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  1. Anybody have an idea of when BGL will be back? I think we are in for a tough test Tuesday without him. Lucic needs to be taught a lesson.....
  2. I haven't seen it anywhere. It has only been described as a LBI( lower body injury)
  3. We can all discuss it when it is announced. I am right. My source is not wrong on this one. Any bettors out there???????
  4. I know.....don't ask how.....it's his........GROIN. Take it from me, I have inside info
  5. Why not sell your computer to get extra money~ seems you don't use it well anyways!
  6. Where's Nilan? Kordic? Oh yeah, it's NOT Blades of Steel
  7. You mean UNTIL price gets injured. How many hockey games have you played in? When the team with a fighter meets a team without one.....well, something has to give. We aren't a big team and we only have 1 certified fighter(again, please don't pull Komi or Kosto into this) so if he's not around trouble will come. We were pushed around last year and pretty much for 5 yrs before that. This year is different, again only if Big Geo is in the lineup. Heck, I'd even play him when we meet the "weaker teams".
  8. Are you kidding....in my opinion, if Georges is gone for an extended period of time we may have isssues. Just remember last year how many times our goalies were run into....do you think they were accidents or was it that we had NO ONE to scrap(and please refrain from Kosto,Komi and and other so called large guy~ they aren't fighters)
  9. Broski........Moose DID beat Probert. Blouin DID beat Rob Ray.....all of the guys I mentionned WERE tough at some point. We just had most of them on the down swing of there careers. Dwyer and Murray were by far the worst. Here's a question~ What do we do if Big Georges gets hurt?
  10. Easy to have high hopes......Odjick(end of his career)....Enrico Chiconne(see Odjick)....Bloiun....Morrisette.....Vandermeer.....Garth Murray.....Downey.....PJ Stock.....Reid Simpson....Gordie Dwyer....Darren Langdon...............shall I go on. The last guy we had was Raitis Ivanans and we lost him to the Kings for nothing. Since most "goons" are there to fight, who cares if he can shoot or score(that is a bonus). I want a guy that WINS fights.
  11. I had high hopes for this guy but since it seems he had no future here, all the best to him. Hope he's smart enough to be in the minors when we play Buffalo......let Peters eat fists.
  12. Georges will go in the 1st game( no options really) AND in the home opener. He will win both fights by a wide margin. I haven't been on this site for a long time but we needed a "goon"...."heavyweight" if you will, for ages(since Nilan). I look forward to this season more than in the past 10 yrs. This is the Cup year. All of the pieces are in place.
  13. Trust me when I say that there is no one who wants a goon more than I do. The Habs NEED a physical presence. The smaller guys on the team(all 17 of them...except Komi and a few others) would play with more balls if they had a guy there to back them up. Kostopolous looked like a drunk guy scrapping last night. Gorges.....let's just say that his face will be battered alot more if he keeps that up. Kudo's for trying but fighting and losing can be alot worse than not fighting at all. If we get a goon, he must be someone who doesn't lose every fight. Jimmy Bonneau says he can do the job....but can he play hockey? Boogaard is on everyone's dream list. I say we go get the NEXT BoogeyMan. Find some killer playing in some obscure league(Summum Chiefs), sign him to a 2-way contract and hope he can do 1 of 2 things...inflict PAIN or FEAR
  14. Habs can't compete against the likes of Chara......O'Byrne would get a beat-down!
  15. What about Ivanans? Ok so he barely played but I'm telling you all right now-He will be back. Souray is going to the Kings for Ivan and Kopitar.
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