is in the west where Suzuki et al won’t need to deal with him unless it’s the finals!
  9. Louie Belpedio to Habs. 1 year for 750k according to TSN (TW contract)
  10. I wonder if MB saves the Weber money for a mid-season acquisition. Thinking we can be in the playoff discussion with this D (Savard replacing Weber) and then adding someone to get the Habs across the finish line into the playoffs where anything can happen.
  11. I love Armia on that 4th line and able to move up and down the line up when injuries or slumps hit … but he is a luxury at that price. I thot he was gone. that right side is so deep, something has to give - someone is moving out or playing in their off wing (Toffoli +). that said, I do think players like Armia are what’s needed in the post season so if the cap can be managed, he may be a luxury for bubble teams but a necessary cog in championship teams. we need another finisher and a more experienced C up front - so seems to me that a couple of forwards need to be traded or hope they can do the Kucherov.
  12. Here here! I’ll second that one! I ALWAYS appreciate their insight - they are rarely wrong but when they are, they totally own it. No one has a perfect crystal ball, but they seem correct more often than not … more often than most NHL GMs!
  13. Maybe Mailloux needs his own thread. As long as things don’t get ugly between posters, the conversation has value. But that way, those who have said their piece can go back to read more about it if and when they want to.
  14. Absolutely. it’s a crime. admittedly, I’m on the side of hoping it was an immature lapse in judgement - but it’s still a crime. she agreed to be with him. She perhaps agreed to the pic. But she most definitely didn’t agree for that pic to be shared anywhere beyond between the two of them. He should pay for what he did. I’m just not convinced ending his hockey career is the price he must pay. And he could either spend the next year paying for his crime alone or spend the next year paying for his crime with a network of people that have a vested interest in his future success (Habs organization). He may not be deserving of the support he will get from the Habs organization - but he will benefit from it and hopefully the Habs will too.
  15. I agree. I wouldn’t have written him off or jumped on drafting him if I were MB. I’d have made my own opinion based on an interview. I’d then assess if this was a boy/man that can turn it around (true remorse, acceptance of consequences etc) or not. deal with the reality of the consequences - but then be there to offer a second chance. if Mailloux’s actions did reflect an event (or season) of lapse of judgement - then we will be glad MB got him and not some other club. If Mailloux is an A-hole through and through, then yep - wasted pick and a significant part of MB’s legacy. gotta figure it came down to the interview MB had with him and his assessment that Logan is going to learn from this and ultimately be an NHLer.
  16. Well …. I like that they say he is first round talent. I like that he is from the Knights program. I just need to hope that his remorse and regret is sincere and that the Habs have done their due diligence. if MB thought he would be available in the 2nd round, he’d have waited. Someone was going to select him - hopefully we end up on being glad we did. the number of people (men mainly) viewing pornography that uses (abuses) sex trafficked women is huge. None of us to play the holy card. I, for one, am upset and disgusted every time another human is abused. I’d expect him to pay for his crime. But, I also believe in forgiveness and that people can turn their lives around. The kid is too young to write him off for life.
  17. Shouldn’t have played the Kevin Weekes touch his ear drinking game.
  18. Encouraging to me to see Coronato go 14 to Calgary. Farrell was as good or better than him last season. Seems like a good sign that the Habs got great value for that Farrell pick. Time will tell!
  19. I’d be happy to have the Drouin of 2 seasons ago before his injury and the first part of last season. I, for one, would bet we get the good Drouin. Not so good that we win that trade, but good enough that his contract isn’t an issue (2nd line forward production).
  20. Plus we saw what happens when the Habs buy in to DD’s system. We have a training camp and full season. Team should perform closer to potential because of that too - depending on how DD adjusts to opposition adjustments.
  21. The thot that Carey might have played his last game as a Hab is surreal. I’m having a hard time getting my mind around it. i was hoping the Habs could build on their playoff success with more of a few upgrades rather than a reload, reset or rebuild. yet - I can see how logically it’s best to find a cheaper goaltending option so the cap space can be used elsewhere … but emotionally, I really wanted Carey to retire a Hab AND have his name engraved at least once in Lord Stanley’s Cup. for now, I’ll wait until 8pm Wednesday and trust that MB has a plan … one that keeps Carey in the fold AND makes the team ready for a successful 2021-22 season.
  22. They’d likely then just wait until after the expansion draft.
  23. I was more worried about the Sens BEFORE they hired Pierre McGuire. he isn’t an analytics guy - heavily leans on the eye test according to an Athletic article last week. Of course it takes both, but Dorion has the team on the brink of relevant again - the Sens were strong for the last half of last season … but if McGuire is either GM in waiting or Dorion’s new boss, the Sens will take a step backwards imho.
  24. Stats are fun. That was his pace this season if you don’t include the playoffs where he scored 2 goals in 22 games (after 14 in 35 for the regular season before being injured). yet in his career he has only been over 30 twice. Twice. Ever. Hey tho - I don’t want to be on the side of dogging Gally - I love his drive and energy - he is the heart and soul. but numbers are what they are. He is currently the highest paid forward on the Habs next season and if he doesn’t produce, whether that is because of injury, production decline or assigned checking role, he will he overpaid and be more at risk to being a cap casualty.
  25. Sadly, Gallagher’s new salary makes him the one overpaid now. He looked like a great 3rd line player this season. If that’s the case, he’s the one to move. Toffoli, Anderson, KK, Suzuki, Caufield are 5 of the top 6 moving forward and none should be moved. Danault, Gallagher, Lehkonen/Armia being 3rd line. Unless the 4th line is on real cheap salaries, I’m worry Gally is the expendable one.
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