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  1. Armia was a no show last night. I know it’s only one game but I would like to see Perry on that 3rd line with kk, Toffoli. Matter of time you would think? Good game by the boys last night and it’s going to be a pleasure and fun to watch these Habs this season..
  2. We need a great start on this road trip, hoping for 6-8pts banked before our trip back home to the Bell Centre... go Habs!
  3. Juulsen just picked up by Florida.. I’m starting to feel nauseous!
  4. 56 games 34 wins 16 losses 4 OTL 2 SOL 74 points 175 Goals for 132 goals against Most Goals Anderson Most Assists Suzuki Most Points Suzuki Habs finish 3rd in the North. Habs advance to final 4 teams Wins in Cup Semi-Final looses in cup Final ( Colorado avalanche Stanley Cup Champion)
  5. I was thinking and curious now, with all the dept we have now and agreed a pond by many including hockey experts such as TSN, NHL and so on.. With Perry being such a great signing at a great value, is there a very good chance we’ll loose him on waivers? Regardless if he starts with the Team and enters the taxi squad at some point or vice versa on taxi first , he’s going through waivers. Would hate to loose him!
  6. Is he yapping his mouth already at this years camp? Or your going by last year. Haven’t heard anything negative yet from him. He needs to put in more hard work and be patient.
  7. Intrigued to find out tomorrow where Perry will slot in.. 4th or 5th line?
  8. It’s been a bit discouraging so far... I understand he’s young, inexperienced and needs time to develop. My concerns are not the lack of scoring but more all the giveaways! He’s constantly turning the puck over almost every time. He’s nowhere NHL ready, more like 2/3 years in Laval? Wish the kid all the best and hope he proves people like me wrong.
  9. Great added grit and experience. If we can stay respectfully heathy all season, we can win this North Division.
  10. I do agree with some recent posts on here, that Anderson must and will play a top 6 role and Toffole must go to the left side for a more balanced winger attack. I do get excited looking at these line combos below.... Toffoli - Suzuki - Anderson Tatar - Danault - Gally Drouin - KK - Armia Lehks - Evans - Byron Chiarot - Weber Edmundson - Petry Romanov - Kulak
  11. Calgary Montreal Vancouver Toronto Winnipeg Edmonton Ottawa IMHO, I think the Habs have improved the most and I would of liked to pick them first. Reason not to is we will loose most of our points on the handful of the Western road trip swings.
  12. Diffidently Saucer for Suzuki. Love the CP31, I’m a huge Star Wars fan.
  13. Regardless on where Toffoli plays right or left, there’s no way we don’t pull the trigger on this deal.
  14. Columbus had a offer on the table for Anderson at 7 years/ 5 mil per, and for some reason he refused to sign. Here’s a team who drafted him, knows him well injury wise, future potential and had no hesitation signing him long term! We paid half a mil more per year at same term.
  15. Toffoli - Suzuki - Anderson Tatar - Danault - Gally Drouin - KK - Armia Lehks - Evans - Weal Chiarot - Weber Edmundson - Petry Romanov - Kulak
  16. I’m usually good with old Habs trivia. Did the roadrunner win the 10 cups or H Richard? I thought it was Richard
  17. I’m not a Drouin fan at all, but his contract was established Pre COVID-19 and Danault will be playing 3rd line Center throughout his new contract. yes I agree it’s not fair.
  18. paying 1mil extra for kulak over Mete, isn’t that worth it? I think so
  19. Great term and cap hit...Glad he’s sticking around for awhile. Danault hopefully is next soon, and I’m hoping 5m/4 years or 4.5m/5 years. We will have a 3-4 year window here to take a good run at Stanley. With most in there prime years!
  20. I really enjoy the timing of this announcement! Right back at Gallaghers agent, one day after
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