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  1. I said it once and I'll say it again, Man I love being a turtle..er... Habs fan... WHOOOO GO HABS GO!!! :hlogo:
  2. This if from Habsinsideout.com Frikkin hilarious. http://www.habsinsideout.com/main/21222 :hlogo:
  3. Ok, so when I said I wanted 4 tickets together in the best spot they had and they gave me those, what are they going to say when two people who are obviously over 16 try to use them? :hlogo:
  4. Same here, way up in the friggin family section, when it finally said it was my turn to pick thats all that was left. But I wanted 4 regular seats and it billed me for 2 regular and 2 under 16, wtf? What do I do to get that fixed??
  5. I got the error message too but it didnt work for me when i reloaded.... sigh... Ive been waiting forever. :hlogo:
  6. Just thought I'd share since its so awfully slow right now. I like it. www.canadiens.com :hlogo:
  7. No worries about where this thread went Mats. Everyones opinion is welcome here so long as its not critical or harmful. And I dont think anybody has officially welcomed you to the boards yet, so... Welcome to HabsWorld Mats! :hlogo:
  8. Hey Brian, just want to thank you for all the extra work you've put into the offseason here. This little site of ours is really starting to garner a reputation. I look forward to the future when we'll be interviewing the likes of Bob Gainey and co. :hlogo:
  9. I want to hear his thoughts on Sergei, and if he thinks his demotion last year made him more mature (a la Lapierre two years ago) and help him become a much better player this year in the NHL. :hlogo:
  10. One of the worst things to ever have happen to somebody. Heartfelt sympathies going out to my once favourite player. :hlogo:
  11. I like to think the PP will be deadly no matter whos playing on it.... :hlogo:
  12. Im down like a c-c, down like a c-c-c-, down like a c-c-clown ch-ch-charlie browwwwwn. :hlogo:
  13. CKAC says that its for both Kostys and "ONE" of O'Byrne, Stewart or D'Agostini.. not all five. I dunno, Frolov is great but hes not that is alot to give up for him.. i could see something else coming back if this were to happen. :hlogo:
  14. I agree, but this is a rumor thread and thats what I posted. :hlogo:
  15. This guy is saying theres a 40% chance we sign Grier. http://www.hendrickshockey.com/index.php?o...d=40:the-rumors :hlogo:
  16. Gills been sporting his jersey already... I wonder when we'll get to see some others in them? http://canadiens.nhl.com/team/app/?service...galleryId=12002 :hlogo:
  17. Rumor has it that Morris will be signing with the Booins soon. http://bruinshockeyblog.com/2009/07/24/sou...enseman-morris/ :hlogo:
  18. Rumor has it that Morris has signed with the Booins. http://bruinshockeyblog.com/2009/07/24/sou...enseman-morris/ :hlogo:
  19. A moment of silence for Burt the Dog, RIP. :hlogo:
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