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  1. Great game! Shit rink though. The walk from the rink to the main parking lot ($30 fee) was 15 min with no protection from the elements. Then just getting out of the parking lot took a damn hour!! New Jersey has a way better rink and overall experience (much cheaper ticket wise too). Although I have to say, islander fans are a lot more vocal and fun to be around.
  2. I’m at the game. Hammond, looked a little jittery to start the game. He’s looked solid since then. Starting to find a grove.
  3. What kind of a return would we be expecting?
  4. Gonna break my kids heart on valentines aren’t you??
  5. If I were a gm I’d be looking to buy Petry on the cheap. He hasn’t suddenly forgotten to play.
  6. I don’t know what’s worse. Dealing with Covid right now or watching this train wreck.
  7. At this rate I’m glad I brought my 3 kids’ skates. Easily capable of pulling 4th line duties.
  8. Will be at the game tonight with all three kids in tow. Pray for a win pls. Can’t handle a 2hr drive back full of tears.
  9. MB has Beverly Hills written all over him..
  10. Well that settles who's jersey we're buying... Slick Nick is nasty.
  11. And right as I was thinking how kind numbingly boring this off-season was..
  12. Julien Brisebois being Julien Brisebois 🤬
  13. And here we all thought that Owen Powers was gonna get all the spotlight..
  14. Well at least we know he won’t be doing anything stupid moving forward..
  15. Omg why do I love this pick? B
  16. I’d rather be having a late night root canal right now. This. Is. Brutal. ESPN can’t do anything right.
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