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  1. You don't trade your captain. Let him run out his contract. Last thing I want is the 90s again where the team had zero leadership because we kept trading it. Especially since despite people putting their hands to their ears and shouting when it's said, Gionta is still one of our best forwards.

    Desharnais sounds like he fits the bill though.

    You seem to get too consumed with the crazy opinions of others. They could be 12 years old on their mother's computer. I agree with you though. MB probably won't trade the captain. And he's even less likely to trade DD. First off, nobody wants him and that contract. And secondly, he'll get another chance to prove himself.
  2. Phaneuf has 1 year left @ $6.5m, we currently have just over $9m in cap space for next season, sending Desharnais the other way would give us around 12.5m free without Phaneuf's cap hit. The hypothetical trade would still leave us with around $6m cap space. Also if Phaneuf is your team's 3rd best D-man, your D-core is pretty good.

    Sad to hear Komarov is going to the KHL, maybe McLaren or sweeten the pot for MacArthur?

    Don't shoot the messenger, but, Pierre McGuire said if Desharnais was available, not a single GM would even call. Yes, McGuire's an easy target. Let's not forget, he said Kaberle was untradable the day we got him. Turns out he was right.
  3. I love when people mention "rational" in sports. Being rational in sports means you don't pick a favourite team and just support the team you think has the best chance to win the Championship. There is no such thing as a rational fan.

    Things look bleak but sports, no matter how much people try to make them, are not a calculation. Absolutely anything can happen. As my dad always said, "You never know if the goalie just got dumped by his girlfriend and is about to play with a major brain distraction."

    If that's the case, then a website like this isn't for you. We're missing an entire line tonight. Sure, somebody from the Sens could fall in the shower, or hurt his finger in the door of a taxi. A "rational" analysis of our chances tonight says we're in tough, to say the least.
  4. I never said anything about not expressing a different opinion.. I have a small background in political science, so i personally love to debate, but being rude shows a sign of weakness, and inability to debate properly.. He wrote me and expressed i just misunderstood what he was saying, which i see now that i did. On the official forums mods do abuse their power, and punish for continued disagreement with their opinions (and the opinions of a select few that have no authority), so excuse me if i came off a bit defensive as I thought this may be the same type of system.. I guess, with the tough loss, we weren't in the best of moods last night either..

    What official forums are you talking about? And who cares about the inner workings of a silly website like this? Toughen up buddy. I look forward to future contributions from you. We can sure use it. I've been lurking around here for 10+ years, and a member for around 8. This place was a lot busier before.
  5. My brother in Toronto just frantically texted me. On local radio Kypreos won't stfu about how Bergevin made a mistake not signing PK to a longer deal. That he'll ask for something crazy like 8 million if Norris trophies start being handed to him. For cap reasons only, that's a bit troubling. I hope Colin is right about the 6 million range per season.

  6. So let's get it straight before the game starts...if any of our players should fall down, it's a dive...we're all smurfs and wussies, but if we use our speed and draw a penalty, which is our game plan, it's because we have all the refs in our back pocket....if PK lays a clean hit, he must fight the entire Bruin roster, or he sucks and is a "racist expletive"...have I got it covered? I just know there's more excuses. All my life, we've never beat the Bruins fair and square, in their eyes.

  7. Crosby isnt healthy.

    Also Bergeron has a concussion - poor guy. Not sure if diagnosis is confirmed though from Dr Recchi.

    Exactly. Crosby eating through a straw now. Bergeron hurt in Boston, and our record vs Rask is good. Bourque and Diaz skating. They're as good as any deadline deal. I like our team going into the playoffs. Bergevin's good.
  8. Hey, semantics was my word a few posts earlier! Sure, Brendan Gallagher and Kaberle for a 17th rounder should get er done. I'll repeat it one last time. The annoying experts we'd all love to see get it wrong, said he was untradeable the day we acquired him. He's still here, and may get bought out this summer. Why? Because?......you guessed it.

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