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Game Thread | Habs vs. Devils | 11/03/08


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I see in my crystall ball... a snooze fest.

I hear you,but man our boys are due for a real burner. I hope the devils don't lock it down. We need to get the first couple of goals so they have to open it up. If they score first, might as well put a plastic bag over your head and watch the rest of the game.

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Feeling so fooking good. Just got NASN (North American Sports Network) and will be watching the game live.

Without and illegal Winamp add-on. Without delay. Without crap quality.

Go Habs go!

... And by the way, I was in Montreal last week and saw the game live versus the Devils...

I love Montreal. Will visit soon again. And why, has no one ever told me about La ville suterrain before?!

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Excuses excuses........sheesh, Spidey never had any excuses. ^_^

Pff :P He didn't have to deal with someone spilling beer on the HW servers just before a game :P!

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glad to see pleks in . shame slo mo is playing

Good to see Plex play tonight. I'd love to see the habs score a goal in the first minute of the game! The guys are gonna have to get under brodeur's skin...get him off his game!

Go Habs Go!

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What a shot. Top shelf! I thikn Brodeur was a little weak on that one!

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