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  1. The NHL is a bizarre league....Empty seats for a playoff game in Florida, yet no playoff hockey for Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. Where it matters most. I actually forgot about the Devils/Panthers series. Does anyone even care? If you do, you should get out of your basement.
  2. Classy comments brobin. I agree. And Commandant was right in the end, they sucked enough for what looks like a good draft selection. I felt they'd finish a little higher. Have a good summer everyone!
  3. Check out who TSN says the team has contacted. And to think some here had Jim Nill fantasies. The next GM of this team is going go be from QC, and francophone. Kinda sad, but it is what it is.
  4. Hab29, I'm in no way endorsing Pierre McGuire for the GM job. I actually don't have much of an opinion. But if he got the job, you won't find me hanging from the shower curtain rod. Sure he talks, but that's what he's paid to do, and he certainly moved up the ranks quickly. He did the same in coaching, reaching the NHL in his early 30's. As for stories about Hartford? That was along time ago. If he made a mistake, he might have learned from it. Whoever get's the job, dump Gomez and Kaberle, and I'm holding a parade for the guy.
  5. Rumours say he's not interested in the pay cut, and moving from Los Angeles.
  6. I don't know what to think about McGuire as GM. But I believe if he got the job, he would tone everything down. I also believe he would have shopped Halak more, and not make the desperate and dumb Kaberle trade. He also seems to be big on how to treat people. Martin had to go, but it would have been handled differently. Of course, we'll never really know, but that's the vibe I get.
  7. I'm excited about the future. Pierre Gauthier will not be missed, just like Jacques Martin.
  8. Will he stay? None of us know. I hope he does. I'm of the belief that he's great, a building block, as the team goes forward. What does he expect to be paid? If he turns down a 6 million dollar offer, and signs elsewhere, it'll suck. But if that were to happen it would certainly free up a lot of money. Halak makes 3.75 million, Jimmy Howard even less. Different teams, and circumstances, but they're both preparing for long playoff runs.
  9. I was at the game. First time I see Habs in enemy territory. Although, i swear it was 50-50, Habs and Sens fans. Nice arena. Brutal game, as we're a one line team. Whenever I see a game in person, I notice the play of defensemen more than anything else. I know it's obvious, but we can never trade PK Subban. The guy is a rock. He killed and entire penalty. The'd change, but he'd stay on the ice. Great to watch him conserve energy, at any chance he can. The sky's the limit with him. Gorges blocked everything in sight. Carey Price is fantastic. Rene Bourque is beyond useless. Staubitz and Blunden bring more to the team in terms of effort, and effect on the game. I have to give props to Erik Karlsson and Chris Philips. They play opposite styles, but both are a treat to watch. We earned another useless point, but we're so bad, tough to watch.
  10. I've got tickets to Fridays game in Ottawa....SWEEP
  11. Plex the tanker, so obvious he hit the post to not get the point
  12. When I quickly read your post, I thought you said Camps and Weber have been as brutal as std's...
  13. The Leafs are really something...it's easy to pile on, and I don't think it's good karma to do anyway. But they really are the Chicago Cubs of Canada.
  14. If you're right, we all win. I'm just concerned we'll creep up the standings.
  15. I've been in several heated debates on this site. The players and coaches would never tank. I've said this for several months now. And it's continuing. Drive your car to Brossard, and wait outside the practice facility. Tell the players to ease up a bit, you've got fantasies of 18 year old Russians. They'll laugh at you. And RC? He's fighting to get another gig next year. And Gauthier? Does anyone think he's likely to tell RC to sit the vets, and play the 4th liners?
  16. What are you talking about? Nobody seems happy about this useless point.
  17. Tank still dead. I just hope Leafs don't get a better pick.
  18. Holy Cow, I love that detail. I might just borrow that from you, and use it against a Leaf fan I know.
  19. While I think the tank is dead, if Pacioretty is hurt for any length of time, it might be back on.
  20. If he's still injured this summer, and Gauthier is in charge, expect a raise in pay for Moen.
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