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  1. RIVET AND SUDIN???? DID THEY ACTUALLY FIGHT????? U got to be kidding me...
  2. I HATE THE LEAFS......... Had to scream something in order to keep myself awake...jeezzzz it's almost 5:30... Stupid Daylight savings time... Are the leafs buzzing or is it just me??
  3. Dutch Fan, u think that's bad? It's 5:05am in Greece...I can hear the the old granny's rooster crowing.... Crap, did the leafs just score??
  4. I would be eternally greatful if anyone could tell me where I could find highlights from the 1986 Stanley Cup run. Specifically, I would love to get that Claude Lemieux Game 7 overtime goal on Mike Liut against Hartford. I don't think I've ever celebrated a Habs goal as much as I did that one. Maybe also that Brian Skrugland record overtime goal against Calgary in the final, or any highlights from Game 5 Mtl -NYR (I was at that game!!) Thanks to anyone who can help me out.. Helmethead
  5. Makh2o..As much as I loathe Eklund and his "hot" rumors, he is right in this case. He is just speculating that Montreal will be flipping Aebischer to Tampa or Vancouver..Which does make some sense of course..
  6. This is the most anticipated of the year for all true hockey fans! Just like Christmas day for a five year old... Anyone have any bio/contractual info on Todd Simpson??
  7. From far away Athens, Greece....For the first time ever, let me be the one to cry out a deafening.. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!
  8. HA HA Team Canada is out!!! Long live King Kovalev...... Overpaid, heartless, gutless team Canada..
  9. woooohhoooooooo....habs win!!!!!!!!!!! Long live King Kovalev!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Maybe Theo could strap a pair of pads on one of those elephants and plop it in front of the net...
  11. After sleepless nights and many days of extensive research on the net, Gentlemen, low and behold, the root of Richard Zednik's problems..... Wow....
  12. After a very poor start to the season, Larry Robinson has resigned from his position as Head Coach of the New Jersey Devils. Might this mean a possible move to the Canadiens organization? More details to follow.....
  13. This just in.. It seems our prize pick of 2005 has been cut by Brian Sutter. More to follow...
  14. Living in Greece and trying to follow the Habs is a nightmare. I only have access to whatever is on the web, meaning, CJAD, Habsworld, Gazette, TSN (ughh), RDS, and the U.S. sites like ESPN and CNNSI. I get to see most of my highlights from NHL.com and TSN. Actually watching a Habs game is nearly impossible. I've convinced an English friend who has access to a mailing address in the U.K. and thus access to SKY Digital, to get NASN. He got it last week, but they haven't shown any Habs games since the Montreal-Toronto debacle on Nov. 27th. (what a travesty!!). Although they have HNIC live doubleheader, they always show us those two old farts, Cole and Neale. I swear, if the Habs make the Finals I'll fly to Montreal just to watch.. Maybe we should petition RDS to turn to Satellite? Would u guys be interested? :ghg:
  15. Anyone out there remember Allan Bester...What a Jabroni!! God, the Laffs sucked in the 80's...
  16. I have this feeling Montreal is gonna squash Ottawa tonite. Montreal is due to breakout, and Ottawa is gonna let down, plus Emery is due to choke... Fearless prediction... Montreal 6 Ottawa 1 :hlogo: Anyone else agree??
  17. The "Maple Leafs fans rejoice" was a sarcastic comment. I just wanted everyone to know that Montreal will infact be the team which brings the cup back to Canada...(to the dismay of leaf fans everywhere..) I know that this might just be a response to an unimportant email sent by a fan towards some reporter, but the thing that intruiges me is that amongst all the teams he could have mentioned during that split second he had to determine which would be the team that would face Ottawa in the Conference Finals, he chose Montreal. Does that sound right to the rest of you? I'd love to hear your input.
  18. As avid Habs fans, I'm sure that all of you, just like myself, love scavenging through the net to find interesting tidbits about our favorite team. I came across this interesting bit while reading John Buccigross's "Mother of all Mailbags" this morning. "Bucci, Can I get your opinion on the Red Wings? I think they are the most overrated team in hockey right now. They are simply the beneficiaries of a lopsided, easy early schedule. You heard it here first. They will make the playoffs because they are in such a weak division, but they will likely be out in the first round. Ottawa is clearly the best team in the NHL right now. Jeff Hall Boston I saw the Red Wings play in person in Columbus and I came away very impressed. They looked like the Minnesota Wild from the spring of 2003. Skating, surrounding the puck carrier and difficult to tell one line from the next. Also, their two best players, Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk, played hard every shift. This backbone of character will carry them a long way. I agree they are not as lethal as Ottawa, but they are in the ballpark. Ottawa is the best, but I still have goaltender concerns. The Senators may be so good that my girlfriend Kelly Monaco could play net, but is Hasek still Hasek come May? What if his groin explodes? Will Ray Emory play well in a Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals against Montreal?" This shows that Montreal is starting to turns some serious heads amongst knowledgeble hockey people. Can't you just feel it!! Maple Leafs fans rejoice! The cup is cometh back to Canada.... Helmethead...
  19. If I'm not mistaken, we lost to New Jersey in Round 2 1998 playoffs. (Series was 4-1 for New Jersey), our only win coming from Theodore's inaugural palyoff game in Game 4. That night he gave everyone a peek into what a great goalie he was going to be.
  20. If you guys think that you are deprived as Habs fans living in Holland or Austarlia you should come to Greece to see what it is really like. I've become an internet junkie, dependant on TSN, RDS, ESPN, CNNSI, Sporting News, Sportsnet, CBS Sportsline, Fourthperiod..and many more. Thank God that I accidentally fell upon HabsWorld a couple of months ago. To top it all off, I try to listen to the games on CJAD (Game Time 2:30am) but my ******internet connection is at 40,000k!!! Not very effective. In any event, I'd love to tell all fans what being a Habs fan outside of the US and Canada is all about. Count me in. I have plenty of stories concerning my experiences for everyone. (One that comes to mind is the night in 1997 when I ended up drinking at Sessions on Cresent with Darcy Tucker, Chris Murray and Shane Corson!!) There are many more like that...Anyone interested?
  21. My belief is that Robinson, Roy and Gainey will most definitely be retired. Roy without a doubt is the only member of the Habs since he came into the league in 196 that help the torch up high. Cocky, confident and perserverant he undoubtedly deserves to have his number hanging from the rafters. Robinson was only the "greatest and most consistent" defenceman of his era. Dominating offensively, responsible defensively, and the fear of every hockey player in the 70's and early 80's. He is the reason why Chris Chelios will be in the hall of fame once he retires. Now Gainey might never had scored 50 goals, he might never been the type of player that got people on their feet, but just remember that this is the man that played with two separated shoulders in 1979, leading the Habs to the Stanley Cup and being honored the Conn Smythe Trophy.... Enough Said.....
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