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  1. I don't think Vinny's deal is a complete farce. He's a franchise player and locked in for a long time. Who knows what Tavares will be making 3-4 years from now, Vinny will be a steal by then.

    From what I understand the cap may stay where it is or even go up because the hard times are only taking effect now, and slowly. This seasons money has been made for the most part and I'm sure all play-off teams will do well regardless. That's what the cap will be based on, not the speculated economy of 2009/2010 season.

    If next season takes a hit then the following years cap will come down, but the economy is already showing signs of climbing out of it's mess. I'm sure management will use all of this recession stuff against players this summer anyway but the truth will be told in the numbers when the cap is evaluated and I don't think realistically it will be a dramatic change. Not to the point where Vinny's contract will kill you.

    Now Boston? Tim Thomas, 4 years at 5 mil a year? Not good. But then again we have the Hammer at 5 that kinda sucks when you look at the big picture.

  2. I predict a wide open game that ends 5-4 Habs, Pleks' line wakes up a bit, Tanguay nets the game winner. Two fights, Laraque drops 'em early, and in the third someone messes with Grabovski (Metropolit?).

    This game can send a message that will be heard from coast to coast, Go Habs Go!!!!!

    Metro I would think would be the last guy to have a beef with Grabs. I say Koivu punches the little puke out. :)

  3. Since there are no real number-one centers available as UFAs this summer, and Vinny is just too big a gamble with health issues and is seriously overpaid in a lowered cap situation, might it be the best solution for Bob to not only extend Tanguay, but to give Koivu and Kovy SHORT extensions and stay behind the bench next season? That line is as good as any in the league with Bob giving them their marching orders.

    Are my eyes deceiving me? Well I guess at the end of the day you are a Habs fan and are entitled to ride the wagon at your leisure. Just be careful, jumping on and off can really take a toll on the knees. Ya ya, "SHORT" I get it, but last week you wouldn't even consider it. Bob's best solution? He might not really have a choice if they all walk. It kills me how you think that all Bob has to do is throw a few nuts towards these guys and they'll come screaming "Please Bob, Please can we stay in Montreal for free and short term!"

    All three of them will have value this summer. Koivu, Tanguay, Kovalev. In that order, and if Bob insults them with an offer that might be similar to the one you are thinking ( I could just imagine ) they are all gone.

    No good centers available in this summers UFA camp? I can think of one who will have at least 15 substantial offers come July 1st if Gainey doesn't lock him up. I've heard through the grapevine that it's already done but hey we'll have to wait and see.

  4. This definitely puts me in the minority, but with his cap hit and uncertain health...I don't want him in Montreal!!! There are other number-one centers out there Bob should be targeting.

    I'd take my chances. He would look great in a Habs Jersey. Although, if he had a 67 point season and was a -9 in Montreal I'm sure some would riot, bash, and hang Gainey. Markov is keeping pace with him this year and making half the money.

    I'm sure he would bounce back in Montreal, his first couple of seasons would be huge. He's wilting in Tampon Bay.

  5. I was having a conversation the other day with a good buddy of mine and this came up in a roundabout way. How come the flu ravages players so badly? My best guess was that the amount of fluids the players lose during the course of a game/practice, alongside the dehydration that comes with most flu bugs, makes it dangerous for them to compete while ill. Add that to the fact that teams dont want them near anyone else for fear of it spreading, and I'm pretty sure that is valid reasoning for players missing time to the flu each season.

    Is that about right, or am I missing something crucial?

    The flu kicks your butt. I know when it hits me *Knock on wood* getting out of bed is hard let alone stopping pucks at 90 mph, or skating and hitting hard. I would imagine also that the team has been given strict orders that if they feel any symptoms that might be the flu to report them because apparently the flu virus is most contagious at the beginning rather then when it's in full blown ON.

    The strain Halak had wiped him out for 2 or 3 games. :puke:

    We are in a good situation. Starting to play well and I think the boys will step up defensively for Jaro. He just might steal his #1 position back that he lost due to the flu to begin with.



    4-0 HABS





  6. I don't get it. Why are we revisiting trades? Ribs thread?

    I hate the fact nobody trades anymore. It's all about UFA's now and maybe losing them for nothing bull. I hope a Vinny deal goes down in the summer, the montreal canadiens need a little zip on the "I can't believe it went down" trade front, just for the sake of some type of major movement. I hate the fact that people consider our youth pool to be so top tier in the league but when the trade value of anybody is mentioned for comparison reasons it's pretty much nothing.

    O-ya Kordic for Courtnall. I loved Kordic, what a basket case. That boy could scrap!

    We did win a cup with Kordic, can't say that for Courtnall. Kordic was the man to be had on that deal if your theory is based only on vibe. :B)

    Who would you rather have.

    Exhibit A



    Exhibit B


  7. Who knows. Higgy still may surprise us.

    John Leclair in my eyes never seemed to have a scoring touch around the net. He was a hard working bang and crash guy. I would pick him in my hockey pools every year because during pre-season he would score 10 goals in 10 games only to fade away during regular season and never reach 20.

    Until Lindros came along and changed that. All of the sudden he was King. Could Higgns do it? With the right centre I think he can still be at least the 40/40 guy he wants to be.

  8. Nothing that funny about it other than being his son. It's not like it's a publicity stunt. Notre Dame was the top team in the CCHA this year and Hanson was one of their better players.

    No doubt, He may be a Milan Lucic impact player. At first read though it really made me laugh. Won't be funny if he scores a winning goal against us and then beats up Komi though.

  9. Price laying an egg? This is what i don't get with people. Let's be honest here, who hasd been the worst players on the team this year?

    Kovalev, Koivu, Higgins and Komi. Hamrlik has been just as bad. '

    That is your C, and 2 assistants. They have greatly underachieved, there point totals are embarrassing for the money they make. Don't be fooled by the last 2 games against bottom feeders.

    I am certainly not saying Price hasn't deserves criticism or played badly at times but he and Halak stole points for this team all year.

    Why is everyone nervous about the UFA's. All they have proven is they will always fight for an 8 seed. They are coach killers and lazy.

    Can someone explain why resigning this group of UFA's is so important? Thye have shown nothing.

    Ya laying an egg. That means playing really good and then letting in a goal that should be stopped by a 10 yr old at a critical point in a game. It really sinks a teams spirit. So starting there might help getting to the deeper problems on this team.

    I'm not worried about the UFA's. My point is things will be changing this summer so I don't want to stress about who's staying or who's leaving because I don't care at this point. I still hope we can catch fire and do well, possibly even win it all for our 100th birthday. Crazier things have happened before, 93 ?????????

    TKK line is looking good, Saku's playing harder knowing if he puts the puck out front there is a good chance of it getting buried. If AK and plex get going watchout. Laps line just needs to keep doing what they are doing. Should Carey turn it on we could become dangerous in a seven game series. Just trying to be hopeful.

    I could come on here and be sarcastic everyday and bag on Koivu and Price, but the truth is I want them to do well, nothing wrong with that in my eyes anyway.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!

  10. Well people should fear anyone in the playoffs. I still don't see the habs even making it.

    Saturday was a perfect example, played well in the second. When the third and the most important period of the year so far they simply didn't show up and left Price out to dry. They couldn't get the puck deep and were outshot 16-6. I don't even think thye had a shot in OT.

    There is simply not enough character, leadership and dicipline to make a run. Don't let a few wins against bottom feeders fool you. You can't keep giving up 40 shots a night and expect to win.

    Good news:

    Played pretty well for 2 periods

    PP looked alright

    3 goals

    1 point

    Price was excellent

    Bad news:

    40 shots against again

    Pk stunk

    Dumb penalties agian (not Kovalev, that was a bad call)

    Not many quality chances 5 on 5

    Defense was pathetic

    Bruins only last year in the series with us began to get strong. That is where we may begin to get stronger this year. We are still a big centre away from being a constant threat and the fact that Carey can lay an egg almost guaranteed at any given moment in a game is not a confidence builder even if he's playing great for 59 mins. His boner goals are depressing.

    I like our PK. We are more dangerous on the PK then 5 on 5. Go figure. A very unnerving team to watch but with so many UFA's I can't wallow in depression. Just hope they can catch fire in time. They are looking better. That Buffalo game was very methodical, head to head coaching and and fun to watch. As long as they do that we can win and surprise. I'm not scared of 7 games with Boston, if Thomas is shakey it's anyones game.

    GO HABS GO!!!

  11. Habs always mess up their 1st pick and strike gold with their other picks. It's almost a tradition.

    In bold the Habs 1st pick each year. Check who they picked with later selections. (after junior team are the career stats: GP, G, A, PTS, PIMS)   



    20 1 David Fischer D Apple Valley H.S. (Minn)  

    49 2 Ben Maxwell C Kootenay Ice [WHL]  

    53 2 Mathieu Carle D Acadie-Bathurst Titan [QMJHL]  

    66 3 Ryan White C Calgary Hitmen [WHL]  



    18 1 Kyle Chipchura C Prince Albert Raiders [WHL] 36 4 7 11 10  

    150 5 Mikhail Grabovski C Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik [Russia] 27 3 6 9 8

    262 9 Mark Streit D Zurich [swiss-A] 205 25 84 109 70  



    16 1 Eric Chouinard C Quebec Remparts [QMJHL] 90 11 11 22 16

    45 2 Mike Ribeiro C Rouyn-Noranda Huskies [QMJHL] 433 95 200 295 160

    75 3 Francois Beauchemin D Laval Titan College Francais [QMJHL] 226 17 68 85 160

    162 6 Andrei Markov D Khimik Voskresensk (Russia) 493 62 203 265 289  

    216 8 Michael Ryder R Hull Olympiques [QMJHL] 314 99 108 207 156



    18 1 Matt Higgins C Moose Jaw Warriors [WHL] 57 1 2 3 6

    44 2 Mathieu Garon G Victoriaville Tigres [QMJHL] 185 0 4 4 24

    71 3 Arron Asham R Red Deer Rebels [WHL] 498 64 71 135 537  

    154 6 Brett Clark D U. of Maine [NCAA] 377 29 78 107 199



    8 1 Terry Ryan L Tri-City Americans [WHL] 8 0 0 0 36  

    1164 7 Stephane Robidas D Shawinigan Cataractes [QMJHL] 489 27 82 109 342



    18 1 Brad Brown D North Bay Centennials [OHL] 330 2 27 29 747

    44 2 Jose Theodore G St. Jean Lynx [QMJHL] 444 1 11 12 28  

    226 9 Tomas Vokoun G Poldi Kladno (Czech.) 453 0 15 15 115



    20 1 David Wilkie D Kamloops Blazers [WHL] 167 10 26 36 165

    33 2 Valeri Bure R Spokane Chiefs [WHL] 621 174 226 400 221  

    68 3 Craig Rivet D Kingston Frontenacs [OHL] 744 45 149 194 911


    17 1 Brent Bilodeau D Seattle Thunderbirds [WHL]  

    28 2 Jim Campbell R Northwood Prep (N.Y.) 285 61 75 136 268  

    127 6 Oleg Petrov R CSKA Moscow [Russia] 382 72 115 187 101  

    171 8 Brian Savage L Miami University (Ohio) [NCAA] 674 192 167 359 321




    12 1 Turner Stevenson R Seattle Thunderbirds [WHL] 644 75 115 190 969

    123 6 Craig Conroy C Northwood Prep (N.Y.) 846 165 312 477 542




    13 1 Lindsay Vallis R Seattle Thunderbirds [WHL] 1 0 0 0 0

    30 2 Patrice Brisebois D Laval Titan [QMJHL] 947 93 309 402 604  



    20 1 Eric Charron D Trois Rivieres Draveurs [QMJHL] 130 2 7 9 127

    93 5 Peter Popovic D VIK (Sweden) 485 10 63 73 291  

    167 8 Sean Hill D Duluth East H.S. (Minn.) 876 62 236 298 1008




    17 1 Andrew Cassels C Ottawa 67's [OHL] 1015 204 528 732 410

    33 2 John LeClair L Bellows Free Academy (Vermont) 967 406 413 819 501

    38 2 Eric Desjardins D Granby Bisons [QMJHL] 1143 136 439 575 757

    44 3 Mathieu Schneider D Cornwall Royals [OHL] 1197 212 490 702 1165




    15 1 Mark Pederson L Medicine Hat Tigers [WHL] 169 35 50 85 77

    27 2 Benoit Brunet L Hull Olympiques [QMJHL] 539 101 161 262 229

    57 3 Jyrki Lumme D Ilves Tampere [FNL] 985 114 354 468 620  

    141 7 Lyle Odelein D Moose Jaw Warriors [WHL] 1056 50 202 252 2316




    12 1 Jose Charbonneau R Drummondville Voltigeurs [QMJHL] 71 9 13 22 67

    16 1 Tom Chorske L Minneapolis Southwest H.S. (Minn.) 596 115 122 237 225

    79 4 Brent Gilchrist C Kelowna Wings [WHL] 792 135 170 305 400




    5 1 Petr Svoboda D Czechoslovakia Jr. 1028 58 341 399 1605

    8 1 Shayne Corson L Brantford Alexanders [OHL] 1156 273 420 693 2357

    29 2 Stephane Richer L Granby Bisons [QMJHL] 1054 421 398 819 614

    51 3 Patrick Roy G Granby Bisons [QMJHL] 1029 0 45 45 262  



    17 1 Alfie Turcotte C Portland Winter Hawks [WHL] 112 17 29 46 49

    26 2 Claude Lemieux R Trois Rivieres Draveurs [QMJHL] 1197 379 406 785 1756

    27 2 Sergio Momesso L Shawinigan Cataractes [QMJHL] 710 152 193 345 1557  



    19 1 Alain Heroux F Chicoutimi Sagueneens [QMJHL]  

    33 2 David Maley L Edina H.S. (Minn.) 466 43 81 124 1043



    7 1 Mark Hunter F Brantford Alexanders [OHL] 628 213 171 384 1428  

    40 2 Chris Chelios D Moose Jaw Canucks [sJHL] 1616 185 763 948 2873


    1 1 Doug Wickenheiser C Regina Pats [WHL] 556 111 165 276 286 (over Denis Savard)

    61 3 Craig Ludwig D U. of North Dakota [NCAA] 1256 38 184 222 1437  

    124 6 Mike McPhee F R.P.I. [NCAA] 744 200 199 399 661




    27 2 Gaston Gingras D Birmingham Bulls [WHA] 476 61 174 235 161

    37 2 Mats Naslund F Sweden 651 251 383 634 111

    44 3 Guy Carbonneau C Chicoutimi Sagueneens [QMJHL] 1318 260 403 663 820




    8 1 Dan Geoffrion R Cornwall Royals [QMJHL] 111 20 32 52 99

    17 1 Dave Hunter F Sudbury Wolves [OHA] 746 133 190 323 918  

    103 6 Keith Acton C Peterborough Petes [OHA] 1023 226 358 584 1172  

    231 19 Chris Nilan F Northeastern University [NCAA] 688 110 115 225 3043




    10 1 Mark Napier R Birmingham Bulls [WHA] 767 235 306 541 157 (over Mike Bossy)

    36 2 Rod Langway D U. of New Hampshire [NCAA] 994 51 278 329 849

    43 3 Alain Cote L Chicoutimi Sagueneens [QMJHL] 696 103 190 293 383

    1977 Amateur 54 3 Gordie Roberts D New England Whalers [WHA] 1097 61 359 420 1582




    12 1 Peter Lee L Ottawa 67's [OHA] 431 114 131 245 257 

    133 13 Ron Wilson C St. Catharines Black Hawks [OHA] 832 110 216 326 415



    9 1 Robin Sadler D Edmonton Oil Kings [WCHL]  

    15 1 Pierre Mondou F Montreal Red White and Blue [QMJHL] 548 194 262 456 179

    22 2 Brian Engblom D U. of Wisconsin [NCAA] 659 29 177 206 599




    5 1 Cam Connor R Flin Flon Bombers [WCHL] 89 9 22 31 256

    7 1 Doug Risebrough F Kitchener Rangers [OHA] 740 185 286 471 1542

    12 1 Mario Tremblay F Montreal Red White and Blue [QMJHL] 852 258 326 584 1043

    Did you miss 1993 on purpose?

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