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  1. we finished 15th last year with him . we couldn't score then and we can't score now. Get somebody who can score. I loved PK but he don't want to be here nad don't want to be a team player. He is very entertaining but delivering pizza's while we lose is nonsense.

    So you are perfect? What did they do to the last guy who was perfect?

    Doesn't want to be here? He wants a long term deal, many years. C'mon, you're making us look bad.
  2. kinda agree

    i would see how he handles 3rd line winger role with some PP time for the 5 games

    but i think the staff has a good idea on what to expect from him and Dudley and Bergevin supposedly are a couple of the best at pro-prospect assessment/development stuff, so i have confidence they will do the "right thing".

    At the moment, he's playing with Gionta and Plex, not 3rd line. It could change obviously, but isn't he more suited for top line duties anyway?
  3. Who cares? I'd rather sign Subban and play Galchenyuk next season than have Gomez playing again. He was also very respectful the whole time. Very classy player and I guess much of Lars Eller's development was due to Gomez mentoring him. Most casual fans will still boo and jeer him but he was a good Hab (despite sucking it the last two seasons).

    I'm expecting either Vancouver to sign him for more than $1M (Booth and Kesler are both hurt, they need center depth) or New Jersey to pick him up.

    You missed the point. It would be ironic, as he's still being paid. I won't miss his play.
  4. Quebec schooling issues? If Daniel Briere has kids, don't know, don't care. I bet they're not in the Philadelphia public school system. Just send your children to private school, you can pick and chose what you want. Living and playing here is tricky at times, we all know the reasons. But at some point, get a clue. I'm hoping to send my daughter to private high school one day, and I'm a regular working stiff. And for the record, her elementary school is wonderful.

  5. If Kaberle is playing decent and the Habs arent in playoff contention come deadline time I bet the Habs could get a late 1st or 2nd for him.
    I love the optimism, but Kaberle is not getting anything close to a first. In fact, he's described as untradable. How many buyouts can a team make? He's next for the Gomez treatment.
  6. Wow, bizarre end to his time here. I suppose it's smart from an injury/buyout standpoint. I can't believe he didn't try to reinvent himself. Forget the contract, but why not try to be a penalty killing leader? Something, anything to help the team. He can still skate, still shoot, still carry the puck. In the end, it's probably better to not have him around the team. He makes enough cash to have his own private jet, yet sits beside more productive players who earn 1/10th of what he makes.

  7. Muller didn't speak a lick of french and it happened with him and Martin. Everyone kept talking about how the success of the team was due to Muller and Martin was holding everyone back. The same would unquestionably happen with Therrien and Robinson. Every game won, "That was due to Robinson's defensive coaching not Therrien, who probably told the team to stop forechecking."

    I've seen this song and dance before.

    It wasn't happening in this city, by the majority of this media, sorry to say. Muller was just another coach from Ontario. His hire by the Canes was not big news. But I understand your point. In places like this website, Robinson would be highly regarded.
  8. Or Therrien seems to understand Montreal better than Cucumber and Habs29 and knows that Robinson behind the bench means Therrien will be blamed for every mistake in the media with a public push to make Robinson the head coach when he doesn't want the role.

    I don't see that at all. Larry's French isn't that great. If Therrien surrounds himself with francophones, he's basically grooming his successor.
  9. I'm a big fan of the programming on that station. This news sucks. And with the addition of Ted Bird, I thought they were set up for years to come. And that's nothing against Denis Casavant, who I also enjoyed. I hope something can be done.

  10. Good signing for what he is... our 13th forward.

    Exactly...the entire 4th line shouldn't cost more than 2 million per season combined. Play 5 minutes, don't do anything dumb, while Cole, Pacioretty and Desharnais are resting up.
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