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  1. That's the worst-written Habs column on the Internet, IMO.
  2. I signed up last week, and am loving it so far. Despite it being a quiet time of year, I'm impressed with the quantity and quality of the articles.
  3. And really, have you seen his biceps??? No one thinks he's weak!
  4. Cousins apparently can play LW as well.
  5. Once you factor in the savings from the players that will be sent to Laval, the cap space is much closer to what Commandant stated.
  6. Sigh. I guess we'll have to hope we can get a 1st pairing LD via trade, cuz this sure isn't it. I can't say that I know much about Chiarot, but most seem to think he'll complement Petry quite well, and is an upgrade on Benn. But, we need more than an upgrade on Benn FFS!
  7. Hahaha I don't think that even the biggest of MB's fans are that deluded. But Bergeron might be a legit consideration, with his Selkes, Cup ring and International successes.
  8. You're probably right, but I think that since MB's job might actually be on the line if MTL misses the playoffs, we might see something different this time around.
  9. If we're lucky enough to get Gardiner, we have to acknowledge that a) he'll be overpaid, and b) he won't be the perfect solution to our defense woes. That being said, he'd absolutely improve our Top 4 and shore up the left side. I can't see anyone else available in free agency that would do that, save Karlsson.
  10. Maybe the Blues? They've been unstoppable since January.
  11. Well... maybe if they spend to the cap...
  12. So.... maybe they should have rested their stars during the final week???
  13. Especially with this team, it's great that he's got.... weals... I'll show myself out.
  14. He had surgery on his right shoulder, and was definitely clutching his left arm yesterday. Hopefully it's nothing as serious as before.
  15. I wonder if we'll claim him back. If I'm not mistaken, a successful claim means that we're free to send him to Laval. (?)
  16. Switched to the CBC feed and have sound again. Realized it's Bob Cole and considered switching back to SNE
  17. Anyone else getting a soundless broadcast?
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