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  1. Hmmmm, well hopefully it's all clean results. I'm sure someone from the media will let us know before the NHL knows.
  2. Got you...... Well I guess that's good to hear. Another thing that this reminds me of is there was never any news after the random drug test we got. Good to know the lads are clean. No news being good news I suppose.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh, black fly season! I forgot about those critters. Man they are violent. Do not miss that.
  4. Of course. If nobody bought the Enquirer a photo of Paris Hilton wearing no bikini in Greece wouldn't fetch $100 000. Or a Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie fabricated story wouldn't even get a thought. I get what your saying but Hockey players can get away from it unlike pop stars. They go play for one of the other 24 teams where the fanbase/media isn't as interested on who you have a drink with at the bar or whether you are smoking and drinking on a vacation in Mexico during the off season. Agree or disagree this is not good for Habs future, especially when the stories being written are false. Who wants to play under that microscope. You don't think out-of-towner UFA's take any of this into consideration? Ask Vinny, Arnott, Hossa, Brierre, Sundin, Shanahan, etc...... all the players we have signed in the past 5 years have been Plan B, C, and D. and we wonder why we can't ever get a plan A. I don't think we'll be able to sign our own players to come back this year let alone Plan G, H,Z. It's going to get a little hairy soon enough.
  5. I didn't read it, but from what you are saying I'm assuming a lot of the story was fabricated? Has the Montreal media stooped to a new low? Making up incredible stories for the sake of selling magazines/papers that are not somewhat but totally untrue. Man, we have no chance of attracting big name UFA's that have a choice on where they can play. Not with "The enquirer" around and paparazzi following you to your hospital room and parties in Cancun. I don't blame Vinnie and all others one bit for staying away. It will be really interesting to see who Gainey offers contracts to and who accepts. After this season I'm sure they all will run like the wind. We are entering a very sad time period for the Habs. Gillette should sell now if he is smart, and Gainey will probably walk. This team is going to have to suck for ten years before this media obsession can get watered down a little. It has officially got out of hand and is hurting the future of the team.
  6. I look at it differently. I don't look at myself as an analyst, trying to dissect the team. I picture myself as a team member with emotion. Supporting and holding each other up, through bad times it gets crappy, but fun to celebrate when things go well-with emotion. I embrace my emotion not try and take it out. That is part of watching sports for me. I'm not better then you and you are not better then me. Koivu is my favourite player and I want to see him win a cup in a Habs Jersey. I apologize if that pisses anybody off but it doesn't change how I feel. I still think he's got enough in him to inspire this team. You don't oh well. Maybe you should stop being a Habs fan until Koivu is gone.
  7. In Gainey's post game reaction he kept referring to the first line as Koivu's line, he seems to have a lot of respect for the guy. Expect to see him in a Habs Jersey with the C next season unless he himself decides to go elsewhere. Debate all you want amongst yourselves, I think I'll stick with Gainey's ideas. Gainey felt it was necessary to fire Carbo and put Koivu on the 1st line. Kind of tells you his role on the team is held in high regards. I do feel we need a big scoring centre(if available) but I definitely don't feel Komi is ready for the C that's for sure. Plex and the kids will get hot and we'll have 3 lines pumping for the play-offs. Hopefully a cinderella story in the making. Geez, you think people hate us Habs fans now? If they went all the way after the season we've had would kill other hockey fans. Speaking of Cinderella, Take it easy Cataclaw. No need to hire a lawyer and take it to peoples court. I distinctly remember game threads being late. They were nice but late. If you would like to get angry so be it, it doesn't change anything. Same with that stat thread you had in the Sticky's. You updated 2 or 3 times and stopped. No biggie, just saying. I guess it's the thought that counts, so thank-you.
  8. He's had truly good shooters to feed with the Avs and Calgary. A good season? 70 -80 points.
  9. Point is Koivu fans support him. We don't come out of the woodwork only after a good game like some people. Even after 10 bad games we still have his back. Not hard to understand for someone who reads these boards as much as you do.......... You'd think. No swaying on these boards when it comes to the Man we all know and love as CAPTAIN K.
  10. I mean exactly what I said. When Spidey stopped doing threads you started doing them and 60% of the time you didn't have them up until way after the game started if you got them up at all. I'm not being a dick, I'm just stating what we're in for come play-offs. I can only go on past experience no need to get feisty. Shit or get off the pot.
  11. You are joking right? You don't see new threads about Koivu being God opened up now do you? We have been supporting the whole time, thick and thin, nothings changed. You are the one that that will probably have a Tanguay avatar starting tomorrow and have him listed as your favourite Habs after one good game. Finally he shows up. Once again, can we be happy for all of them. Ando Masahsashi? I'm not even going to google that, sounds about as stupid as Jesus Price.
  12. Cool, game threads that start in the middle of the 2nd period. Can't wait.
  13. Yup, Hang him on the cross boys, so you can bash his brains in and burn the cross down should he run into an extended slump or have a bad season. So it's not Jesus Price anymore? You've changed it to Jesus Tanguay? Ya I remember Jesus Bulis after a 4 goal game. Finally a line we can be proud of. Finally a line that decided to Kut The Krap. #### and Pleks are next, hang on to your boots boys just keep it in check.
  15. Baby steps!!!!!!! Have a beer and cheer your team on......... Quit crying like you have it all figured out and slamming players every chance you get. Enjoy it Carbo.
  16. It just shows this slump is all mental. Weird man, and Carbo is gone because of it. All we need is a lead.
  17. Ya but Komi has a really goofy way of going nuts. That cross check thing is really cheesy. Especially when he is hurting Price more then helping him.
  18. Come on, We've been begging for linemates for Koivu and now he has Tangs and Kovalev , they click when it's important and you continue to shit on him. Tanguay is earning it tonight and Koivu isn't? Right. :?-
  19. Sorry but you are an "insert whatever the F**ck you want here" just make sure it's really, really bad. You call yourself a fan?
  20. Do we have a line that is hot!!!!!!!!!! Does Koivu have wingers????????? Are we getting excited or do we need Prozac?
  21. Ya..... well fans like you are probably the ones that tell Higgins he sucks out on the street. I stick by my team....Thank you very much.
  22. As long as guys finish, I'd say YUP! Without a doubt!!! There's the glove. Show them Carey!!!
  23. On these boards I feel like I do. and I hope Ryan O'byrne hasn't seen Youppies daughter. That might not turn out so good
  24. Hey Koivu haters. The Man kept that play alive at the top of the circle with a key skate pass. Just acknowledge it, That's all. WHO'S THE MAN????????
  25. All for one, and one for all. Give it a rest.
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