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GDT: Buffalo vs Montreal (3-28-09, 7 PM EST)


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Pathetic shootout, this time by the shooters. With a weak ankle, they should have been coming in from angles to make him move side-to-side. Or at least come with speed and try to get around him as far out as he was coming.

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You negated Yvonne's good luck charm!!!

I banish you. You are banished.


Next time, I'll break out the Celine Dion. Or Gilles Duceppe, or whataver franco you like. :P (Not that Chriqui isn't fluent in French)

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Price looked good from what I saw last night. I missed the second and half of the third due to work related issues. (Stupid Work)

I have to be honest, I like the way the boys are playing right now. The agression is right for this team. This is not a passive trap style team.

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Last night was not a disaster, but I do think it highlights the basic issue. We don't have the weapons to go deep. We put all our eggs in one basket and with enough PP time, they can get us a lead. Price was decent enough last night and certainly gave the team a chance to win the shootout.

Perhaps if AK comes back and plays amazing, we will have 2 lines, but I am not counting on it. At least the team is playing most of the games like it matters, I am just not sure that matters when we play other teams like Buffalo who are also playing like it matters.

Boston would have to implode for us to beat them in the first round. NJ would be a nightmare.

All that said, if the boys give it there all for the rest of the season and are in every game, I will be satisfied. I couldn't stand the crap hockey of the second half of the season.

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