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  1. That's the problem. A 4.25 million dollar cap hit, and he's 5/6 on the teams depth chart. He has to have his even strength time limited, the team has to match him with a partner that can overcome his defensive liabilities. He play's soft, and has no shot to speak of. Commandant, you're good at this stuff, a valuable contributor. But when you defend him, you make the argument for the people who dislike him. Now if you come clean, and say your defense of him is because we're stuck with him, and you're trying to be a glass half full type of guy, then I understand.
  2. That's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. His cap hit is the problem. It's why nobody wants him. That's why PG was laughed at. In the end though, we're stuck with him. As a result, have to work at finding him a partner. As usual, nobody seems to be watching his play. It's not always about stats.
  3. No, there's more to it. They look like a team that stands to play better, when the pressure is off. Happens every year.
  4. Does anybody actually watch Kaberle play? For **** sakes, get over his 40 points per season. With a salary cap, given what he's paid, he should play top minutes, in all aspects of the game. You're not supposed to shelter his minutes, and work at selecting a viable partner to help overcome his horrendous defensive play. The trade was laughed at, and he is un tradable. I haven't seen a single argument to refute those claims. When this season ends, and a review is done. The Kaberle trade goes into the fire PG's ass column.
  5. The TANK is dead. That's my opinion. Look at the schedule, the return of Markov, the drive for 30 goals by Cole. Could Pacioretty approach 40? I hate to say it my friends, but it's over. Forget the lottery pick.
  6. Say the team goes on a bit of a run? And ruins a shot at a lottery pick. At what point do you consider trading a 1st to possibly address a need?
  7. Wouldn't it be great if all this time Markov has missed is like an odometer on a car. And he plays until his late 30's, Lidstrom style?
  8. I'm enjoying this...just to see Markov, I've missed his play.
  9. Somebody tell Hughson the C in Leblanc is silent. It's French, not Swahili.
  10. Off topic, but that Giroux move in the shootout was sick, vs TO.
  11. This is going to sound a little light in the loafers, but, I'm sipping a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and coke. I'm exclusively a beer drinker, but hey, I'm celebrating the return of 79.
  12. I'm done with the Kaberle talk, because we're stuck with him. He's so bad at even strength, hideous in his own end. If we were all watching at a bar, having a few beers, we'd be laughing at his play. I do it in my own circle of friends. If we find a sucker to take him, one thing you'll never read on this site, is that we sure miss him.
  13. No to Biron. You can't have a Quebecois backup in this city. We all know why.
  14. Markov's possible return is fantastic, I almost feel like it's a playoff game. I hope he has some luck on his side, and that he can finish his career healthy, and with our favorite team for many years to come.
  15. Nice win against the Oilers, losing all remaining games wasn't realistic anyway. Look at all that young talent in Edmonton, and they still can't get it together. They need time. Makes me concerned about the possibility of a "fast" rebuild. As the Russian teenagers being looked at in the draft thread will need time as well. Hopefully the one we select won't be a bust. It's such a strange feeling being out of contention this early. Can we fast forward to the draft, and the opening of free agency? A lot of work to be done.
  16. That's why the ignore option is so lame. Almost as lame as the word fanboy.
  17. I thought this website was "above" that fantasy, completely unrealistic stuff. If all that occurs, Rachel McAdam should be knocking on my door soon after.
  18. Absolutely, I don't believe he'll ever score 39 again. I was just hoping to see Bourque do something, anything against his former team.
  19. So true. At least show the Flames they made a mistake.
  20. That's wild!! They have the Habs selecting Malcolm Subban in the 2nd round. That would be cool.
  21. Bourque looks awful, and I was hoping for more. I think it's difficult to judge though, as the team has thoughts of boats and golf clubs on their minds. I believe he'd be more effective if the team was doing well. He's certainly not going to carry a team on his back, and lead them to a victory.
  22. I said when the trade was made that he'd be Darche's replacement. It's obviously way too early, but I can see why he can't maintain a spot in the big league.
  23. Max with 28 already? If Grabovski get's 5.5 million, we're going to have open the vault to lock Max up.
  24. Hey, we found the worlds first O'Byrne fanboy.
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