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  1. Man... Waite was instrumental in turning Price around a few years ago.
  2. That was interference on Gally’s dump in.
  3. Alfredoh get the HW award for profound politeness!
  4. If Lehkonen gets 5, I'll tattoo the CH on my sac.
  5. Was that Emelin on the blueline? Big hit.
  6. Have to admit - that one kind of hurt. There was a lot of expectation heading into this game (much like this season).
  7. Feels like game 1 of a brand new season.
  8. I like the choice of DD. He’s won on a big stage before and there is the advantage of being the new kid on the block. No one will be very familiar with the style he’ll bring in.
  9. Burrows coming up from Laval. This guy might know a thing or two about cycling the puck down low.
  10. Anyone have the breakdown for the new coaching staff?
  11. This is all about the players trying to get CJ fired. That lineup on paper is a beast but we haven’t seen that since the Vancouver road trip. This was planned. Hopefully DD was the players choice as well.
  12. They might be throwing CJ under the bus. Who would we even hire?
  13. Apparently, we are aiming to channel Doug Murray energy.
  14. Starting to remember that scene in Moneyball where Beane trades his all star player to make a statement to the team. We’re getting closer and closer to needing that kind of intervention.
  15. Simply hoping for a technically sound, full effort from our boys. I think we’re a team that doesn’t necessarily need two points but needs to push the boundaries on how good we can get. Let’s raise the ceiling a little bit tonight so we’re that much better come playoff time.
  16. Have to wonder if OTT takes him.
  17. I sometimes wonder if Tatar should be moved before the deadline this year. He’s streaky at the best of times and tends to disappear in the playoffs.
  18. I like the lunch bucket ethos of that win. Good for team confidence and morale as they head into the break.
  19. I don’t see this as a coaching issue. I honestly think our players assume they’re an elite squad and an automatic playoff team. This line of thinking has made them complacent. Our players need to be more professional in their attitude and simply put on their work boots every night. This might actually be a good thing. Cruising through the Reg season into the playoffs is never a guarantee of success when it matters.
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