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Canadiens going for their TWENTY-SIXTH this year?


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I bought a copy of the NHL 2009 YEARBOOK magazine yesterday and, as usual, they have their general interest articles and their previews for each team.

For our interest, there is a big article on the Canadiens and their 100th anniversary.

As part of the article, on page 43, there is a small box that talks about the number of cups that the Canadiens (24), Maple Leafs (13), Red Wings (11), Bruins (5) & Oilers (5) have won.

Of interest is the comments below these stats. One of the comments says, for the Canadiens: "Canadiens won one cup before NHL was formed". Added to that is this comment on the Maple Leafs: "Toronto Blueshirts also won a cup in 1914".

So, does this mean that the 24 cups include the one won before the NHL was formed or is it another one - making it 25 - the next one being 26. Is the 'Toronto Blueshirts' the same as the Maple Leafs (just a previous name) or just a nickname or is it a different team?

Now, I could likely answer my questions by further web-digging but I thought I'd leave it up to discussion.

Also, by the way, the same magazine predicts Montreal will finish 1st in its division and its conference.

On top of that, in a 'Fantasy' section, it rates Kovalev 20th in its fantasy value list. Price is rated 13th on the goaltenders list. They're the only Canadiens player on the list. Koivu & Tanguay are add-ons at the end but as 'Falling' (Bergeron, Arnott, Frolov & Cammalleri are seen as 'Rising').

So, there you go... three things to bang about, if you wish.

GO :hlogo: GO!

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23 NHL Cups, one before the NHL was formed. It's why you see Montreal listed at 23 so often.

Fan puck is correct. The Habs have won 23 cups in the NHL(1917 to today) and one cup in 1916 (which was before the NHL), for a grand total of 24 cups!

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