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  1. I agree completely. Hopefully, he will get back to a more physical game next year if that damn hernia doesn't botter him next year, I think that it's what caused him to be less physical this year.
  2. And Edmonton trading Pronger to Anaheim. You trade where the best deal is, not matter if it's a division rival. If Carbonneau, a defensive specialist thinks that Ribs can center Sammy and Kovy, then I think he can. No need for a defensive specialist on a top #1 line, that's a false concept many people have. And in my opinionn, base on last year's performance, including the playoffs, Brière is a fine #1 center, not a #2. Koivu would be #2 to Brière. who scored 25 goals in 48 games last year. Koivu never scored 25 goals in one season. A line of Sammy-Briere-Kovy would be devastating and unmatched in a Canadiens roster since a very very long time. Just imagine the potential. Ribs and Ryder can go if we get Briere. It gives us a threw #1 line, and it gives room for a young winger to play with Higgins and Koivu. Between Perez, Kost and Lats, one is bound to do the job. I would definetly try to acquire Briere, if available, on for the right price.
  3. Like I'm sure we agree that the Habs will kick ass next year
  4. Kostitsyn. He now has 2 years of experience in the AHL and I think he's ready to make the jump. Chips needs to go play one year in the AHL. Can always be a call up if we have injuries. Latendresse would be nice, but he needs to have a great camp and beat out Kostitsyn.
  5. Not really. 1) We don't have the cap room to sign him 2) Don't you think we have enough wingers as it is? There's barely any room for Kostitsyn and what if Latendresse pulverizes everyone at camp and deserves a spot? 3) Gainey said that he will leave one spot available for a young guy 4) Why would we want Carter? He only played great because he was with the Sedin twins No thank you, I'll pass.
  6. They are done, according to spector, they are at 42.8M$ with everybody signed.
  7. It's 80 KM away from Moscow. I know it wasn't a big help in the discussion naming their origins, but I really am sure they're not brothers. Don't want to be a prick here, just want to inform you properly that they are not brothers, that's all. Hope I didn't offend anyone. Do the search I mentionned about the brothers, you will hit easily for the Fedorov's, Jokinen's or any other ones, except the Markov brothers, because they're not.
  8. Fine, let's play a game. Take all the brothers taht you know and do a google search for, example: olli jokinen brother jussi jokinen You will find a zillion hits for all the brother connections you can come up with, except for the Markov's. Proof that they are not brothers. There is not enough articles that mention them as brothers, only 2 or 3 (basicaly, only the ones posted here so far) that are not reliable and made mistakes. It's the last time I post about this, I'm tired of wasting my time when I know I'm 100% right. They are NOT brothers. Thank you, exactly what I just posted.
  9. Believe what you want, I know they're not. The proof is that everyone knows about all the other brothers in the league, because it's always mentionned. Nobody ever talks about Andrei and Danny being brothers. I did a search about it, and verywhere on other hockey boards everyone agrees that they are not brothers. Believe me on that one, they are not brothers. And I highly doubt that they would have forgotten them in the article.
  10. Man you guys are boggers, they are NOT brothers. Read this: http://www.stlouisblues.com/news/0506/060214.html This is from the NHL site, written in February 2006 for the Olympics. Both Andrei and Danny made the Russia team and all the way at the bottom of the article, it says: --Five sets of brothers with NHL experience are featured: Frantisek and Tomas Kaberle (Czech Republic); Mikko and Saku Koivu (Finland); Marcel and Sascha Goc (Germany); Marcel and Marian Hossa (Slovakia) and Daniel and Henrik Sedin (Sweden). Unless I can't read, they didn't mention the Markov's brothers. I'm 100% sure they are not brothers. Not just for that article, but because it was said and mentionned many times by games analysist over the past few years.
  11. I agree with you, Carbonneau said that Ribs will be Sammy and Kovy's center. As for Downwy, we are aloud a 23 man roster, no need to move any forwrads: 2 goalies, 7 Ds and 14 forwards. Downey can stay, he's #23. He will just not get dressed too often as they can only dress 21 per game.
  12. And I'm 100% they are not brothers, I guess you fell in that 0.001% chance of being wrong Danny is from Mosow and Andrei is from Voskresensk.
  13. I'm pretty sure that all teams have a unwritten agreement between them to not make offers to RFAs. There asn't been one in years. Gionta and Gomez could easily be had right now with NJ at 42M$ already, but no teams have made them an offer yet.
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