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  1. #23 That a team with four fourth lines and two rookie goaltenders might be leading the Eastern Conference after tonights game...
  2. Got my cousin in MTL to turn on his webcam and point it to this TV screen. RDS HD via Skype for me tonight!! Woooohooooo!!!
  3. Well said! This is exactly what went through Gainey's mind. There is absolutely no point in delaying the inevitable. These two are your future. Let them get the minutes they need in order to excel and mature. For years we've been harping about how other teams throw 18yr olds on the ice while we let them rot in Sherbrooke/Fredericton/Hamilton. Leave the vets in the Press Box I say and let the kids grab the bull by the horns.
  4. If anyone was feeling iffy about not making this trade, after lasts night win and this statement, they should feel a whole lot better...
  5. Bonne Chance mon ami! A true professional and consumate team player. Loved the message he left in the dressing room bulletin board for his teammates...
  6. Sorry TokyoHabs, I wasn't reffering to you when I mentioned bitching and support of the Habs. I meant bandwagon fans and various reporters that have been on Gainey's case since yesterday (make that forever). I cleanly understood your point and I am behind you 100% in what you said. The reason why I quoted you was because I believe that Huet and Ryder would not have gotten us that much more than what Huet alone got us and also that there are more pros as opposed to cons in keeping Ryder as opposed to Huet. For the record, there are 5 posters here that I really respect and love to read their opinion. In no particular order... 1) The Chicoutimi Cucumber 2) Wamsley01 3) Kozed 4) Mackaskill 5) Tokyohabs All you guys and the many others here are what help keep me sane. I, like you, live far far away, and am not as priviledged as others living in North America. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers....it was totally unintentional.
  7. The reason why Gainey only traded Huet and not Ryder is rather simple. By NOT trading Ryder, Gainey essentially picked up a natural goal scorer with a couple of 30 goal seasons on his back (albeit a streaky one). IF Ryder comes out of his funk, the team is better. If he doesn't, so be it. If someone offered anything substantial for Ryder I think Gainey would have considered it. I don't think that anyone did though seeing as to how crappy a season he's been having. Bottom line is that the team has so much more to gain if Ryder gets his act together and starts scoring. Huet on the other hand, whenever in a pressure situation, has just not performed. Carolina 2 yrs ago, Toronto last year, crucial games this year. Gainey knew he wasn't going to trust his team to him, so instead of having him on the bench, he figured he'd get whatever he could instead of letting him walk at years end. Maybe Price hasn't been rock steady, but you know he's a winner. And lets be honnest, Price has had his back up against the wall before and come through; Cristobal, as much as I love and respect him, hasn't. You can't compare impending UFA's without considering the intangibles they bring to this team. Ryder has sucked this year; he might get hot though, thus resurecting his love affair with Habs fans world wide. However, even if he doesn't, u substitute him with a youngster, loose him in the off-season and your no worse off. Things with goalies aren't as simple. If your goalie tanks, ur screwed. Huet has had ample opportunities to provide his teammates, coaches and fans with the confidence which is needed in order for us all to trust him. Guess what, he hasn't. Soooo...instead of holding on to him with the connotation that "he's an experienced goalie, he's 32, he's been to an all star game and he's won the Crozier award," put your faith in the youth. Price and Halak have outperformed at every level they've played over the past two years. Cardinal Rule #1 in when investing is to "Always go against the trend." When EVERYONE is buying, and overspending; SELL. Either by chance or by choice, Gainey has been following this. Everybody's been abosrbed by who we didn't get. Get over it. This is a hell of a team we have on our hands. A team which gets to stick together and prove that they are for real. Now stop bitchin' and support this team!!! Go Habs Go!
  8. Seems Bob and I are on the same page. I like this a lot. Sure I would have prefered a 1st, but if Wash doesn't win their division, our pick is pretty decent. Montreal is far from being done. Something big is brewing. Hossa AND Jokinen anyone??
  9. Geezz...it finally pays to be in a time zone which is 7hrs ahead of Montreal. If it's true, I kinda like it. Ryder I am indifferent to. Grabovski as well. Now, if the russian prospect is Emelin, I'd be pissed as hell. Mind you, we have a back log in Defence for the years to come, so i guess if it was between McDonaugh (or a prospect who will most definitely play in the NHL one day) or Emelin I'd rather loose Emelin. (Please be Perezhogin) Now the 1st rnd pick in '08 is ur stinger. I have a funny feeling Bob wont be without a 1st rnd pick in '08. As much as I root for Huet, I'd trade him. Replenish your cup board by getting rid of prospective UFA's. If anyone is gonna lead us far in the playoffs, it's gonna be Price or Jaro. Oh, of course you can pretty much guarantee that Hossa's gonna be here for at least 5 yrs at 7.5mil. Oh, and u can also guarantee that Hossa ain't coming here alone. He's bringing a friend too. Anyone see anything else confirming this rumor???
  10. Woohoooo...My boy Lucien Deblois!! Goosebumps....I say 8 minutes...
  11. Every morning after a Habs game, right before I walk out the door to go to work, I log on TSN to see what happened. If we win, I load the highlights; if we lose, I get up and leave, and watch the highlights at work with no sound. Well, I came in to work 25 min. late today. I couldn't get enough. Watched the highlights on TSN, RDS, and ESPN. Oh...and I just read through 20 pages of Game Thread.... Character.... This team has it. Scariest thing of all is that Gainey knows it too. If he backs up his words, which I think he will this team might cause some serious waves in the playoffs. Think of this..Gainey comes out and says that he's looking to make major additions, and Ryder gets his a$$ in gear. He scores 2, adds an assist. Win win situation. Hey Cat, sorry about ur grandaddy man. You think u can post the game online somewhere so me and my bros can watch it here in Greece? Thanks!!
  12. "If i had a hammer, i'd hammer in the morning, i'd hammer in the evening, all over the house.." I know the Flyers have lost 5 straight but the Habs are due to break out. 6-2 Final And everyone back on the Saku bandwagon after tonite's performance... GO HABS GO!!
  13. Candidate Cover Page of the 2007-2008 Montreal Canadiens Rookie Hazing Yearbook..
  14. Hands down the greatest, most exhilerating, hockey moment of my hockey watching career. Puts the 87' Canada Cup, Gretsky to Lemieux drop pass to shame. I swear to God, that shift was what made me a Habs fan for life. (That and Patrick Roy's goaltending in games 3 & 4 against the Rangers in the Wales Conference Finals.)
  15. Trizzak, your a true fan.. I'll spring for the gas for your generator :ghg:
  16. Just to set the record straight... Bobby = Bob Gainey Donny = Don Waddell Chrissy = Chris Higgins Marianne = Marian Hossa Mika = Mike Komisarek Amazing Fantasy #15 = 1st round pick It took my about an hour to write and I was totally not going for that when I started writing my post. I just wanted to give my opinion on this friggen rumor and rumors in general and it just snowballed into this.... I think being in a country that doesn't follow hockey has driven me to this... Did you enjoy guys enjoy it?
  17. Some people are addicted to weed, others to speed, and others to souvlaki... I happen to be hooked on hockey rumors. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me, but this is by far the most exciting time of the year for me. I swear my production at work drops ten-fold. Back to this Hossa rumor though; I'm split on it. He's reminds me of that good-looking cheerleader you've drooled over your whole life; the one that's gonna come back to haunt you. Here u are, in your senior year, you've been dating the vice-president of the Ecology Club since you were a sophmore. You've grown together, trusted each other, hell, even gotten to third base together. Life's looking up, the prom is just around the corner. You've made it. The moment both you and Chrissy have been waiting for your whole lives. Chrissy has been having some issues this year, but you know she'll bounce back. She's a fighter and you know that her future is looking very bright. So it's Saturday afternoon, and Chrissy is at the mall with her bestest friend in the whole world, Mika, looking for prom dresses. I'm at home playing D&D with my pals, when the phone rings..... "Hey Bobby, it's Don!" "Hey Donny, good...didn't see you at the comic book convention today." "Couldn't make it, I had to deal with some family drama...and that's why I'm calling" "**Confused** Ughhh ok, what is it buddy?" "Listen, my sister Marianne is going through a bit of a crisis, she just broke up with Brock (of course Brock is the Quarterback of the Football Team)" "Crap, that sucks, but I'm not really understanding where I come in." "Listen Bobby, I'm gonna be totally honnest with you. Marianne confided in me today and told me that she's kind of attracted to you. She's sick of all these jocks; all braun and no brains. Although you may not be as "Hot" as the jocks, she sees something in you...to quote her, "I see something sexy in Bobby, he's a smart kid and although he's seen as a geek but the rest of the cheerleaders, I think he has a great chance of being crowned Prom King." "**Gasp** "Wow...your sister really said that? I'm flattered..." "Yes, and we left it at that. But I've been thinking Bobby, maybe you should take Marianne to the prom." "Wha, wha, what are you talking about. I can't - I'm going with Chrissy: Hell she's at the mall right now looking for dresses with Mika." "I know, but hear me out for a second. I think I can help your case with Marianne. Don't forget, she's a special girl, and a lot of people would love to get their hands on her. Real sexy...and from the noises I've heard coming out of her bedroom a tiger in bed.." "Donny, u sick *$&@!!" "Ok, ok..listen, I want what's best for my sis. And think you two would be a perfect fit. You know she's going to Boston College next year and you'll be at Harvard right?" "She is...wow..." "See..I think that would be really convenient for the both of you. And between us, if you take Marianne to the prom, I think you're a shoe in become Prom King. You know, opportunities like this don't come around too often in your lifetime." "You're right but, wait a second...something doesn't make sense here...why the hell would you be doing all this for me? And what the hell am I gonna do about Chrissy" "Bobby...I'm gonna be totally honnest. I'll set up a date for you and Marianne only if you let me take Chrissy to the Prom. I think she's cute and I really believe in her, even though she's been having some issues this year. I think a change in her life might suit her well." "I don't know Donny...I have to think about it." "Sure buddy, but do me a favor, I need an answer by Monday morning, cause as soon as we get back to school and everyone finds out that Marianne and Brock broke up, I wont be able to promiss you anything. Got it?" "I'll call you back in an hour..." "Click" The way I see it, there are two possible scenarios; and they go as such... "Hey Donny, it's Bobby. Listen, I've put much thought into it and I can't do it. I much as I like Marianne, Chrissy just means too much for me. We've gone through thick and thin together and although she really hasn't doing anything for my confidence levels this year, I really think she's gonna bounce back. Thanks for thinking of me but I'm gonna have to turn you down...Oh and don't get any funny ideas about pulling the moves on Chrissy cause I'm gonna send Mika after you, and you know Mika is a big girl that can rearrange ur face." or "Hey Donny, Chrissy's in a cab bawling her eyes out. I just laid out the news for her. All I have to do is give the cabbie your address and she's yours; one condition though. If Marianne agrees to stick with me throughout college we have a deal. And please hurry up cause Mika is beating down my door." "Get her to commit to that? Hell, it's gonna cost you a bit more." "Ok, i'll throw in my mint condition copy of "AMAZING FANTASY #15 in which Spiderman made his first appearance and I'll even spring for your Tux, Limo and Corsage " "Jiminy Criket You got yourself a deal!!" If you were "Bobby" would do...????
  18. Or as I like to call it, a "Souvlaki Trio for $4.95....." Tom exemplifies everything a 4th line team player should be.
  19. Because of washed up, second string, french canadian goalies coming into the Bell centre and standing on their heads....
  20. Daaaaannnny.......Daaaaannnny.......Daaaaaannnnnny.......
  21. Come on for the love of Christ, just pot one! I'm sacrificing my saturday night sleep here...
  22. As much as i love the guy, i don't have confidence in him when push comes to shove. I feel like he's missing that x-factor that championship goalies have in their pshyche...
  23. This suxs... How can u have 2 5 on 3's and get nothing going? Carbo's PP unit logic is a little debatable ain't it?
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