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Habs @ Blues | Game Thread


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These refs are terrible.. no flow at all because they won't let the teams play... hopefully they can win this in OT on the PP chance... but the way the PP is going....

Wow.. slowest puck moving PP I have seen in years... what are they trying to do..lull them to sleep???

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Eh, the Sens have way less europeans than we are and they're in much deeper trouble than we are. I think nationality have nothing to do with it.

Actually we have more than the sens and our record could be as bad as the sens too. And to Jean, yes I mean too many fancy plays. Also, not enough toughness, and too many pretty plays.

Anyway, back to the game, we we're lucky to get 2 points again, and if we keep it up, we will fall. Good game Price!


Cube looked bad. And Breeze on the bench with his body language (to me anyway) made it look like Cube's throat was bad

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The Habs were kind of the better team in the final 2 periods, but I can't tell if that was because they worked harder (they clearly didn't once it went to the PP), or if it was because the horrid officiating killed all the Blues' early momentum.

That 4 on 3 in OT was terrible. Sometimes the team can have a good PP without scoring... the Habs had 10 PP's and I'd only consider 1 of them to be compotent.

I liked some of the jump that was shown in the final two periods. But there still wasn't a ton of cohesion, just desperation.

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Dude, don't even start that crap. Don Cherry-like views on race are not cool. Ask Detroit if they are too European and then never ask that question ever again.

If you reckon it is a "race" thing then only Price Laraque and Bouillon could be considered non-Euro. Maybe you meant to refer to Cherry's views as "nationalist"?

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The Habs are the greatest team ever........................the sun will rise in the morning the birds will be chirping and happy faces will be on happy Habby fans all day.

Well that is until the next game. ^_^ Winning ugly is a good thing; unfortunately I still see no offensive plays just player creativity with a few lucky bounces.

But I digress from the star of my post....


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One thing to remember is that this team sucked ass last November, too, if I remember right.

Something to keep in mind...

I still think they will struggle to match last season's point total. But they need to learn how to win playoff games.

This team is too good to miss the playoffs, a first seed did not guarantee them success, but they are going to learn

a shitload of lessons this year. Teams are going to have a game plan against them this year, teams are not going

to be surprised this year, they are not going 12-0 against Philly/Boston this season.

It is frustrating to watch, but this regular season is college, the playoffs are the real world. Everybody forgets how

last season we all expected them to shit the bed in December and when they choked in November everybody assumed

it has come early and we were really screwed.

Anybody remember this game?


this one?


this one?


this one?


this one?


Shall I go on?

It is a long year and this will not be the last slump. And they are going to catch fire at times as well.

No blame, it is the nature of the beast. Every team is going to ebb and flow and it is better to be good in May

then good in November.

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