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  1. Tons of skill and potential, timing and finish take chemistry and practice though... cant all be wristers from the right circle by kovalev, that only takes a mouth to hang open afterwards. As long as Guy sticks with the same units for say ten games they will start knowing where each other are on the ice and be able to adapt to opponents.. spoiler alert: Mtl 5 NYI 1 The best thing about the habs scoring more and playing a more open style is that other teams are forced to give up odd man rushes tryiing to play catch up, and thats where we have players who can make them pay.
  2. If we lose every game till end of season do we have a shot at the lottery?
  3. Its not just the losses.. its the effort thats so frustrating, the mental errors repeated over and over again. This team should be so much better than it is
  4. I think I am gonna need to upgrade from beer to scotch if I want to keep watching these games
  5. Thanks... GO HABS GO...I pray that I can look back at this period as the turning point where we made the playoffs and won the cup.
  6. Isnt that what the coaching staff is supposed to be for? I just got back, who scored
  7. Carbo sucks... bring on Hunter Whats the point of drafting all these exciting offensively gifted players so that carbo can yell at them every time they do what they are good at. How long till they just learn to dump, chase, and cash their cheques? Gillett and GAiney need to step in here you dont go and buy a ferrari then put a g**d*** governor on it so it cant go over 30 km an hour. This makes me sick! We used to have one of the best 3rd lines in the league, now we have four of them... 3rd lines are great but dont win games and are boring as hell to watch. WE NEED THE RUN AND GUN "O" If you build it... they will score GO HABS GO
  8. The only team we can beat on a regular basis is ourselves. its that kind of consistency that makes me wanna lay down some bucks with mise o jeu
  9. maybe the refs wont notice (if they can be invisible in our zone why cant they do the same in the bruins zone)?
  10. for montreal yes... for an nhl team trying to make the playoffs NO :puke:
  11. we should get dandenault and souray in front of their net... they have more deflection goals this year than half the league!
  12. Plekanec always shoots wide, if he was cross eyed we would have a 50 goal scorer
  13. thats the spirit... this is the same team that came back HOW many times against a much better Predators team? including being 2 down more than once...how can people be so fickle and call themselves fans...sad the leafs havent won a cup in more than 40 years and they still think theyll win it every year. Of course they are leafs fans and therefore by definition ignorant... but still its nice to have faith. GO HABS GO...plenty of time yet.
  14. Shorty... :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: pleks! hit koivu with a pass out of the box would do too
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