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  1. Huet better than Garon? I know this is heresy around these parts but SOME people might say that Garon was better than you know who.
  2. Did anyone at the training camp see this happen?
  3. Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev (no changes here) Dagenais* - Ribeiro - Ryder from reading the posts here you would think that Dagenais was useless, I couldn't disagree more. Lots of talent around the net, and can score from any angle with a good point per game ratio. True, he has not been a two way player, but this will change if he wants to preserve his spot. Look for him to come out flying if he's smart. If I was going to make a change, I would put either Plecky or Perezhogin here. Bulis - Bonk - Plekanec (the czeching line... sorry) The young guy needs to learn more about the defensive system in the pros and what better guys to learn from? Plus, the two vets should be able to help the young guy put pucks in the net. Vandemeer* - Begin - Sundstrom Don't know much about Vandermeer but Mtl needs the physical presence on the ice. The two starred positions are the ones the AHL guys (Perezhogin, Hossa, Kostitsyn maybe even the junior Latendresse) might crack and probably not permanently. I'm expecting a continual rotation through these positions based on performance. All the others are pretty much spoken for as far as I'm concerned. What I don't like is the fact that Mtl is bursting at the seams with prospects and nowhere to put them. If someone doesn't perform this year, look for an quick goodbye. Dandenault - Komisarek Souray - Bouillon Markov - Rivet Gotta pair the young guy with a Cup winner. Dandy's bringing lots to the Habs table. Personally, I think Hainsey's a bust. Look for Streit to make a few good showings.
  4. Scratch that last post. You still suck McGuire!
  5. TO-based TSN is up to their usual garbage. They have MTL finishing 4th in their DIVISION with the leafs finishing in second, ahead of Ottawa. Apparently, 37 years without a cup can make you stupid as well as pathetic.
  6. What a great opportunity to toast that Habs team of '93. How many straight games in overtime was it? I think 10. And Roy!!!! simply couldn't be beaten.
  7. All this throwing around of salary numbers is going to be useless unless another issue gets addressed. Theo is the most valuable player on the team. He's worth 4 mill a year roughly. Kovalev is the one who's overpaid - who knows what kind of attitude he'll bring to the rink this year. Getting back to my original point though, the montreal media have proven time and time again that they have the ability to run a player out of town. They did it to Chelios, which sticks out most in my mind. They have got to stop taking photos of Jose with certain other individuals. Everyone knows this yet no one complains. Am I the only one willing to call them on this?
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