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  1. Oh. Thanks.... sorry im still new to this so im not sure where or how do most of this yet.
  2. Who do you think he will pair up with if and when he makes the team?.... Im thinking Dandeneault.
  3. If it were true... I would love to see him play one more game with the Habs. Maybe a game while Huet is out.
  4. True... but he may still be playing the "I want what Khabbibulin got" card.
  5. I actually like this guy and he is my pick for the 6th dman spot.
  6. I think BG will try to sign Ryder next(since Markovs already on) and then with whats left give Theo an offer that keeps us around 2 million under the cap. Go Habs!!
  7. Id go with the Flames too, mainly for Iginla and Regher,....but i like Patrick Marleau and Nabokov with the Sharks too. Go Habs!
  8. Hey, with all of the changes that have been made to the rosters since April 2004.... What do you think the outcome of the Habs and Bruins will be on opening night. Im thinking the same as that playoff series, but was just wondering what everyones opinion is on this. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  9. Jeez man, Calm'r down a bit. Id say that you were mocking me for being sarcastic. How many times do I have to say that i know it wouldn't happen. I never said that i would either... I did say that it "WOULD" be a "NICE" trade. I dont know about the rest of you... but i would love to see Gange in a Habs jersey and us only lose someone like Sundstrom... but i guess thats just me. Anyways ill quit posting my little fantasy thoughts from "LaLa Land"............ :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  10. Hossas lazy hes been up and down between the habs and bulldogs alot. Perezhoghin maybe, but Plekanec has accomplished alot in the last 2 years and he is a true team player... I just cant see Hossa or Perez in the role that i think Pleks will have for in the future for the habs. I also think BG knows this, he got a 2 year 1 way contract didnt he... wasnt Hossas 1 year and 2 way?
  11. I dunno.... I honestly think that Plekanec is the next Ryder... or better.
  12. Do you really even think Bobby Clarke would consider this trade? I mean do you really think thats a good trade? Don't you think thats just a tad in favour of Montreal? I know that that trade would never happen for what I said.... but it would be a great trade for us if Bobby Clarke was ever really desparate to free up cap space.
  13. there is no way that Gainey would even try to trade Rivet right now....i say wait and sign him later for less or let him go in 2 years or whatever he has left on his contract. I would like to see Gainey try to get at least one more top 4 dman.... I hear Boumeester isnt happy in Florida. I also think that a great trade would be Dags(or Sundstom)+a 4th or 5th draft pick to Philly for Simon Gagne.... that is if Clark was looking to free up some cap space. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  14. I thought that St. Louis was upset at Feaster giving Vinnie such a large contract?..... I would have thought for sure that he was only going to sign for one year and get out of there.....
  15. whoops.... forgot Theodore and Danis (until Huet gets back)
  16. hey this is my first post after checking this forum daily for a month...... well ive actually been working different line combinations but this is what i personally think will work best this year. Kovalev , Koivu , Zednik Ryder , Ribeiro , Dagenais (not a big fan but i hear he works well with ribs.) Bulis , Bonk , Sundstrom Souray & Komisarek Rivet & Markov Dandeneault & Streit (Bouillon or Hainsey) and since this is what the thread is all about the fourth line!!..................... sorry about the delay.... Plekanec , Begin , Vandermeer or... Pleckanec , Begin , Perezhoghin or Hossa and thats my two cents,.... thanks for listening and sorry for being a little off topic. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
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