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  1. Current edition of Leafs reminds me of mid2000s Sens.
  2. Let’s get a technically sound, thorough effort from the boys.
  3. Biggest risk to our team is not having enough strong competition in the North division. Playing teams like Ottawa is not good for us. Also having ‘94 Expos nightmares about this season when it comes to the pandemic. This league needs to vaccinate its players asap.
  4. As a long time Habs fans, I think of the Mete issue as a first world problem. And that’s f’ing great because we’ve been a 3rd world plague ever since the Roy trade. I do worry that the guys might not be jacked enough for playoff hockey when it finally rolls around. We’re good enough that we may end up coasting in and there is something to be said for grinding out wins in the last month of the regular season to make a playoff spot.
  5. You know.... someone get the vaccines rolling because I want to hear this place roar.
  6. ***sigh*** Mete’s back on the menu boys!
  7. This is where it gets interesting. It’s never a straight line from A to B in hockey. A period like that was bound to happen. The response to the last period will give us a better idea of what team we have.
  8. Legs aren’t there tonight. Hopefully survive the 1st, Weber calls it out at intermission and team comes out strong for the second.
  9. I like giving Saturday night to Allen. He’s going to be amped.
  10. This is like Reddit v Melvin capital.
  11. Wish I could watch but looks like our boys improved their penalty discipline
  12. Seeing a “Calgary runs 4 lines” narrative out there. And then I see Lucic on the 4th line. Please play your 4th line. Often.
  13. Man.... our guys can just turn it on when they want. Haven’t seen that since 93
  14. Glad to see Byron penciled in. Curious to see how Perry does. Have to wonder if someone will take a run at Myers tonight.
  15. Can’t wait for the first game PLD plays against CBJ
  16. It’s times like this where I wish there were fans in the stands. Would be downright vicious.
  17. Early goal is key tonight. The EDM goalie situation is amateur at best and we should aim to knock out any confidence Koskinen might generate.
  18. Also MB to Suzuki: ”People tell me I should trade you for PLD. I tell them to go f themselves. Now go and score me 2 goals.”
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