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  1. Carbo said he's given Price many chances to show up. Carbo has felt like you do tonight on too many occasions in the past 2 months, and Price blew it. Carbo said one of the goalies needs to start stealing games until we get out of this slump. Halak did it. Nothing against Price, he still is the number #1 but I fully understand what Carbo is doing and I don't blame him one bit. Price will get his chance to redeem himself but you don't take away anything from Halak who has answered the bell.
  2. 3-2 Habs in the shoot-out Markov Higgins Koivu wins it in the shoot-out I think it will be a tight defensive battle and our boys will show up, playing good enough to feed our confidence that we can beat a number 1 team. That's all we'll need to finish the year strong and win the cup.
  3. Ya, did you see that scrum off the face-off and BGL is skating to the bench like a bummed out little girl. He's bumming me out. What a waist of space.
  4. Man, why is Wilson such an a$$ in interviews. He talks down to the media in such a smug way. It really bugs me. Same with May and Burke. They're all tools. It makes me feel a lot better about our players, and upper brass. They always treat the media with respect even though they don't deserve it.
  5. Hey Kozed, You still feel like calling Carbo?
  6. OOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Does HABBER-ooooooooknow or does The HABBER-oooooo KNOW!!!!!
  7. Ha Thing is Koz, when I post .....we win Hey .....where did your post go?
  8. It just came on!!!!!! O.K comeback time......I can see it!!!!!
  9. 2-0 already? This team blows and so does comcast.........what a laughing stock we are. Happy 100th everyone. I'm out.
  10. centre Ice says they pulled the bradcast so we are out of luck. I'm so ######ing pissed
  11. Anybody watching the game on centre ice? It hasn't started yet even though it's listed. Go Habs Go!!!
  12. He even said he has a NTC and that he's not waiving it, so how did the media read that wrong? ........or was that the part they made up? Anyways, When it comes to picking up his play......this should do it. If anyone reads these forums it's him so I hope it's inspiring him because if your like me? BGL on his game would be a sight for sore eyes. But then again maybe not....... TRADE HIM
  13. I wonder who else wants out but isn't saying yet. We are going to have a bad rest of the year if this is the attitude in the dressing room, and when summer comes they will all walk. Saying nice things about Montreal but walking none the less. Leaving us lot's of cap space but again only signing bottom feeders who will act and play like bottom feeders. I hate to be negative, I love my habs but I've never seen a team with so little emotion and so many who are unhappy. NOT GOOD. I hope I AND THEY feel better next week.
  14. I'm surprised nobody is mentioning the fact that this may not only be a salary dump but making room for another trade. What does janik make compared to Steve. Bob might be trying to create space for a bigger trade in the next few days. Thanks Steve.
  15. Goal scorers may be wrong, but can I please toot my own horn? TOOT TOOT!!!!!!
  16. Knowing the Habs they'll tighten it up alright. I'm guessing we'll get 5 shots in the third.
  17. No, I'm watching. I just wanted to hear you say something positive of Sakus tired soul. That was pretty sweet though.
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