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  1. Ryder is leaving for Sweden Oct.15th... Why wont koivu be playin g for his old team in Turku??
  2. Why is it so bad that lecavalier is the MVP? he was awesome for Canada throughout the whole tournament...he brought offense, defense and a physical style of play to the team... I think it was a great choice...Although i probly would've selected Brodeur.. Ok, so the World Cup is over! Whats next??
  3. Centers: 1-Gretzky 2-Lemieux 3-Yzerman 4-Esposito 16-Messier 6-Lefontaine 7-oates 8-Stasny 9-Dionne 11-Trottier Right Wingers: 1-Jagr 2-Bossy 3-Lafleur 4-Kurri 5-Selanne 6-Hull 14-Richard 8-Recchi 9-howe 11-Mullen Left Wingers: 1-Robitaille 19-Mahovolich 3-Goulet 17-Leclair 5-Barber 6-Naslund 14-Andreychuk 8-Hull 9-Shutt 11-Shanahan Defense: 1-orr 2-Coffee 3-Macinnis 4-Leetch 5-Potvin 6-housley 7-Bourque 13-Harvey 9-Zubov 11-Robinson
  4. Koivu's goal was great because of the pass.....The puck went through everyone... But if the goal was scored against Canada, im sure i would've shared the same opinion as Fanpuck33..
  5. What do you guys think of Francois Beauchemin....i think he could be our 7th dman this year!.... He's had a great AHL career so far and has proven he's a good reliable stay at home type of guy!...i dont think he has anything else to prove at the AHL level!..
  6. i think it should be cut back to twenty teams.... 10 Canadian teams, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec, Hamilton, and somewhere in Sask.??... 10 united states teams, Detroit, New york, Philly, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Colorado, Tampa, Dallas, St.Louis... Instead of East and West Conferences, have Canadian and American Conferences.... keep the same playoff format, except the division winners will be 1st and 2nd instead of 1st 2nd and 3rd...
  7. I agree that Montreal should have had most of the games....The Fans simply love hockey in Montreal and the fact that Brodeur, Lemieux, Gagne, Lecavalier, St.Louis, (anyone else?) are all from the area it gives them even more reason to cheer! I dont think there's another stadium in the world that gets as electric as the Bell Centre!.... I would also liked to have seen a white out game in Winnipeg!....Winnipeg fans are all about supporting the team and a game there would have been absolutely crazy!... :ghg: Go :can: Go [Edited on 2004/9/10 by Bonavistaman11]
  8. I would love for Finland to beat the United States.....But i think everyone wants to see a rematch between Canada and the states for the World Cup title... Right now Canada looks unbeatable, i think this is one of the best teams Canada has ever had..but as we all know it only takes one game and your gone...Canada's game against the Czechs is gonna be a scary one but im confident the canucks will pull through...This team is too good to lose this year...But then again i thought the same thing about Canada's junior team this past winter. Anyway, :ghg: Go :can: Go [Edited on 2004/9/10 by Bonavistaman11]
  9. Guys, all he did was turn down his qualifying offer which would have paid him just a little more then the 605,000 he got last year....It's not like he's demanding a 2-3 million dollar raise. I know its only one season, but he did lead all rookies in points and was runner up for the Calder trophy!.. Shouldnt he get some kind of reward?? he should be getting at least a Mil. a season on his next contract.. Also, if it wasnt for the CBA lockout looming, Gainey would definitely have Ryder under contract..He's just waiting untill things are straightened away to see what the Value of players like Ryder will be, then a contract will be worked out.. [Edited on 2004/9/8 by Bonavistaman11]
  10. I liked the system of the last world cup...I think the little mini series' they had were much better then a one game elimination....
  11. hahahahaha........Bonavista was never a Full Leaf town....Its always been 50/50 between Habs fans and Leaf Fans.....None of the real Leaf fans have converted to Habs, they just watch and hope ryder does good..!
  12. Canada!.... But like others said, Im also cheering for Habs players on other Countries....Especially saku and the Finns...
  13. I think Finland will paly the winner of the USA Russia game.. Canada, if they beat the Slovaks will play the winner of Sweden VS Czech's... ITs gonna be interesting from here on...
  14. Its not the one single goal thats gonna help Kovy in his contract negotiations, its the fact that his agent, and everyone trying to obtain his rights know that he can still do those things on a regular basis...And getting a flash of it in the World Cup knowing the habs could see a bunch of those highlight material goals in the next season, is what got me excited, and would be the reason why id be dissapointed if he went elsewhere. If this was a no name player from Germany, who went up through everyone and scroed a highlight reel goal, then I'd agree with Huzers comments.. In Kovalev's case, i think its different... :ghg: [Edited on 2004/9/4 by Bonavistaman11]
  15. nice?????????? how many players can score a goal like that in a world class tournament like the World Cup, playing against the best of the best?....Not too many as I said before, the goal was Simply ######ing Amazing... If that goal never brought you out of your seat, and got you excited knowing that this guy could be on our team for a full season, Somethings gotta be wrong...... :ghg: Go:can:Go
  16. That goal was Simply ######ing Amazing!!!!.... Imagine having someone with the potential to go out and do those things every night on the Habs for a full season?....After that goal, if Gainey doesnt sign him i'll be dissapointed even more..
  17. I dont have anything against Modano, he is a great player and he was definitely a big loss to the team... But the complaint about losing Modano was like he would have meant the difference in the game...I was just saying that theres no point to talk about injuries making a difference in the game when Canada had 3 of the Worlds top dmen out and one of the games best power forwards in bertuzzi.... Either Way, Canada would still win....(and there goes the arrogant Canadian Hockey fan Side of me again!) haha... :ghg: Go :can: Go
  18. The US lost Modano, Big deal.....Canada lost jovanovski, and is already without two of the best dmen in the World in Blake and Pronger... WE could also have Bertuzzi if he hadn't suckered Steve Moore.. I agree, that Canada is getting too arrogant when it comes to hockey..Most teams would naturally be happy if they won a silver or bronze, but here in Canada if we dont win Gold its a big dissapointment... Thats all you can do though i guess, when 90% of our lives revolve around Hockey!... :ghg: Go :can: Go
  19. Wooooooooooooo Canada Wins!.... I think Mario dropping the gloves shows the type of player he is....He knows he doesnt need to drop em (Knowing Iggy would have beat the shit out of konowalchuk anyway!) but he did becasue thats what all good leaders would do... Mario is all about the team, and he'll do anything to win!... :ghg: Go :can: PS: Somebody should have given Keith Tkachuk a good pounding as well.....:-^
  20. When the habs make the playoffs, they're always a contender.... :ghg:
  21. Guerin is a meatball........Someone needs to teach that punk a lesson before the World Cup is over.. Regher should smash his face in the ice! :ghg:
  22. He's facing charges of vehicular homicide, he's not charged yet....I think his hearing is 2 days after the final wordl cup game. Something like that anyway..
  23. Theo played great in his half of the game tonight making 18 saves...some were awesome saves!.. He was also the games 1st star!!!! Go theo.... [Edited on 2004/8/26 by Bonavistaman11]
  24. His posts got erased because he was constantly bashing the Habs.....Probably a jealous leaf fan, and we all know theres no room for those faggots in here!...haha :ghg:
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