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  1. Where's the whining?? He eloquently stated the facts regarding the point system. A system that many believe to be flawed.
  2. You're absolutely right, I was just relaying what I heard on CKAC.
  3. Kovalev's being being fitted for cement boots as well. Funny though, Latendresse is untouchable.
  4. Koivu's taking a beating on french language radio, that hurts me to hear it.
  5. Screw hockey!!!!!!!! You had a daughter today??? Congatulations!!!!! I've got one myself, almost 2 years old. You're gonna love being a DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I sorta agree on that one, the stupid penalties were not his fault. Besides, our special teams were our strength all year.
  7. That's true, watch the Islanders beat the Devils tomorrow, that'd be SO FITTING
  8. I love Kovalev. BUT, f**k him, he simply did not live up to his reputation as a guy who shows up when it matters most...
  9. When Carbo was hired I wanted him to be coach for ten years, really I did. Now, forget it. He seems lost.
  10. I've been alive for 8 cups. I was at the '86 and '93 parades, but, WOW, this is huge.
  11. I like the new mask, however, I don't think Danis has a future with the big club. Next year, I see Halak backing up Huet, possibly even becoming the number one. Carey Price should get 50 starts in Hamilton, to eventually replace Huet in Montreal. Another young goalie in the system then replaces Danis.
  12. Michael Ryder's last even strength was in NOVEMBER, nice production...
  13. Not sure what you're trying to say? Eliminating the leafs is the goal? Cuz on sunday afternoon, it's possible Isles eliminate us.
  14. Uh, nope. They are two points behind us, with two games to play. If we get one point, and they run the table, we're playing golf.
  15. Wow, if Huet starts and is "rusty". Or, if Halak starts and cracks under the pressure, while our #1 is on the bench, Carbo's going to get bombarded.
  16. If Isles win there two remaining games, could be trouble for us...
  17. Last night, like I do from time to time, I listened to Ron Fournier on CKAC. Question the source all you want, I sure do. But, he suggests, from his sources, that John Madden called Julien a "fat f**k" in front of the whole team. Apparently Julien "turtled" and didn't do anything about it. The story goes that Julien, because of this, basically lost some of his veteran players. There was further talk that Scott Gomez said he would not return next season if Julien was still coach. Don't kill me, the messenger. Maybe I should have put this in the rumour section because I question Fournier's credibility.
  18. You should listen to an episode of 110%, now there's some defamation of the english "race". By the way, my Quebecois neighbor and I, two white guys, thought we were members of the same race, guess not. As for Mr. Coderre, if $1 of tax-payer money is spent on a complete waste of time defamation suit, than he should be removed from his position immediately.
  19. Ya totally, and to top it off, that last game is in there barn. Just once, can it be easy for this team. I'm praying that saturdays game means nothing, and they already have 8th spot locked up.
  20. Me too. There schedule is suddenly not that tough. Philly and the Isles without Dipietro...
  21. Thing is, Canada and Australia have the best telephone networks in the world. My work takes me to the USA, wow, now that's a disaster. If Bell sucks, the alternative may be worse.
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