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  1. Carey has let in 3 goals this series. In 3 games. We’re right in this thing.
  2. Hoping for 2 tallies or less for Philly. Price is on the verge of putting the fear of extinction into the other side.
  3. this. The flyers have been begging for us to return the favour
  4. You could hear the emotion in Tatarrrrr’s voice after that goal. I sense an impending flood of offensive prowess.
  5. That 4th line and 3rd D pair represent the difference between a first round exit and a deep playoff run.
  6. My advice is not to expect too much so quickly. We don’t know why he had the stent as of yet, but he may very well have had a myocardial infarction.
  7. Julien going home after undergoing coronary artery stenting.
  8. I like this. I also think our foot speed was lacking in game 1.
  9. Does anyone think that Captain Kirk will change the lineup in a significant way?
  10. Not sure if an “injury” to a coach belongs here but I’m sure HW wishes CJ all the best and a speedy recovery. Looks like we will not get him back for the Flyers series. Lets hope the boys rally!
  11. Schadenfreude’s revenge! Look for Price to dominate on his extended spring 2020 rest. He’s just getting warmed up!
  12. I’ll run with the underdog status all the way to the Finals. It’s a surefire method to solidify a squad against all the haters.
  13. True. Also, have seen a few advocate falling on our face for a reasonable shot at Lafreniere. To be the devils advocate, I think its more important to establish that the franchise is a place where people come to exceed their potential and ultimately win games that matter. I want nothing to do with a franchise that doesn’t have a winning culture or expectation.
  14. Two thoughts: never been a huge fan of Drouin’s inconsistency its his first game in four months.
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