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  1. I haven't heard the whole story but given that they're predicting 3-4 weeks off, it is most likely an arthroscopy for a presumed meniscal tear. It basically involves making a few pinhole incisions into the knee to get a direct view with a fibre optic cable. Once inside, they'll be able to see more than you can with just simple xrays. Hopefully, the time off won't change after the procedure if they find anything unexpected. [Edited on 2005/11/15 by zumpano21]
  2. The league has recanted its decision on the Begin misconduct saying the hit was clean. (Look for the game preview on canadiens.com)
  3. Looks like Eugene Melnyk (Sens owner) may not be so squeaky clean. He's been named by the Ontario Securities Commission in one of their probes for insider trading. http://www.ctv.ca/business
  4. It's a good thought to shake up that line because as much as they can put the puck in the net, their two way play is WEAK. However, we will make it to the playoffs, and have some cash to maybe splurge at the deadline. Why spend the cash now? And apart from that, I'm prediciting Latendresse will be playing for the big club next year. He'd be the perfect addition to that line.
  5. Is it just me or does the team sniff glue for the first two periods and then suddenly decide they've had enough of Elmer's white only to try and eek out a last minute victory? We played like grandmothers tonight. It was awful, awful hockey.
  6. Not to knock Super Mario, but he has 18pts and a plus/minus rating of -11, worst on the Pens. I guess he's been creating scoring chances at both ends of the rink.
  7. I wonder sometimes if we aren't developping somewhat of a 'fetish' about seeing bad things happen to the Leafs and their fans. :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: Yeah, but the Leaf fans who show up in Mtl, Ott and Buf are so obnoxious that it doesn't really hurt to watch them wallow in panic.
  8. After watching our 4th line go to town last night, mainly because they hustle and have the speed to boot, I was wondering if in the "new" NHL, the old 4th line has any true meaning anymore. When the game was slow with clutch and grab tactics, no 2 line pass etc., a team needed a 4th line to muck it up out on the ice. But now that everything is wide open, I'd prefer to just roll 3 scoring lines in addition to the "defensive line" (in our case, Bulis, Bonk and Sunny). Any takers? It just seems like a lot of our success could be attributed to these young fast guys who as a 4th line have proven to be a headache for the opposition.
  9. I know it's hindsight but I would've taken a timeout before that PP. Gotta go for the kill when the opportunity presents itself.
  10. Shit. Wait a second. I mean YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! did you get so excited that you had a momentary loss of sphincter control?:lol: No, but after reading your post, I came awfully close. LOL!!!
  11. I think we need a shakeup here to get the team going. I'm all in favour of benching Ribeiro and Co. (and their dismal +/- rating) and doubleshifting the rookie line just once to get the message across. Lower the axe Julien.
  12. Listening to the radio, it sounds like the Sabres are trying to RUN Kovalev. Is this true? And if so, I want votes on who should bring the PAIN!!!
  15. I'd go a step further and point out players specifically. It's hard to cast a blanket over the team and say that the defense is bad, or that the goal scoring isn't there. It's just not specific enough. My biggest beef with the team so far is Ryder and Ribeiro. Their two way play is not up to par for the new league. Just look at their plus/minus rating. Seems to stick out like a sore thumb. Dagenais' isn't great either but I don't consider him a key component of the team. In general, when these two guys are on the ice, the other team has a proven improved chance of scoring when compared to our other lines. For this reason, I want to see Zednik out there with these guys because when he gets going, he's more of a grinder and adds intensity that Perezhogin can't bring. In terms of pleasant surprises, easily Pleky and Higgins. These guys are just dying to play each night. It's great to see and their stats look great.
  16. I know I'm beginning to sound repetitious but had a so-called "Sniper" scored when he had two wide-open chances in front of the net when the score was 3-2, we would have pulled out a victory last night. Most unprofessional. Julien - lower the axe.
  17. Watching the '86 Cup Final against Calgary, I was an 8 year old minor hockey player who had no idea that grown men actually played hockey. How's that for a laugh. The old man took up for the Habs and we watched them win the Cup. You can't go back after that. Remember Skrudland scoring 8 seconds into overtime? Or how everyone was talking about this sensational rookie in the Mtl nets who talked to his goal posts?
  18. I have to disagree. By the time Spezza was on track to the net, Souray was completely stopped, not skating, and had his back to Spezza. In my opinion, Souray let Spezza pull that move on him. All defencemen are taught to stare down the crest on the front of the jersey of the forward skating down on them since peewee. That way no one should be able to get by you without at least being slowed down or forced to the outside. Souray just plain forgot and left Theo out in the cold for what I would argue to be one of the prettiest goals of the year.
  19. For those who lay the blame on Zeddy, yes he did give the puck away BUT Souray! Souray! That's inexcusable for a defenceman. I think he had to pick up his dignity off the ice after that play. I'm not saying that he had to clean Spezza's clock but all he had to do was get in his way and he went for the puck instead. GAME OVER!
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