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  1. Is all kinds of talk about "NOT" rushing prospects, that is about it, it seems? And look at Habs sickbay? Why do they run Guhle back out there in 3rd period of a blowout game, after already getting hit hard 3 times and trip to dressing room (because he said "I am good to go coach!"?) https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2023/1/28/23575711/rushing-prospects-is-a-bad-idea
  2. Interesting article from Terry Costaris: http://www.habsworld.net/2021/09/the-rodney-dangerfield-canadiens/ I agree with a lot of the points, but would like to read what others think of the quality and chances of the Habs in the coming season
  3. One of Montreal's bigger decisions this offseason will be what to do with Max Domi. Has he done enough to earn a long-term extension and become part of the core for years to come? Is the jury still out? Does the emergence of some of the other centres mean that he's expendable in a trade to find a defensive upgrade? Some of our writers offered up their two cents on what might happen...any predictions from you? http://www.habsworld.net/2020/04/writers-weigh-in-max-domis-montreal-future/
  4. Cole Caufield in 7-1 pre-tourny game … he has 4 of the goals. How many will he bury in this tourney. I think "the Tsar" has 3 points in his game today vs Czech.
  5. All must be ecstatic to hear Bergy say Therrien will be behind the bench in the fall! Sweet!
  6. Usually I remember to start this thread at the beginning of the series. Whoops. Most of the rankings have already been revealed aside from the top-5 which will go up tomorrow or soon after but better late than never to get this going I guess... Below are the rankings. (The HW writers as a group voted for the top-10, I put together the rest.) 1) F Nikita Scherbak 2) F Jacob de la Rose 3) F Michael McCarron 4) D Noah Juulsen 5) F Charles Hudon 6) G Zach Fucale 7) D Jarred Tinordi 8) F Sven Andrighetto 9) F Martin Reway 10) F Artturi Lehkonen 11) F Jeremy Gregoire 12) F Daniel Carr 13) D Brett Lernout 14) F Tim Bozon 15) F Lukas Vejdemo 16) F Christian Thomas 17) D Darren Dietz 18) F Daniel Audette 19) F Mark MacMillan 20) D Mac Bennett 21) F Matt Bradley 22) D Dalton Thrower 23) D Ryan Johnston 24) D Simon Bourque 25) G Michael McNiven 26) F Connor Crisp 27) D Nikolas Koberstein 28) F Jeremiah Addison 29) D Joel Hanley 30) F Gabriel Dumont 31) F Jake Evans 32) G Hayden Hawkey 33) D Morgan Ellis 34) F Joonas Nattinen 35) F Stefan Fournier 36) D Colin Sullivan Articles 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-36 Top-10 Fan Vote Any rankings that you think are too high/too low?
  7. I assume West schedule must be set now? If Isles and Wings both win today, will that speed up start of Habs series? Do you think other teams might of noticed 30 saves in last two period by #31?
  8. I'll move this to the prospects section later on but with there not being much going on now I'm going to put this thread here for a bit. September means that it's time for our annual prospect rankings series. Over the coming weeks, I'll be posting the rankings in a 7-part series. Who do you think the top prospects will/should be? Who do you think the big risers and fallers should/will be? The Rankings: (Last year's ranking in parentheses) 6) F Jiri Sekac, Lev Praha, KHL (N/A) 7) F Artturi Lehkonen, KalPa, SM-Liiga (+4) 8) F Sven Andrighetto, Hamilton, AHL (+11) 9) F Michael McCarron, London, OHL (-5) 10) F Charles Hudon, Baie-Comeau, QMJHL (-3) 11) F Martin Reway, Gatineau, QMJHL (+15) 12) D Greg Pateryn, Hamilton, AHL (+4) 13) D Magnus Nygren, Farjestad, SHL (+2) 14) F Tim Bozon, Kootenay, WHL (-6) 15) D Mac Bennett, Michigan, NCAA (-1) 16) F Jeremy Gregoire, Baie-Comeau, QMJHL (+13) 17) F Christian Thomas, Hamilton, AHL (-8) 18) D Dalton Thrower, Vancouver, WHL (+2) 19) D Darren Dietz, Hamilton, AHL (-7) 20) F Connor Crisp, Sudbury, OHL (+7) 21) D Brett Lernout, Swift Current, WHL (N/A) 22) F Daniel Carr, Union, NCAA (N/A) 23) F Daniel Audette, Sherbrooke, QMJHL (N/A) 24) D Josiah Didier, Denver, NCAA (22) 25) F Patrick Holland, Hamilton, AHL (18) 26) G Mike Condon, Wheeling, ECHL (32) 27) F Mark MacMillan, North Dakota, NCAA (24) 28) D Nikolas Koberstein, Olds, AJHL (N/A) 29) D Morgan Ellis, Hamilton, AHL (17) 30) F Gabriel Dumont, Hamilton, AHL (21) 31) G Hayden Hawkey, Omaha, USHL (N/A) 32) F Jake Evans, St. Michael's, OJHL (N/A) 33) F Jack Nevins, Rouyn-Noranda, QMJHL (N/A) 34) F Joonas Nattinen, Hamilton, AHL (29) 35) F Stefan Fournier, Hamilton, AHL (30) 36) D Colin Sullivan, Green Bay, USHL (35) 37) F Maxim Trunev, Vladivostok, KHL (38) Links: 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-37 In the near future, I'll be posting the ballot for the fan vote where you'll get to vote on the top-10. We'll then compare those results to those of our writers' top-10.
  9. It's that time of year again (actually a little later than usual), time for our annual prospect rankings. As we've done the last few seasons, the top-10 have been voted on by all of our writers while I ranked 11 through 38. The Rankings: (The brackets show the change in ranking from last year) 11 - Lehkonen (N/A) 12 - Dietz (+2) 13 - Bournival (-5) 14 - Bennett (-4) 15 - Nygren (+15) 16 - Pateryn (+13) 17 - Ellis (-8) 18 - Holland (-6) 19 - Andrighetto (N/A) 20 - Thrower (-9) 21 - Dumont (even) 22 - Didier (+3) 23 - Vail (-6) 24 - MacMillan (-4) 25 - Reway (N/A) 26 - Tokarski (N/A) 27 - Crisp (N/A) 28 - Gregoire (N/A) 29 - Nattinen (-13) 30 - Fournier (N/A) 31 - Nystrom (+1) 32 - Condon (N/A) 33 - Mayer (+2) 34 - Quailer (-15) 35 - Sullivan (-1) 36 - Delmas (-5) 37 - Cichy (+1) 38 - Trunev (-2) Links: 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-38 Fan Vote What are your thoughts on the rankings? Who should be at the top? Who's too high, too low?
  10. Hey everyone, Earlier this month I am currently in the process of writing an article series on how to build a championship hockey team in the modern NHL. I was curious about the opinions of the public on this matter and thought what better way than to post a thread in the forum. You can read the first article in the series here: http://habsworld.net/article.php?id=2784 If I get enough responses I will include them in a mailbag part of the series. Thanks, Mitchell
  11. Mitchell had an interesting column discussing the future of Aaron Palushaj, whether or not he should stay or go next season. While we eagerly (?) await tomorrow's game, I figured I'd toss the question out there to you guys, what should be done with him? Here is Mitchell's article: http://www.habsworld...cle.php?id=2758 (Depending on the number and quality of responses, we may run an ATB column next week as a follow-up to the article.)
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