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  1. Would be nice to get a win but getting the first game is already something of a “mission accomplished”. I’m really hoping that they play sound, smart hockey and above all show the Leafs that we will outwork and outwill them.
  2. Right on. This team needs to graduate from good to great.
  3. That’s an outstanding Wolverine type recovery.
  4. Nothing quite like watching a middling team with limited upside decide they’re not interested in playing a game.
  5. Hopefully the OT last night put a heavy weight on Calgary’s legs.
  6. I got vaxxed, Leafs got waxed. It’s been a good day.
  7. Personally I’d like to see Romanov put Marner or Matthews into the 3rd row of seats
  8. Thumbs are tricky. If broken, 4-6 weeks minimum. Could be up to 8 depending on details.
  9. Interesting top 3 lines. Anticipation for Staal at 4th line centre is real.
  10. If we get a Frolik-Staal-Perry, the summation of their age is 104.
  11. Alright..... need to find something else to do until Monday. At least our boys get two bye weeks?!
  12. It's prevalence testing. Which probably means everyone or nearly everyone in CH operations.
  13. All hail Petry and Kulak. Once you shut down the usual suspects, YEG is a house of cards.
  14. The plural of anecdote is data. We are systematically bad at OT.
  15. Can’t decide who’s more garbage-esque. Ouellette or the refs.
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