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  1. More likely we get some guy who has 8 goals in his career but will sign for sfa.
  2. making 2.6 million, would need to take a haircut. Other than that I agree.
  3. Big Mac go and knock some Rangers on their asses. Leave them lying on the ice looking for the train that just ran over them.
  4. they are cheap, never underestimate the attraction of a good bargain. People's garages and cupboards are full of them, don't know what to do with them but they are cheap.
  5. well that sucked. We had every opportunity to win this game. But it ain't over yet. We need to be as motivated as the rags were after the 2d period. Did the guys get tired after laying on the body so much? Who knows, what I do know is we stopped getting in king henry's kitchen. Gallagher wasn't laughing at the rags. We somehow forgot that if you let Henry operate the way he wants, he is difficult to score on. The refs are calling very little, take some chances, it is not like there is a tomorrow. So guy's rest up tomorrow, load up the beer fridge and get ready to make your neighbors think you have gone stark raving mad on saturday. Cheer, scream, ad hope like hell these guys can get their act together. If that don't work let's lynch Mark down Marky.
  6. Well I think there was more to it than that. Kane has mostly worked out. Eichel will be Captain and lead the team. They asked him to blow the team up and fire him after what is in essence is 2 years. I did not agree with the Nolan firing for much the same reason. They wanted him to tank so he does and they fire him cause the team finished last?
  7. He just needs to knock some guys on their ass and get the puck out of our end. Maybe he could nail Nash a time or 2 this would be good.
  8. I am with you on this one Don. I can't believe the criticism he is getting.
  9. Hey now that would be entertaining. We could watch the idiot screw them up even more. I figured Bylsma was gone but a little surprised that Murray was fired as well. I did not think he did bad a job. He has provided them with a solid base.
  10. and some key injuries, not to serious just enough to slow them down.
  11. we got out played time to regroup head back to Montreal and kick their asses.
  12. We can really put the screws to the rags, with a win tonite. Everybody needs to come out hard and strong. Be focused, get out of Rads way. He is on a mission. Be nice to see patches and chucky bag a couple. Keep gally pointed at the goalie.
  13. You have my deepest sympathies, you missed all the great teams and only got to see crappy Habs hockey. Let's hope this year it changes.
  14. good for you. I would love to be there but only money stopping me.
  15. Personally I hope we are still seeing your name on the GDT 15 more times.
  16. much better effort by the guys. I think Price would like to have that 1st one back, he looked totally confused by it. Now we have 15 more to go. Let's get at it.
  17. aha so you look tough do ya? I got a few scars from my hockey/boxing days but nothing too serious.
  18. A stick to the face he should be ok, but yeah I certainly hope this is not a harbinger of things to come.
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