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Total disarray


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I don't consider this a very good crop of players. There will be very few good centres available (Sedin, Cammallari and Morrrow are all I see). Signing Sedin requires signing his brother - not neccesarily a bad thing but expensive. Boumeester would be great but I expect he will want to sign out west. Cammallari is one more small forward - not what we really need.

Gaborik would be great but he will be expecting 9 or 10 million per year.

What other good FA's are there? I'd list Hossa and Havlat. Basically everyone else is not as good as our own free agents.

Plus there are bound to be at least 10 other teams in the hunt. Even if you think players are not opposed to coming to Montreal we still need to outbid many other teams. What are the chances we can sign 4 good free agents even with Gainey. I'd say almost nil. Without Gainey, we are sunk in the free agent hunt this summer.

Plus your assumption that Emelin will come over, make the team and play well is optimistic. All three of these things might happen but they might just as easily not.

I agree that it's foolish to pencil in Emelin or ANY young player. Remember the enthusiasm around here over D'Agostini and Pacioretty? So much for that. Rookies hardly ever make the difference.

Beggars can't be choosers. We should look to sign ANY legitimate C we can, provided they can be had at tolerably sensible rates; with Koivu's ongoing decline our situation at that position is approaching crisis point. The Sedins would be a massive boost because you'd get two top-6 forwards with ready-made chemistry. Pony up the dough and save the money somewhere else. Cammalleri would be a straightforward Koivu replacement - certainly we'd be no worse off.

Boumeester is the pick of this litter, but whether it makes sense for us to tie up massive dollars in four defencemen is a good question, especially if our system is as deep in defencemen as advertised.

havlat! gaborik! Just what we need - NOT.

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