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  1. I don't want to nitpick (or maybe I do) but he didn't sign with us while we held his rights. He choose to go to free agency. Yes we signed him, but we didn't need to trade SK to sign Boyd as a free agent.
  2. All we got for SK was two days exclusive rights to two players. Both of whom went to free agency. This is not much better than nothing.
  3. Gomez will be here next year. After that we'll be in a new CBA. I am pretty sure that both the owners and the players want are unhappy with the situation that players like Souray are in. I think the new CBA will have some way for teams to buy out these sort of contracts that is more palatable than the current rules. If Gomez doesn't rebound next year I think the new CBA will be our out.
  4. Well I am very optimistic about our future for the next 5 years. I think (Y)Emelin might finally come over and he might be the mean (but talented) player we need. I'd also like Ramo as a backup (but he might be too good to accept that role for long). I think we'll have Gomez for at least 1 more year. After next year his salary is much more manageable (even if his cap hit remains high). Finally, I am quite sure Tanguay won't sign here after the way he was treated. I am happy with standing pat although we do need to sign Wiz if e don't make any big change.
  5. Great game. I thought the Habs really showed a lot of character. They didn't allow their numerous injuries nor the disallowed goal nor even the Bruins soft goal to distract them. This is where I think Gainey's revamping of the team shows through. Tomorrow will be even tougher.
  6. Okay, this may be our season's swan song or we may triumph but either way I am going to enjoy the game. We've had a good year with many young players blossoming and we'll have a strong core for quite a few years. Price has finally emerged as a dominant player. What he has accomplished this year is unbelievable (although my faith in him never wavered (except a tiny bit after the preseason blowout this past fall)). Desharnais, Pacioretty, and Eller are all developing into great players. There can be no doubt that we would have dispatched the Bruins if not for the loss of Gorges, Ma
  7. I waited until the outcome of the Dallas-Minnesota game to see if Dallas would catch the Habs for 14th overall. But I didn't need to bother as Chips had predicted the outcome of this game on October 1. So Chips prediction: was exactly correct in all respects. :clap:
  8. Yes there were a number of excellent predictions this year. If Montreal had lost in regulation or OT tonight we would have had co-champions: lasy26 and rafikz who both predicted 95 pts: 44-31-7 and 6th in the East.
  9. The Winner of the 2010-2011 HabsWorld Season Prediction Contest is: Chips who correctly predicted the Habs final record of 44-30-8. Amazingly this was not enough to secure the victory for Chips since Seb also correctly predicted the Habs final record. Chips is our champion because he not only correctly predicted the final record but even more amazingly he also correctly predicted the Habs would finish 6th in the East. Seb had prognosticated a 5th place finish in the East for Montreal. Honourable mention to Peter Puck, the only other contestant to forsee the Habs would finish wi
  10. We'll were back on pace for 94 points. Just wanted to leave a quick note making the tie breaking system clear. Poster who most closely predicts the final number of points wins the contest. In the event of a tie (very likely to happen), the first tie breaker is the poster who most closely predicted the number of wins (regulation + OT + SO). If a tie still remains then the 2nd tie breaker is the poster who most closely predicted the Habs final standing in the Eastern conference. If a tie still remians we will have co-champions. P.P.
  11. This is a very important game. I just hope we don't spend the entire first in the penalty box.
  12. No not really. I think all our injuries have just finally caught up with us. Plek especially (and to a lesser extent Halperin and Darche) played like they are still injured. Not only did Plek get knocked down repeatedly tonight but he seemed to have trouble getting back up a number of times. Also teams lately have been emphasizing the forecheck against us. Our current Dmen have too much trouble when pressured.
  13. Okay good prediction. But I'm going to have to handicap your entry due to missing the official entry deadline (7:00pm Oct 7, 2010). Better late than never though.
  14. Okay we're currently 40-28-7 for 87 points. This is on pace for 95.1 points (and a record of 43.7 - 30.6 - 7.7). Below are the predictions in that range. Of course there is still time for the Habs to get hot (or to slump) and to bring many of the other predictions into play. JoeLassiter 42-32-8 = 92 pts HabsFan84 42-31-9 = 93 pts BCHabNut 40-29-13 = 93 pts FinHab 41-30-11=93 pts lazy26 44-31-7 = 95 pts rafikz 44-31-7 = 95 pts Chips 44-30-8 = 96 pts Seb 44-30-8 = 96 pts Peter Puck 43-29-10 = 96 pts Natural Mystic 42-27-13 = 97 pts kenadian 41-26-15 = 97 pts JCPetit 45-2
  15. Actually the article you linked to indicates they fired their coach before the second period of game 7.
  16. I voted Bruins. If we were to upset them this year it would be sooo sweet. I think the Boston hockey media would implode. If we don't meet them in the first round I doubt we get a chance to revenge Thursday's defeat until next year. We don't want to wait that long.
  17. I've thought every since his injury that the deal that makes the most sense is for the Habs to sign Markov to a one year bonus laden contract. This gives Markov a chance to prove he can return to his elite form. I can see why Markov would rather have the longer term. But it will take a leap of faith for the team to offer him 3 years at a good salary.
  18. Well I certainly am not ashamed. Disappointed, angry. frustrated yes. Actually with all the injuries we've had this season I am not too disappointed with the last few games. Price has been great as have a number of our rookies. I'm steeling myself for playoff disappointment. With our current defence I will be surprised to go very far. I'd be happy with winning a round. I'm really looking forward to the next few years.
  19. First I want to say how impressive your work is. You already have updated the contract page and cap hits. Second, I note that now we will have 6 UFA and 3 RFA defencemen this summer. Wow.
  20. It is true that wins are a team stat but it is also true that a goalie having a bad game can lead to a team loss. This happened to Price a few times last season. I don't think it has happened this year even once. On the other hand we have seen a number of games where his excellent play has preserved a win. This really shows what a good year he is having.
  21. All year long Price has handled the puck with supreme confidence, maybe even over confidence. Every couple of games he has a pass intercepted while he is still behind the net (although I think he has been better in the past month or so). My first question is: 1. Has there been any goal against directly resulting from Price mishandling the puck? I have watched every game this year and the closest thing I can remember is the delay of game penalty yesterday against the Canuks (which i don't really feel was so bad). My 2nd question is: 2. Have we had a loss this year attributable to
  22. Can anyone shed some light on why the Habs called up Nash and not Carle?
  23. Well I find it strange that he seems to be fine in the Nashville dressing room.
  24. Well maybe I'm still jumping the gun but Sergei scored twice more last night in a 3-0 win over Detroit including a highlight reel short handed goal. He's now got 14 goals and 16 assists for 30 points and is +4. Plek is our top scorer with 43 pts followed by Cammalleri with 31 and AK with 29. I'm not really surprised since I thought he was pretty good with us.
  25. It looks like all he is going to do is participate in one of the 6 skills competition. My guess would be in the hardest shot competition. That would mean all he's going to Raleigh for is to take 2 slap shots. edit: Actually on rereading it looks like he will also participate in the shootout challenge.
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