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  1. And that cost makes it not worth it, and untradeable. Just like the annoying experts said. He's not dead. He has equipment, the desire to play. Nobody wants him. Keep dreaming up scenarios. It's hilarious. I'll give you an A for effort though.
  2. Why is everyone playing word games? It's semantics. His contract makes him untradeable. The precise reason why he's still with the organization. I hope MB can prove the so called experts who said so from the beginning wrong.
  3. Exactly...we were warned when the trade was made. As for taking money back? Of course they would, if it was better than buying him out. Which happens this summer. Now go get Jagr or Clowe and try to get more home dates in the playoffs. Gain valuable experience for our young players, and make the Kaberle buyout easier to digest.
  4. Playing GM just isn't my scene. But I'd love to see them get Jagr to play with Pleks. Is one of our 2nd round picks too much? Not enough? Would a prospect be needed? I was so surprised Molson bought out Gomez. A nice playoff run with plenty of home dates would be a nice reward for cutting that big cheque.
  5. Bruin fan is really something. Even a few days after, they simply can't tip their cap and say good game. We were able to do it after the Penguin loss. We got beat by Crosby, a fantastic player. I think Cucumber mentioned it earlier in the year. 75 years of excuses from Boston.
  6. Hey, if Flames have cap space, we've got a 4.25 million dollar turd who's well fed and rested. C'mon Feaster. Prove the entire hockey world wrong when they said Kaberle is untradable.
  7. Machine? 401 is 826 kms long, starts in your town Windsor. Another 35kms and your at my exit. Beer is on me. However, I'm not buying that it's ignorance. In fact, i find it odd that you're so easily labeling a group of people with that tag. So you're not ignorant? Not saying you are at all. But go easy on calling people ignorant.
  8. I was in cottage country, north of Montreal last summer. Sipping beer, a group of us, late 30's early 40's, good times. A Bruin fan from Montreal was there. Irish background apparently. He drops an "n" bomb to describe PK in front of people he's never met. What a fool. Sadly my work has taken me to Boston alot over the years. His opinion is shared by many in that city.
  9. I have no problem with what you're doing. Shake it up. Contribute. I read everyone's proposals. Dreaming up trades isn't my thing. I just feel like Gallagher is here to stay. Untouchable? No, but part of the future.
  10. Ok, BlueKross. Put down the bottle, get some sleep. Brendan Gallagher isn't a prospect that won't make an impact. He's Theoren Fleury 2.0....without the horrible baggage.
  11. Just no, please. Completely comparing apples and oranges. Different personnel, situations. That's like saying Therrien is a genius, and both Martin and Boucher are morons. All 3 can coach. So much more goes into it. That's the stuff you see written by 12 year olds on TSN comments after a game.
  12. You're normally a wealth of info, and I read all your posts. But that comparison is irrelevant. I can't believe some still talk about Jacques Martin, who cares? For that matter, I wasn't concerned when Boucher took the Tampa job, and the same goes for Kirk Muller. Both are young men, and can return to Montreal one day if they were any good at coaching. Personally, I laugh at that super intense face Boucher makes. He looked to me like the classic wound too tight coach. His act wears thin. Easy to say now, sure.
  13. Exactly...this was also a classic let down game after the emotional win in Boston. The Islanders were the home underdog. It was played in a crappy, half empty arena. Price has let in a few bad ones, but we know he'll bounce back from this.
  14. It's really something...When did the Bruins become noble warriors like William Wallace? You know? Braveheart...I guess Claude Julien's father never sat him down and gave him the act like you've been there before talk.
  15. YA!!!!!!!!!!!! How's that taste Boston? In regulation no less!!
  16. I'm with you on this Joe, but it's an interesting debate. The language controversy was not a plan to get a better draft pick. I share the same feeling for the Penguins, who tanked so badly, they nearly moved to Kansas City. Are we supposed to give them credit for drafting Crosby, Malkin and Fleury?
  17. The over is 5.5...if that's your thing, I'd be all over it.
  18. Desharnais coasting in, coulda covered the shooter.
  19. C'mon! Let's get this done for the coach. You just know he looked for this when the schedule came out.
  20. Imagine how the Avs must feel. Draft and develop a player. Try to stay within a salary structure. Keep costs down/appropriate. Only to have some turd from a crappy team that has no talent on the horizon come in and blow your offer out of the water. What was the point of the lockout anyway?
  21. Ya, I had to put up with Justin Pogge, I believe that's his name, was better than Carey Price.
  22. Well CC. If you feel like Hab29 is spot on, and the slow start is the reason for the deal. Then MB is not as cool and calculated as some think. I find it laughable to shrug off a slow start, especially when it seems to define a career. Fix the problem. In fact, I heard Ray Ferraro say something to that effect on local radio.
  23. While it's fun to play GM or coach, I'm a fan, that's it. My team would roll 5 lines and dress 8 defenceman. That's how attached I get to our players. I'd have kept Gill for killing penalties, and MA Bergeron strictly for 5 on 3 situations. So you see where I'm coming from. I liked Cole the player, and I liked Ryder the player back in the day. But I'll say this...Cole sure sounded like a wanker earlier on when he talked about retirement. And these slow starts are annoying and unacceptable. Dude, look into your diet, your off season training regiment. Something, anything to address the way he coasts until Xmas. He's a good player, but he's now been in Carolina twice, Edmonton, Montreal, and Dallas. That's telling in my opinion.
  24. Ease up will ya? Our number 1 looks to be in Sochi next February. It's as if we're spoiled.
  25. I don't watch other teams, can barely sit through some of our games, like Toronto last week. The Flyers look horrible. They sure miss Pronger and Hartnell. Briere looks invisible up to now. As they played last night, we really should come out flying in second.
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