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  1. We are today by far a better team then from our last game against Philadelphia. Bigger, tougher, hard to play against and yes more added skill. With probably the best backup goalie in the league. Exciting time’s for all Hab fans, next 4 years or so.
  2. Hall to Buffalo? One year, 8mil. Wouldn’t that have been a good set up for us on those numbers also.? All in on this upcoming year for a run at the cup. another way of looking at this. This guy honestly didn’t care about setting up somewhere nice for a long run at the cup but obviously chasing the mighty dollar only.
  3. I’m hoping he makes team also. . But if he doesn’t, is there’s a good chance we lose him on waivers? when sending him down.
  4. I’m a little surprised at AAV 5.5m. When we’re going full term at 7 years and COVID 19 discount apparently treading in NHL
  5. That’a boy Commandant!! Positive vibe
  6. They haven’t and yes your right, no guarantees here .. discussion is a bunch of top defenceman prospects we’ve gathered up nicely... We are now probably rated top 1 or 2 in the league is this department. for anyone who knows me personally I’m a 1/2 cup empty guy, but I’m feeling 1/2 cup full today. I want to win a Stanley cup soon! Living in Edmonton and winning the cup before Mcdavid, wound be amazing for Hab fans in E town
  7. I know it’s way too early to compare... Are we looking at a Chara 2.0 who can skate better for the modern game? He’s got the size, strength, defensively solid, mean streak and leadership quality’s just saying .
  8. Can’t complain on best player available. Our D is set for 10 years now, when we look at our veterans D core ( top four) finishing nicely 4/5 years and then a bunch of Young top D prospects coming into there own by then, ( passing of the torch) let’s say. I’m assuming it’s a no brainer, all three 2nd rounds picks will be forwards.
  9. “Anderson was 29th in hits for forwards from 2017-2019 (healthy seasons). From that top-30 group he's 6th in total points, 6th in penalties drawn, 7th for takeaways. Lots of reason for optimism that if this 6'3" winger is healthy, he will be an excellent addition to the Habs..” A quote from Andrew Zad,
  10. If it took a 3rd to get the deal done on a top 6 power forward, I’m all in on this deal. Well done MB
  11. I honestly think he was more lucky then anything and Habs had no Bounces going there way. If we repeat the Quality scoring chances as we did in game one I’m expecting 3 to 4 goals getting past him on game two.. must win game two?
  12. Great 2nd period So far from the boys! If we can play at this level all series, we have a good shot at winning this.
  13. Wouldn’t we rather see Weal over Weise? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll rather not have both in the lineup but I do understand and respect CJ decision to go with some NHL experience on that 4th line. hopefully we’ll see Domi up on the top two lines as a winger, sooner then later...
  14. Hello, A bit out of the loop here,... is Romanov eligible to play for the Habs in the playoffs? now that he’s locked in on has entry-level deal.
  15. Can’t wait to see MB brand new suit for draft day. 14 times we’ll see him on stage in front of the Bell Centre faithful, lol.... he’s going to look good and feel like a rock star!
  16. I’m listening to tsn 1260 here, was brought up with the Panel, I think Low Tide.., like I said a rumour out of Edmonton and not sure if it’s anything. These are a bunch of clowns here on most days.
  17. Rumours around Edmonton here this morning, Colorado in talks about Price
  18. So we basically turned a 4th for two 5th rounders?
  19. I was hoping for a 2nd round at the deadline, with a desperate team still looking to pickup something towards the end of Monday. With such a small cap hit he was definitely intriguing to some teams.
  20. If or when we miss the playoffs, will Kovalchuk be worth anything at the trade deadline? 4th? Probably a 5th
  21. Merry Christmas to all, Health and happiness...
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