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  1. Exactly! I'll add that I don't even like the idea of the inmates running the asylum. It's just the nature of the beast. Let's see if Martin get's another head coaching gig. I have my doubts.
  2. Commandant, as always, you have a gift for debating. Great stuff. But at some point you'll have to admit there's more to it than stats. I never "called" for Jacques to be fired, and I wasn't thrilled with the way it was done. But as more info comes out, it's clear it had to be done. You suggested Spacek might be disgruntled. Possibly. But I didn't get that from the interview. If anything, I feel as if he's speaking for many players on the current team.
  3. You'll never find conclusive proof, it's impossible. That was never the point. What he said is further proof that coaching is not only about x's and o's. At some point, Martin became the wrong coach for this team. Happens all the time.
  4. On hockeyInsideout.com, Spacek gives a candid interview, basically supporting what many of us believe about Jacques Martin. I can't seem to include a link with this IPad. Wrong coach, wrong GM for this team going forward. His 2 or 3 supporters on this website won't like it, but I do find it telling. Considering he enjoyed his time here, and still lives in the city. Further to the article, Chris Nilan revealed the team removed cookies and chocolate bars from team flights. Pathetic.
  5. Wow, some sweeping generalizations on the state of hockey in Quebec in this thread. Where do people come up with this drivel?
  6. Absolutely! And keep him with steady line mates. They put Desharnais in a position to succeed, and he did. And Plek? How many different combinations?
  7. I dunno. I guess it's just media driven. Just like the need for a French speaking coach. Meanwhile, we're getting a French speaking coach. And we're getting closer attention paid to the Q.
  8. That's a great stat. I suppose it's the star players that the team has by passed for scrubs that never made it, that get's people upset.
  9. I agree. I also liked the teams reaction when he scored his only goal at the end of the season.
  10. DON...I actually find you a breath of fresh air, and a really positive poster. When it comes down to it, we agree. I'm just not going to say the organization wants to win any less. Especially when a man like Scotty Bowman says the coach should speak French. At this point, I'll qualify my response. I'm an anglo/bilingual Montrealer. I'm not pushing any agenda.
  11. Ya, we all know how old Gagne is. It's just a mistake on draft day that stings. I'm not saying it's right. It's just interesting that the organization may actually take the step of looking more closely at the Q.
  12. You asked why, even though it's common sense. And we all know it's a crap shoot. As for a Pierre McGuire comment, he was a finalist for the job of our favorite team. It's just a prevailing attitude in this city. Why not look more closely at the local talent pool.
  13. Why more Q scouts? Because the teams fans would prefer more home grown players, like they'd prefer a home grown coach. They've dropped the ball a few times in the last decade. Simon Gagne and Claude Giroux come to mind. It's really not hard to understand. Even Pierre McGuire said a better job should be done in our province.
  14. bbp, illWill, and the Machine all making some good points...none of us really have a clue what Roy might do.
  15. I dunno, weren't the coaches in last years finals both francophone? They both already coached our team. Personally I'd prefer the best possible candidate, but I refuse to let it bother me. I maintain at this level, being opportunistic, at the right place at the right time, counts for just as much. If we eliminate the Bruins last season, Claude Julien is probably fired.
  16. For sure, I agree. We're a wealthy organization. But the Molson's are not Mark Cuban, George Steinbrenner types. Gomez has 10 million guaranteed, plus Jacques Martin is still owed money. Then, in theory, the team will use some or all of the 7.3 million in cap space they gain in sending Gomez down. That is alot of money. That's my point. Let's see how much they're willing to spend.
  17. The suggestions for Gomez are getting silly. He's not going to give up a single dollar. Which means he'll play hockey. Probably for us. Maybe in Hamilton, but even that I doubt. If we find someone to take his contract via a trade, we might have to sweeten the pot, and include a prospect or pick. Buying him out? I'll believe that when I actually see it.
  18. Keeping those two in the press box for one game was fine. The second was overkill. And they get shutout. If I'm a player on that team, I'm furious with the coach and GM. In a round about way, Barry Trotz penalized the rest of the team by not icing the best possible line up. Ok coach, you proved your point, now let's go golfing.
  19. Mr. Cucumber. In my opinion, our top contributor....your two choices are the best, no doubt. But every once in a while you go off on fans, media, and web sites like this. It's great reading. But you know damn well, the next is going to be criticized no matter what!
  20. To me, Marc Crawford is a prime example of recycling. I want nothing to do with him. On the other hand, hiring another rookie doesn't seem logical either. But wow, Patrick Roy would be fantastic entertainment. And for some reason, I respect the fact that he's riding a bus, in QC winters, actually coaching. As opposed to being an "analyst", like all those other geniuses.
  21. Considering McGuire was on "our" short list for the job, seems lame to trash him now. Bergevin sure looks the part, in the way that Brian Burke has Toronto written all over him. He doesn't have much experience, but if he handles the Gomez situation well, and locks up Carey Price long term to a nice number, I'll be delighted. Trade Kaberle and he's GM of the year, I'm not saying that to stoke the fires, as the Kaberle debate has been great on here.
  22. When McGuire's NBC commitments end this season, he'll be named Habs GM. I have no clue what I'm talking about, but it'll be funny as all hell if that takes place.
  23. The language issue has been beaten to death for years. We all know that mathematically the team is limiting itself, when the new coach has to speak French. Whatever. Nobody ever adds anything new to the debate. We'd all prefer they hire the best possible coach. But even that is difficult to qualify.
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