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Game Thread | Toronto vs Montreal | FINAL SHOWDOWN | 07/05/07


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This game is like a microcosm of the season though.

Toronto starts of the season strong, Montreal blows by them and then finds a way to allow the Leafs back into the race culminating in 1 period to make the playoffs.

1 game left in the season. 1 point lead

1 period left in the season. 1 goal lead


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Actually, it's not that I don't believe we can win. I just don't believe this team of character-less dorks is capable of delivering what a team with balls would deliver. But after the Laffs tie it up on the PP, I expect us to collapse into a hapless period of useless flailing around...which is not to say that we won't win on some kind of individual effort a la Higgins.

:hlogo: GO BUMS GO!!!! :hlogo:

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I think Kovalev is going to score a big goal to redeem himself. BTW, I havent listened to many games this year and I havent seen any, so I just realized that I can NOT stand Vertigo. Of course, I haven't really liked U2 since Sunday Bloody Sunday. I hope that the Habs make this Sat Bloody Sat for the Leafs(without any more PP's of course).

:hlogo: :clap: :hlogo:

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