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  1. Kyle McLaren killed Zednik not Hal Gill. And We signed a tough stay at home Dman who just won the cup for 2.25 a year for 2 years. Not Bad in my opinion... Im not sure what Pierre McGuires deal is, what if Beauchemin (as much as I wanted him) didnt want to play here?


  2. Just a thought on re-alignment.

    Montreal - Boston - Ottawa - Long Island - New York

    Toronto - Detroit - Buffalo - Columbus - Moved from Phoenix

    Vancouver - Los Angeles - Anaheim - San Jose - Colorado

    Edmonton - Calgary - Minnesota - St. Louis - Chicago

    Pittsburgh - Philadelphia - New Jersey - Washington - Carolina

    Dallas - Tampa Bay - Miami - Atlanta - Nashville

    No real East West split.


  3. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that due to how busy school got for me with on the job training on an ambulance for the last 5 weeks and the fact that Im going to be training in a hospital for 60 hours a week for the next 5, and after that a whole plethora of exams and skill testing......... I just dont have time for HWL right now. Ive put too much into this investment for my career and as much as Ive really enjoyed running the devils for the last 3 years, i just cant do it. Ive talked it over with Seb and hes understanding to my situation. So with that I bid farewell to HWL for now and go out thanking everybody for making it a great experience. Ill still be around the boards.


    In the words of the great governor of California........... "I'll be back."

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