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  1. I'm sorry, but I fail to see the outrage over the bite. Pacioretty had his arm smothering Grabovski's face. In a sport where grabbing someone from behind and burying your forearm in their face as hard as you can is acceptable, I fail to see the outrage when the guy bites you. I'm not a fan of it, and I'm not saying it's OK that he did it, but I do wonder how I would react to being smothered. The worst part of all this is that it all could have been avoided, if Peel would have evened up the scrum calls and such instead of punishung Habs only. This is really how this got out of hand. Peel needs to make better calls early in th egame.
    If you fail to see it, there's not much point in trying to explain it. Men don't bite men. It seems even Brad Marchand said it was pathetic, the Bruins pest.
  2. I believe Carey does not play his best when he feels his role as undisputed #1 is at all threatened.

    That being said I doubt his back up will be French Canadian.

    Exactly...I'm born and raised here, and have no problem saying it. No Quebecois goalies please. It just creates controversy.
  3. I barely watched the game since some friends were in town (they were Leaf fans so they just enjoyed seeing the beating) but the reaction by Habs fans is no surprise. Like I said in an earlier thread, 24 hours after a game brings the most irrational comments out of fans.

    From what I did see, that was one of the most embarrassing displays of toughness I have ever seen. And people want the team to get even more goonier. Whatever. Done with that debate. It's the same people who thought the team with Brad Staubitz was somehow a step in the right direction. I'll take boring Jacques Martin hockey that wins games over exciting goon hockey that wins us nothing.

    We're all fans. You are too. What do you expect? And I ask with respect, as you always add to the debates. Our team got slaughtered, Brian Burke style. He would have kept his job had they showed this earlier. I can't think of a worse way to lose. Next game, Ryan White will play no doubt. He'll do something dumb, and we'll be shorthanded for half a period.
  4. You are bang-on.

    I agree with brobin as well. There's a reason he was never drafted. Sure we all love those types of players, those stories. He had a nice season last year, playing on our top six, when he's never been projected as a top six player. Yes, there are exceptions. Players who against all the odds, exceed expectations. I fear Desharnais isn't one of them.
  5. Habs look brutal... Giveaways, bad passes... Don't look ready. Not sure why they can't come out hard at home against the Leafs, but this is like ground hog day.
    Exactly...it's as if the team doesn't realize it's a rival, and that it would be nice to beat them at home once in awhile. Good for the Leafs. 2-0 now.
  6. Can we agree to disagree. Moen isn't a top six guy in any line-up. Leblanc has struggled. Everyone is excited about both Galchenyuk and Gallagher but they are already in the lineup. There are no sauvy veterans in Hamilton to fill out the ranks.
    This is the most depth we've had in years. Kaberle and Weber can't even crack the lineup. Ryan White as well. And Nokelainen is poised to return. Our top 6 is set, and our bottom 6 has so many options, it allows Therrien to be creative. Health is key, but it's the same story for the entire league.
  7. Wow. We are finally the beneficiaries of a call and people here are embarrassed? Karma, people. Karma. It's about time we were the recipients of a little dumb-ass reffing since it routinely costs us.
    So true. But I like to think it's the quality of our posters. Nobody's pouring beer on Leaf fans, or cheering for injuries like Bruins fans. Ottawa got the shaft.
  8. It has nothing to do with race or background. His brothers have different personalities and have had none of these issues.

    I really like PK but I am not surprised some people on the team might not. I have no issue with that as long as they keep it in the room.

    I agree with Bob McKenzie... It gets overblown, but there is something to it.

    It's a tricky subject to deal with. PK is a disliked player around the league by fans, especially in big cities like Philadelphia and Boston. I believe there's an element of racism in that. We're all read the "tweets". To say the league and his actual teammates feel any of this, I sure hope not. But I certainly don't know, and neither do you.
  9. This stuff is making me laugh. PK is not a western farm boy like Jay Bouwmeester or Chris Phillips. He's from the big city, mixed in with a Jamaican background. He's probably got more in common with Allen Iverson. The hockey world is going to have to deal with it. So what if he's egocentric or selfish. If he puts up, they'll all have to shut up. And if Markov has a problem, he should look in the mirror. I seem to recall him being healthy for country, but not for our favorite team.

  10. Eller is developing into a pile of junk trade. How e ended up with him over Oshie, Backed, Perron, McD is beyond me. Who impacted their team more? Halal or Eller. Ouch
    I see what you did there. Looked at the Blues roster, and tried to pick better players. They probably were not available. I'm not a Pierre Gauthier defender in the slightest, but let's not assume he was allowed to pick and chose anyone he wanted.
  11. Don't mean to nit pick here but how is Diaz a bad signing? Cheap, NHL serviceable, no assets lost.

    Edit: I see commandant mentioned that too, I also don't know where this "Etc..." of bad signings are on the team.

    I didn't like the way the team was run under them either, but this is quick to judge... Bourque deal hasn't been determined yet, I mean he came into a terrible year can't expect him to play 110%, so I wouldn't throw that in bad at this point.

    You made me laugh bbp...so true. People throw around etc's when they really aren't applicable. Kaberle is next to be bought out, if the team decides it's necessary. Not because he's not a serviceable player, but because his one dimensional play is a luxury the team might not be able to afford. Yes, we all know about the few assists per week he records.
  12. actually I agree with that. I'm just frustrated that this team was so bad tonite. PK is an asset, I don't really want to trade him but I am pi$$ed at him, well at leat untill he gets his head out of his a$$ and signs a contract.
    I knew we basically agreed. He's a home grown piece of the puzzle going forward. And believe me, I'd prefer he sign for a fair and cap friendly contract.
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