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  1. According to TSN's Pierre McGuire, Koivu only gets a draft pick, if traded straight up. I know he can be annoying but he usually is accurate. You're suggestion that for Koivu we get a legit player and a pick might be a little wishful thinking.
  2. This thread is officially boring. If the NHL folded today, the Leafs and Habs would find a way to play each other. The two cities are, by far, the worlds best hockey cities. To debate this with so-called facts is silly.
  3. Forum Ghost, feel free to contribute as much as possible. Excellent reading on a hectic christmas-eve. Welcome Aboard!
  4. Fun as hell, 352531, on my first attempt. Ok, 366959.
  5. A NTC in no way means a player can't be traded. He just has to agree to it. If Saku is offered a chance to play for a winner, why wouldn't he? What's troubling for me though, is, Pierre McGuire. He was asked on Montreal radio what he thought the team could potentially get for Koivu. He said a high draft choice, that's it. NO THANK YOU!!. We don't need a another defensive-defenceman from the U.S. college system. If that's the case, let'em finish his career here.
  6. Radek Bonk's got 10 goals on december 1st. Maybe, just maybe he wasn't used properly by our geniuses behind the bench.
  7. I'm sorry, but there's not a neighborhood in Canada as ugly as some of those New York/New Jersey sections. My work takes me there weekly. The arena was built to help out a depressed part of town. Brand-spanking new barn, and the devils still don't sell out.
  8. Lets's just hope the team bus makes it to the arena safely. Wow, it's in one hell of a slum, that part of Newark.
  9. Anyone who lists Dennis Heron as a fave is out to lunch in my books. Just kidding, just kidding.
  10. Bang on Wamsley. They just made Thibault look like Tretiak. You'd expect a better effort after last night. Especially after last night. No shots on goal for Ryder.
  11. Complete rubbish. You simply can't judge leadership capabilities from your basement...
  12. Ok, so maybe I'm a geek, but I'm not alone. Just got back from Trudeau airport, watched the Airbus A380 land for the first time in Montreal. Awesome sight, gridlock around the airport, just to see a plane. It's huge, seems almost unbelievable that it can actually take flight.
  13. You trying to be funny? Not working out for you bud...
  14. Posters suggesting a trade are probably doing so in the heat of the moment, not thinking it through. The fact that Huet got beat up high, where the "book" suggests is his weakness, well, you can't defend that.
  15. Just curious, is english your first language? If so, your command of it is brutal...
  16. Great video. Watched it all. Scary stuff to say the least. Is that really true, that some of the guys alleged to have been on the hijacked planes are still alive?? And that the government never actually updated the list.
  17. Anyone who does not include the laffs in a list of hated teams, doesn't get it, and is not a Habs fan...
  18. I was considering a response, no need now, well put BTH.
  19. I get what you're saying, and I completely agree with your analysis. I believe he's an adequate goalie until Price is ready. It's funny though, he did manage to make the all-star team. Doubt that'll happen this season.
  20. While I find hanging a noose to be disgusting, it's not a crime. A six on one beating, not sure, but I think that's illegal.
  21. I'll give you credit, you did call it. I was at the first one, it was a fun event, even if the locals were not all into it. It's easy to blame Tony George for everything, but this can't all be his fault. He did spend money to build that infield track and I'm sure he was hoping Indy would become F1's permanent USA home.
  22. I agree, my vote, slap an "A" on Mr. Higgins jersey.
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