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How many points will the Habs finish the season with?

Peter Puck

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Okay, the season will soon be upon us (finally). So here is the

3rd annual HabsWorld points prediction contest.

First the Hall of Fame:

2006-2007 Jean

won with a prediction of 92 points when the Habs finished the year with 90 pts. If only we could have won that last game :puke:

2007-2008 Adirondack Bud

exactly predicted our final total of 104 pts.

This year to make things more interesting I'll ask for 5 predictions:

How many points will the Habs have

1. at year end,

2. after 20 games,

3. after 41 games,

4. after 61 games and

5. (again) at the end of the season

Scoring will be based upon the total number of points off your prognostications are.

Predictions for the year end and for the first 20 games must be posted before Oct 10 at 7:30 pm EST.

Predictions for the second quarter of the season are due before the start of game 21, for the third quarter before the start of game 42 and for the final quarter before the start of game 62.

Good luck!

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Thought you would post this soon haha.

Im gunna wait till end of training cap before I make my preds.


Good plan. But you can always edit your predictions up until our first game.

I'm going to wait to see who makes the team too though.

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Because its a total blind guess im gonna start, preseason games or practice wont help me :D

20 games: 21 points

41 games:38 points

61 games:66 points

82 games:98 points

4th in the conference...

i know we have our best team in 10 years (on paper). But other teams know that now, so im a bit worried about that so dont put in too high..

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I hate predicting how they will do. I'm optimistic every year, and up until last year have always been somewhat disappointed. That being said this year feels different though. I'm going with 106 points and first in the east yet again. :hlogo:

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I'd like to see the habs get 106 points...but anything over 100 points is very good.

My prediction for the 82 gms will be 107 points!

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108 points is within their grasp if the team stays healthy. I think the Habs are going to be a miserable team to play against with 3 lines that can (and will) score, much like Buffalo was at their best a few years back. So I'll put them at just shy of the point total Buffalo racked up in 05-06 (110).

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here are my predictions!

After 20 games: 10W-7L-3OTL (23points)

After 41 games: 23W-14L-4OTL (50points)

After 61 games: 36W-19L-6OTL (78points)

After 82 games: 49W-24L-9OTL (107points)

I think the Habs will make it to the Conference Finals. If they can remain healthy they can make the Stanley Cup finals!!

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20 games: 12-5-3 --> 27 points

41 games: 23-11-7 --> 53 points

61 games: 31-21-9 --> 71 points

82 games: 43-26-13 --> 99 points

I think we'll see a rough patch just past the mid-year point...

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My general prediction last season (on another board) was a 100-105 point season for the Canadiens, our big step towards becoming a true contender, and I was lucky enough to give an exact prediction of 104 points.

Although the team looks to be much stronger than last season, my prediction for this season is 105 points, basically the same results on paper than last year, but with the team actually playing much better, taking control of games more than we did. The end results looked great, but the fact remains that we were a bit lucky to get the win in quite a few games, and I saw too much improviation on the ice.

Of course this was normal, the team was just shaping up with the pieces finally connecting after a long rebuilding process, not to mention an unexperienced coach who's still learning on the job. This season, the roster and the lineup are pretty set in advance, everyone is a little more experienced, Carbonneau will have three preseason games with his final lineup to fine-tune his strategies, and everyone should know what's expected of them, individually and as a whole.

I agree with some that the potential is there for a much better season than 105 points, actually I think we could be the second best team on paper after Detroit (and that's mostly because of Hossa), however I'm pretty sure we'll hit a few bumps along the road before we get it right. The important thing is that this time we're ready when the playoffs come.

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Thought I'd give this thread a bump. I determined my number: 107.

Sadly, I can't forsee my original 164 point prediction. :lol:

After 20: 28 points

After 41: 48 points (slight rough patch in here)

Afer 61: 79 points

After 82: 107 points

2nd in the East, 1st in NE, Tied for 4th in NHL.

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I'll say 105.

After 20 : 38pts

After 41 : 55pts

After 61 : 77pts

After 82 : 105pts (BIG FINISH)

2nd in the East, 1rst NE, Tied for 4th in the league.

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