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  1. 3 hours ago, sbhatt said:

    We need to win this game.  Anything that can slow Leafs Nation's planning of a cup parade at this point would be welcome...the way many of them rave about this team, you'd think it was the 91 or 92 Penguins they are talking about.  No bad penalties and we should win convincingly if Price does his part.  if he looks off early, make a switch...can't throw this one away.

    Current edition of Leafs reminds me of mid2000s Sens.

  2. 21 minutes ago, habs#4,9,10,33 said:

    I agree with the taxi squad needing ice BUT the problem ahead of us short term is we only have 5 games in the next 16 days for the regular roster. Too much time off at risk of slowing momentum... 


    Biggest risk to our team is not having enough strong competition in the North division. Playing teams like Ottawa is not good for us.


    Also having ‘94 Expos nightmares about this season when it comes to the pandemic. This league needs to vaccinate its players asap.

  3. As a long time Habs fans, I think of the Mete issue as a first world problem. And that’s f’ing great because we’ve been a 3rd world plague ever since the Roy trade.


    I do worry that the guys might not be jacked enough for playoff hockey when it finally rolls around. We’re good enough that we may end up coasting in and there is something to be said for grinding out wins in the last month of the regular season to make a playoff spot.

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