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  1. I think I just meant someone who’s career is defined by simply winning. Someone who just wills a way to win.
  2. I think we have enough top end talent. I think we need a vet with playoff experience. Someone who’s won before, can play and bring some value into the dressing room. IMO, most of our troubles are supratentorial.
  3. Just putting this out there. Does anyone think Caufield might be in play to acquire a piece that helps us win now?
  4. Might be time for Perry to do something distasteful
  5. JD earning his keep tonight. Id like to see a replay of that Petry post shot.
  6. Statement game needed. Last game was weighted in the flames favour. Time for a correction.
  7. Not to mention that last nights game was later than usual. The guys also lost an hour moving from PST to MST.
  8. We’re going to need a lucky bounce tonight
  9. Flames deserve a beating for wearing those jerseys
  10. Anywhere from 4-8 wks for recovery.
  11. First game for Mr Verbosity Darryl Sutter.
  12. Who are the hardcore easterners watching live? Anderson sometimes reminds me of Russ Courtnall. Blazing speed, not the greatest hands.
  13. However this turns out, 31 has looked lights out. Ice in the veins.
  14. I find myself wishing for Kovy in the 3 on 3 era.
  15. As a westerner, who was once an easterner, we are at considerable advantage when watching games live.
  16. Can’t watch. Are we getting our groove back?
  17. Man... Waite was instrumental in turning Price around a few years ago.
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