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  1. Oh it wouldn't shock me for a second if a GM loved Mateychuk and he went near that 10 range. Also wouldn't shock me to see him fall around the 20 area. Fairly unpredictable draft IMO
  2. For me it’s Wright, then Cooley/Nemec a wash at 2. I’m the furthest thing from an expert so I wouldn’t know who to go then between nazar, Slaf, Kemell, Gauthier, Yurov, Savoie.. Honestly top 10 is pretty nice. Mateychuk being a personal favourite that probably won’t go top 10
  3. If Gallagher has a bounce back year he might be a trade deadline asset. Right now his contract is rough. But if he can rebound to a 25 goal 50 point pace with his work like a dog quality, maybe we could actually get something for him. I suppose smith could work in a write-off rebuild year.
  4. At the end of the day, I think one word certainly applies to Bergevin - Ego I think that may be one thing that kept MB from being being very good instead of just competent. I even think his love for stay at home d men might have come from the fact that he himself was a stay at home d man.
  5. I agree with this too though, at least he’s cognizant of it. IMO the best thing would just be to acknowledge the elephant in the room and be transparent. If he’s the best choice, you take him
  6. Agreed, Dad Hughes almost seems too worried about perceived nepotism. If Jack is BPA, take him
  7. I mentioned trading for Sean Durzi a while back and the general consensus understandably seemed to be that he would be very expensive. I mentioned a logjam at RD for the Kings, with Brandt Clarke coming, along with Doughty, Roy, Stecher, and Durzi. So 2 there won’t be featured in the kings top 6, and Durzi likely played his way behind Doughty. but I didn’t even mention another RD in the system, Jordan Spence. 21 years old, 42 points in 48 games in Laval. The biggest knock on him was originally his small stature though many sources have him up to 5’10 and 180. This past season has proven he can be extremely productive in a mens league. Now he won’t instantly step into a top 4 position like Durzi could, but would add some needed puck movement on the Habs back end. could he be a good target?
  8. Imagine Wright #1, Mateychuk #26, and Miroschinchenko at #33
  9. Yea, the thing is he may top out at around 5’11 170 lbs, which is workable but slight. If he is wiry and strong it could work. I like him a lot, but understand the concern with if he could handle the rigours of the NHL at that weight. Would be happy to take him in the second. Personally even at 33, but wouldn’t be surprised if he slips a bit
  10. Jagger firkus still clocking in at a low 151, commandant will not like this 😂
  11. Funny how even Ryan Murray would have been a better pick that year, and then Galchenyuk even better than that hahah. a Trouba, Dumba or Reilly would have done the Oilers well that year
  12. I’ve heard that one before hahaha. His oilers interview must have been better since they drafted him lol. Maybe he was so cocky he felt offended getting interviewed by the team picking at 5.
  13. Yea, I’d suspect the answer itself would isn’t what they look for, but the reasoning behind it and how they were able to think through such a weird question. I’m still not a big fan of reading into it much. How much is it truly affecting who you draft lol? “Yea we took Slafkovsky because Wright would have taken the $50 bucks, the dirty dog.”
  14. Strange time to do a comparison considering wright will be on MTLS list shortly.
  15. Kent Hughes son tested very very well. Would be hilarious if we took him in the 2nd or 3rd
  16. I recall nail Yakupov being a very animated interview as well. We all know how that panned out. I would say the quality of an interview is not based on whether they are bubbly or not, but on the actual content of what is being said. Wright interviews like he plays - unspectacular but efficient, smart and methodical, confident but not cocky. I always come away very impressed personally, and see him and a great locker room, lead by example guy in the future. He’s also not 100% serious. I’ve seen him crack a few jokes and have some fun
  17. I have this feeling that Wright is going to have a fire lit under him next season. He knows a common criticism on him was his eagerness/motor, and he agrees he could improve it. This year I saw a young guy who was trying to learn the game and develop into a complete player, but in doing that he might have sacrificed a few points. But I also hear a guy who is driven and believes in himself. I think next year his motor/compete level will surprise us. I think this guy is all in on hockey, and improving his drive/explosiveness might be one of his main focuses this summer. edit: he answers a question on this topic around 5:15
  18. I hear you in weight, you have to make sure he has the strength for the NHL. that said, he’s exciting kind of reminding me of Johnny Gaudreau’s skating style
  19. Yea Mateychuk is who I personally hope we get with the 2nd first rounder (likely would require a trade up for him or someone like Lambert if they made it to say 20. If Isaac Howard is there at 26, that’s who I want, or swing on Miroschnichenko. Perhaps Jagger Firkus if all the above are gone. That’s my entirely non-expert opinion hahah. This precludes the pretty much impossible scenario of also drafting Nemec who I’d consider taking second overall
  20. I know this is just one tool, but Isaac Howard looks like a hell of a pick at 26 👀
  21. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/harris-on-approaching-the-combine-just-be-yourself/c-334380332 Reading this made me realize the interview process might be the most important aspect of the combine
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