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How many points will the Habs finish the season with?

Peter Puck

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If everything goes according to plan - 105

Rookies excel, Higgins, Pleks, Komy take the next step

If Kovy plays like last year and Our D can't repel a forecheck - 91

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104 This team can be good if it skates hard for 60 min a game. I am hoping that the final cuts will show the team that if you don't play hard, you won't play. Just ask Laps. Plus it seems that Bob is going to be more vocal to the team this year. I hope they pay attention.

I think you're going to be disappointed,

but i hope you are right!

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74 points and 13th spot

Koivu gets another knee injury. Markov gets a back injury. Komi breaks his wrist while punching Neil's face. Kovy starts an open war with Carbo. Ryder score 20 goals and is -34. Samsonov has a 30 goals season. Pleks scores with Higgins girlfriend more often than with a puck. Boivin is so pissed off he fires BG. And your grandmother dies.


And then I woke up in sweat.

97 pts and 7th spot.

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I say 99 too..

99 points to celebrate our 99th season

This team is destined for great things. Few people have understood this so far. Youth and hunger can really take you a long way.

:hlogo: GO HABS GO :hlogo:

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