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  1. A) 47-23-8-4 106pts B) 2nd in the Atlantic C) 9th in the league D) 255 GF
  2. You make it sound like the HABS are PeeWee players, they just traded Budaj. I'm not exactly sure what kind of leadership today's professional athletes need. They have the coaches, sport psychologists, nutritionists, and various advisers. Good trade for the HABS, they kept a younger sub and got some cap relief in a bad goalie market.
  3. Forgot to add, Gallagher wasn't in any scrum in the goalmouth.
  4. Finished watching the HABS pre-season game. The players need some "real" game action. Bring on other NHL teams, let's see some contact. They're not hitting anywhere near their real game situation and it shows, a player with two separated shoulders would have been fine tonite. The good small skaters look great on the ice, but I can't imagine anyone of them going near last year's Murray along the boards that easily and without "feeling" the aftermath,lol. Crankshaft would have welcomed them to the NHL, likewise, didn't see Subban or Emelin go for a check on any player. Were there 4th liners on because I didn't see anyone getting pinned or playing along the boards. No stick work?
  5. Just wondering, how long is this "His legal problems aren't exactly reassuring about his maturity level either" going to be posted about him. IMO, he has moved on and nothing negative about him has been posted anywhere about his maturity level, kind of strange that MT trusted him in the playoffs for being "immature". Do you have any other due diligence to indicate that this is the case or is this post about him "mature". Sorry, I'm about giving chances and moving on....Beaulieu has moved on, I suggest we all do the same.
  6. Great strategy by MTL mgmt to spread the captaincy to the 4 chosen. They'll be able to spread the media work between them. It won't put additional pressure on PAC and SUB. What is a Captain with players making salaries between 1M to 9M, nothing except a figurehead It is their job to perform in order to get paid more in the future. A Captain in the past had a larger role, but now, let's get real, with the salaries that these athletes make, no pep talk is going to make a difference. "We're playing the big bad Bruins" speech isn't going to affect a player like Sekac you hasn't played against them...
  7. If Brodeur is signed, I would be very disappointed with HABS mgmt. Damphousse is only chasing headlines, no proof in the pudding. Why would the HABS need an old backup with very little to bring besides "a few rings" and questionable "leadership". We need youth, not dinosaurs. Let another team sign Marty and let Budaj and Tokarski fight for the backup job. (BTW, I respect Marty for his tenacity but it's time for him to hang them up.....)
  8. Come on, NHL coaches know the players they're going to have for a few years, you mean to tell me Subban signed for 8 years won't be on the PK once in while...I'd say more than last year that's for sure, and for the next 4-5 years. The "defensive liabilty" argument could have been brought up and put into question.during the contract negotiations. As for Therrien, he's "has to care more about" developing his players long term in order to keep coaching hockey...If he put his "best" players on all the time, how does he get rid of the ones that he does not see providing him with the tools to win games in the future if the team cannot trade them for fair or greater value or improve and nurture the younger ones to provide the coach with more options. Did you see Chucky on the PP, Eller? Nope, but we saw Gionta, If the coach wants to be effective and have a long career with the same team in 2014, he should be coaching and acting like a GM. I'd rather be the "Bill Bellichick" of hockey than the "Mario Tremblay" of hockey.
  9. Can you explain why Bouillon and Murray were geting ice time....Sorry, but Beaulieu didn't just become talented by the playoffs, how come Tinordi who played well the year before wasn't played..... How about Gionta on the PP, too funny. There were more deserving players than him that could have increased their stats (but wpuld have cost more to sign later)... Chucky too is being "brought up" slowly....the kid is a gamer, watch how everything slows down when he's on the ice yet didn't get PP time... Anyways just saying, I agree that coaches have to keep their jobs by winning, making it into the playoffs assures that, job done. Would you not do the same in order to keep players long term, I would? Risk losing...or win moderately with your "trusted" signed players...
  10. I fear that teams like the HABS are not exactly interested in suiting up their best players on the ice every game, but firstly manage the cap, sign their players as cheaply as possible for the longest period of time. I fear that Beaulieu will be given garbage ice time to lower his stats so the HABS will sign him on the cheap, I hope that Chucky doesn't get the same treatment. BTW, I read somewhere that Patrick Sharp could be on the trading block due b/c Chicago is over by 2.5M....hmmm
  11. Gorges brought unity to the dressing room, he took care of Gallagher and look how well he turned out. Gorges was a positive player that played his heart out with limited offensive talent, he bruised red, white, and blue every time he played a shift. Too bad, we had no room for his contract and for his shot blocking abilities but the HABS need to move on. Good luck to him with his other endeavours.
  12. I see Chucky's talent without a doubt but I think mgmt puts a collar on these types of players in order to keep their salaries low. Was he placed in a position to succeed last year, the argument "well you need to ease him in slowly"......I guess breaing up the EGG line was better for the lteam but not better for the athlete. Why hasn't he played in his drafted center position yet, hmmm, playing him on the wing has limited his offensive output...How is he going to argue at contract renewal time, "I played left wing for the team and I should get paid more for playing for the team and not for my personal stats". This is true but players get paid mostly for their stats Beaulieu and Tinner were put in the same position last year, a broken broom handle would have played better than Douglas Murray, and yet the two youngsters were jerked around. I hope he gets a little heavier and gets PP time, I love to watch his passes. .
  13. Good for Marchant to speak his mind. Lucic certainly didn't keep his emotions in check while shaking hands after their playoff loss to the HABS. His quote will only help motivate Pleks and the rest of the HABS to play meaner and faster against the Bruins next season. Looking forward to 2014-15 season, the HABS have improved themselves and might not have PLEKs at the beginning of the season by trading him.
  14. Funny how you forgot to include Lucic in your comparison, I don't recal him being selected to the Canadian team either and yet he is a player all GMs would be watering their mouths to have on their team. McCarron wil need some time to develop, time will tell. In London, he wil be getting PP time unlike last season. Mtl needed size and will be patient with his dev't. Should it take an additional year, no worries as long as McCaron continues to improve.
  15. Sorry, but let's get real - Bournival regressed...laughing a little, since when did we expect him to be the second coming of Guy Lafleur. Bottom 6. He does not have an NHL caliber shot, many teams were letting him shoot the puck and it was obvious against the Bruins and the Rangers series. After his concussion, he seemed to be a little apprehensive of going into the corners but he did. He has great speed but limited offensive abilities. As far as Eller, I still disagree. Once the EGG line and then Chucky was injured, Eller didn't play with the most motivated player, Bourque. As for Therrien, it'll be interesting to see who replaces Gallant. He needs a great communicator and someone who can mediate between the players and Therrien. I suppose the PP will only get better because Gallant is gone and better players such as Chucky and Eller hopefully will get more ice time.
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