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  1. Fanpuck33 You really need to reread the post. So someone wants to have a little harmless fun here at the expense of a usless goalie. By calling someone out like that was really uncalled for. It is harmless fun, yet you want to jump down someones throat for that? Interesting..... Belfour is done and if you think he is better than Theo then you really have a problem with Montreal's current goaltending. I would take Theo over Belfour even in Belfour's good years. Don't bother with a witty remark as this is my last post here and I won't see it. I just banned myself before I can fall prey into a thread war. I did not know having an opinion or fun was against forum rules. Bye GO HABS GO! ALWAYS...
  2. I cannot believe a 3 goal lead. Someone said the right prayer tonight. [Edited on 2005/12/14 by Howie_Morenz]
  3. I don't think there is enough for the TORONTO people to overrule in TORONTO. They still do that don't they? Confer with T-Dot officials at the remote site in Toronto.
  4. Wow, did ya see the ladies after the goal? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh oh no goal???
  5. Hey guys Whazzzup??? Nice to see the Habs winning.... GO HABS GO!!!!
  6. I have nothing to say in the: Nothing To Do With Anything Thread.... :?-:?-:?- I know, I will watch an episode of Seinfeld, that was a show about nothing and could be the official show for this thread.
  7. Fanpuck33 to 2000! Hip Hip Hooray! Great job for your contributions Fanpuck33 to the excellent Habulous corner of the world. (I tried habs fabulous and it didn't look right) Great friendships and fun arguements abound on the best habs site in the world....
  8. sakiqc, great job with the link! Thank for adding this to the thread as it is a good read..
  9. The rumour is that Burke does not want a contract coming back. He wants to get rid of him and get back a draft choice/futures/leather chair???? Looks like Burke is told to cut payroll where he can. $3.1 million bucks is a big chunk of change Sykora makes. I just heard the same thing by Uncle Wilber that Leaf Lunch guy on the pregame for Leafs/Ducks game tonight. Now that pregame is over time to change the channel. Lets see...oh ya, 76'ers/timberwolve game tonight....
  10. It will be nice getting players back. Kovalev is a good fit for the team and plays hard.
  11. Buffalo played great and lost what one or two games without their best centre and best goalie. Good thing other guys picked up the slack and played well for them. I don't buy: "Oh our best Players are out Waaaa Waaaa" that is Leaf crybaby talk. Yes Montreal will lose games because of this, but not this many. The team needs help somewhere to wake up the players and the coaches. Even if they do one small thing like make one new offensive play, or learn to hit the net when shooting the puck from the point. Even have Dags stand in front of Cujo all night. Drive the X-Leaf goalie nuts and maybe pick up a goal or two. Dags is big enough to do this. Some things can be done without trades or someone being fired. Try something to confuse the opposition. Regardless of what happens, I will still cheer on the Habs even as I throw a brick at the TV.
  12. I have hopes that Montreal can show some life in the next game. As much as we show on the board here. All it takes is 1 win to get things going and hope to be brought back to the "Kindom of the Habs" Hey I am a Raptor and Blazer Basketball fan. Habs have a great record compared to those two...
  13. Actually not too many Laff fans said anything, there was the odd comment but as always they didn't make any sense. I did get my cousin to say :ghg: to Carlton Bear. [Edited on 2005/12/12 by loved1986] I have met so many Leaf fans that make no sense. One(A friend) is from Equador and went into a hockey pool at work and didn't even know what a puck looked like or who to pick. According to him he is a Leaf fan though?????? My older brother is a bonafide Leaf fan, however even he knows how much they suck because he cannot even bother to watch more than 4 or 5 Leaf games a year. Why? Because every year they have no chance of winning the cup.
  14. I actually listened to this on the Fan590 this morning. Toronto a hockey town. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ya right. Leaf town all the way and only Leafs. Good tickets to Marlies is ~$60 bones. To see a sick baby leaf team, no thanks most people say in Toronto. It would be funny to see a team move to T-DOT and win a cup. Hahahahhaha Loser Leaf fans and media......
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