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  1. Yes, I fully understand why Burke wants this. But we're hiring Dudley to help and one of his important skills is evaluation of amateur talent. He could be very useful to us during the draft. Since the league has no rule about this I think Bergevin should try to get Dudley here before the draft.
  2. Ottawa didn't trade Chara. They wanted to keep him but both he and Redden were UFAs in 2006 and Chara unlike Redden refused to give Ottawa any home town discount.
  3. This years winner is sakiqc who won with his prediction of 37-34-11 for 85 points. The Habs record was 31-35-16 for 78 points. Honourable mention to Habsfan who correctly predicted that the Habs would score 212 goals this year (including the 5 we were awarded for winning 5 of our 17 shootouts). This was the only exactly correct prediction that anyone made in any of the categories. BCHabnut was close, predicting 211 goals. On one point, sakiqc's crystal ball was overly pessimistic; he foresaw only 205 Habs goals.
  4. Nope even this March 21 prediction of the winner made was too optimistic. We didn't get close to the 90pts illWill had predicted and illWill finished second.
  5. Yes, I will be submitting a final post mortem hopefully later today. Congratulations.
  6. Any chance we give Mayer the start? Leaf fans would be apoplectic.
  7. Yes, Hunter kept SK away from the first line until the last month of the season when he occasionally put the three of them together (and a few games when Gagner was injured he put SK with Kane). Very many high scoring CHL players turn into 50 point or less at the NHL level. This is much more common then coming into the NHL anc continuing as a star. I think his domination at the OHL level was a good indication that he would be a 40-50 point player in the NHL. Yes, SK played the point on the PP and was the PP QB - their standard play to enter the zone on the PP was to give SK the puck
  8. SK played on the 2nd line and rarely played with Kane and Gagner.
  9. I saw Tinordi tonight against Kingston. First time I've seen him live this year. I knew he was having a good year but I cannot believe the improvement in his play since a year ago (when I saw him live 3 times). He wasn't overly physical tonight but he was very effective smothering Kingston (which is not a very good team). He played a lot like Gill; using his reach to shut down the opposition. But I was really surprised by his offensive attempts. He had an end to end rush in the first where beat a couple of players with his speed and reach and then he drove the net, took a backhand sh
  10. This seems riduculous. How much do we know about most other GMs? How open with the media are management of SJ, St. Louis, etc? I have no idea. Toronto has the most talkative GM in the league. Why is that not a mistake? (based on the relative success of the Leaf's approach vs the rest of the league). I have no problem with the Habs being closed mouthed. My preference is that they putting winning ahead of keeping the media and fans informed of what goes on behind closed doors. Regarding Markov's injury, I think things would have been much worse if they had given a new "expected to s
  11. Yes, Philly traded Carter. They had their reasons, not all having to do with Carter. Do you think its possible they made a mistake? He's not working out in Columbus. Again they are looking to trade him (and Nash) at least partially because they are going to do a major rebuild. If we can't get a number 1 centre when they are at low value we'll never get one. I just remembered why we don't have to worry about the Habs giving up Plex in a deal for Carter. There is no way that Plekanec waives his NTC to go to Columbus.
  12. I think Carter is the guy to go after. His contract is long but not really too high. In 6 years that amount won't even be unusual. I do agree we need to keep Plex though. I wouldn't mind giving up our first unless it ends up being top 2, which I don't think it will.
  13. Gomez is owed 10 million over the next two seasons but his cap hit is 14.7 million. Thus a team can get 14.7 million cap relief while only spending 10 million. If a rebuilding team wants to be near the cap floor they can save their owner 4.7 million over two years by taking Gomez. They maybe also get a prospect or pick(s) from us for doing this. This could be a lot better than adding two 2.5 million players during a rebuilding phase.
  14. For my beer: Hall Gill to Pittsburgh for a 2nd round pick (I hope they have their 2nd still).
  15. I hope you're not suggesting Budaj has more offensive skills than Price.
  16. Woo - first view and first reply. Go Habs Go!!!
  17. Okay but anyone entering after 3 games will lose all tiebreakers.
  18. I predict 47-27-8 = 102 points 3rd in the East 5th overall 233 goals.
  19. 6th annual HabsWorld points prediction contest. Hall of Fame: 2006-2007 Jean won with a prediction of 92 points when the Habs finished the year with 90 pts. If only we could have won that last game. 2007-2008 Adirondack Bud exactly predicted our final total of 104 pts. 2008-2009 Zowpeb won by predicting a strong start followed by a slower 2nd half ending with 99 points. The Habs finished the season in 8th place with 93 points. On September 22, 2008 Zowpeb predicted "I think we'll see a rough patch just past the mid-year point..." Wow! 2009-2010 Joelassister correctly predi
  20. I think Phoenix is going to want a centre back. I think Turris' value is pretty close to Eller's but slightly higher. Maybe Eller + 2nd. In my view Turris and Eller are too close in value for it to be worth the risk for us to make that trade.
  21. They could easily decide to sign 3 of the invitees to the rookie camp. I'd rather they do that than use those contracts for a questionable veteran.
  22. I predict that Gomez's contract is going to look much better 24 hours from now. I also think that the possibility of the cap falling needs to be borne in mind. For instance if the Canadian dollar were to fall. Also who really knows what will happen under the new CBA. I really don't see any one (other than Richards) worth spending big money long term on. Given the players available I don't see any need to try to get to the cap.
  23. Oh, I never heard this before. Thanks.
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